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Advertisement and Affiliation Rules Empty Advertisement and Affiliation Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:43 am

Advertisement and Affiliation Rules

Those seeking to advertise on this website, or become an affiliate must adhere to a few simple rules, or your advertisement will be removed.

1. When signing in to the website, you must sign in with a generic, administrator name that is tied to your website advertisement, so as to avoid confusion with our other members. This forum is Guest-Friendly so there is no need to Register. You need only sign-in with the correct name for your post. Example: 'Naruto_Site_Admin' or 'Bleach_Site_Mod', etc. We do not want to see names for these advertisements, like 'Dan' or names that might be considered character names. These will not be accepted. Also, names which may seem vulgar or explicit will not be tolerated at all (See Rule 4).

2. If you intend to become a member here, you may not use the sign in name that posted the advertisement.

3. For the above reasons, we recommend using an alternate e-mail address (if required) to sign in to post the advertisement.

4. Your advertisements are subject to the rules of the forum and thus may not be used to flame, or troll anyone. They may not contain extreme vulgarity or explicit content.

5. We will not tolerate copyright infringement of any manner, nor the theft of any sort of intellectual property as a whole. If we deem your site or advertisement to directly take from another site or advertisement, be it someone else's or our own we will not affiliate with you, nor will we allow you access to our boards. Furthermore, we have the right to take action against you should you take material from us without our written permission.

6. Place all affiliation requests in the correct forum, located in the Advertisements & Affiliations Board.

7. If you present an Affiliation button we will not post your button code in our affiliation area until we see that our button has first been placed in your affiliation list as well. Our button code can be found below. Please limit the size of your button to 88 x 31 px.

Advertisement and Affiliation Rules Rawweb123 (NOTE: This is a rotating .gif file that will be different each time the page is loaded)


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Naruto - Warring States"></a>

8. Do not make a thread that includes your affiliation button code and nothing more. At the least we would like the name of your site, address, and a small description.

9. Duplicate advertisements will NOT be accepted. They will be deleted without warning. Therefore, it is important that you as the advertiser check the list of advertisements before posting so that you don't duplicate an ad. On that note, if an out-dated ad exists in the list and you are coming by to update it, simply place [UPDATE] in the thread title and the old one shall be removed.

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