Yuki Hisoka

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Yuki Hisoka

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Player Name: Chaoslabs
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Faction/Village: Kiragakure

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Exam Proctor
Yuki, Hisoka


Name: Yuki Hisoka
Age: 18
Gender: Male


The first thing the casual observer would notice about Hisoka are his handsome facial features and his well toned frame, he is not especially tall measuring in at five foot eleven and while on the heavy side of normal for his height this is manly due to the muscle tone that wielding his signature weapon has required him to develop. His hair is a deep black, of medium length and completely unruly, he has attempted to style it but it quickly returns to its natural state and the only thing able to interfere with it is his headband. He has a small tattoo of the Yuki Clan symbol on his back near his left shoulder-blade and his left forearm bears a trio of small scars that he keeps as a memento of the one who inflicted them. Of particular note are his eyes - if such an earthy tone could ever be described as cold then this would be the case, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and if so Hisoka's have the curtains drawn, they never indicate his feelings or emotions and telling his mood is best done from his posture rather than from his eyes or face as he keeps both firmly in check.

While attending to his duties or on a mission Hisoka wears his Kirigakure headband, resting firmly on his forehead and his flak jacket in standard Grey with the villages symbol on the shoulder padding and the yuki clan's symbol emblazoned on the back over a light Blue shirt, a pair of Black trousers, Grey Belt with a silver Yuki talisman on a chain, kneepads and combat sandals. While off duty he does away with the flak jacket and kneepads and the colour of the shirt varies though usually only between various shades of Grey, White and light Blue. On formal occasions he wears a dark Blue Kimono, light blue Haori with frosted ice pattern along the bottom edge and the clans symbol on the left breast and back, White Obi, deep Grey Hakama, White Tabi and deep Blue decorated Zori

Height: 5'11/180cm
Weight: 80kg/170lbs
Build: Toned
Hair Color & Style: Black, medium length and messy the fringe usually resting over his headband
Eye Color: Brown


Hisoka's main goal in life is to seek recognition, he strives to restore the name of his clan in the eyes of the wider Kirigakure population and justify his survival when so many in his clan and his own family have fallen. He is usually calm with only the excitement that comes with battle causing him to become more animated. He is even-tempered, only severe antagonism can cause him to snap usually causing him to act on impulses against his better judgment. Despite his past Hisoka's general outlook is optimistic his confidence in himself and his village is unshakable and his hopes for the future are a topic he returns to often. He is honest, to himself and with others though reluctantly if it diminishes his reputation. Responsibility has been a theme within Hisoka's life, since the death of his father and older sister he has felt a desire to continue their legacy and when his "Graduation ritual" Forced him to slay his cousin to prove his worth the already heavy weight on his shoulders increased greatly.

Like the rest of his village Hisoka is at his best while in combat, intrepid, daring with adaptability and a tad of tactical flair to add to his chances to come out victorious. While Hisoka is a good listener and will offer advice and discuss other's problems when required he has trouble sharing his own problems with those around him. Because his clan was on the losing side of the civil war he is slightly wary of opening up to those not of his clan, there is still a lot of mistrust of the Yuki within the ranks of the Hidden Mist. Hisoka has a policy of guilty until proven innocent with acquaintances and especially towards members of the Hozuki Clan who he partially blames for the spilling of so much Yuki blood, once he knows a person better he will gradually open up to them but never to the degree that he does to his own kin. Hisoka trains with his Naginata every day that he can, either alone or sparring with his mother, he loves the weapon and takes great pride in his proficiency with it. His non martial hobbies are sailing and fishing if he ever has the time spare you will find him either upon the water wind blowing through his hair and the rushing of the boats bow slicing through the water or on it's banks attempting to catch a fish worthy of the dinner table.


Known Relatives:

- Yuki, Hideaki :: Father :: Deceased :: Jounin
- Yuki, Etsumi :: Mother :: 41 :: Elite Jounin
- Yuki, Misao :: Sister :: Deceased :: Chuunin
- Yuki, Sayomi :: Cousin :: Deceased :: Academy Student
- Yuki, Ane :: Aunt :: 52 :: Jounin


Born in 1547 to Hideaki and Etsumi Yuki, their second child Hisoka was a boon to a clan branch that had diminished almost to nothing, usually producing only one child per generation. The clan as a whole celebrated the news, hope in the possibility a once vital and important branch could be revived. Hisoka was oblivious to the interest that surrounded him and his older sister Misao who had been born five years before him, usually spending his time with whichever of his parents wasn't out of the village or on rare occasions both and playing with Misao and the other Yuki children in the evenings after the older ones had returned from school or the academy. When he was three the feeling within the Yuki compound changed, the adults and older children becoming more tense and apprehensive while the younger children continued their daily lives. Whispered mentions of a "Shinobi world war" only caused their imaginations to conjure up images of great ninja battling in impressive displays of skill rather than the rather dire consequences the event could have on their village and their country. Every once in a while their games would revolve around mock battles with improvised weapons and mild fights about who got to represent their own forces and who had to play the enemy.

The first time the Shinobi world war really impacted Hisoka's childhood was when the Shodaime Mizukage made the fateful decision to enter the war on the side of Kumogakure and Iwagakure, a decision that didn't sit well with those inside the Yuki compound and quite a few outside of it too. Though they might of personally disagreed with the decision their dedication to the continuing welfare of the village meant that many of the Yuki were posted to the front lines, including Hisoka and Misao's parents. Since the pair were too young to look after their selves they were given into the care of Etsumi's older sister Ane, who had retired to take look after her own child a girl the same age as Hisoka called Sayomi. While saddened by the absence of their parents the pair knew their aunt and cousin well enough that they were comfortable enough staying with them, Misao was busy with her academy studies and Hisoka had played with Sayomi since the pair had been old enough to walk. Hisoka and Sayomi found their activities curtailed as they started their regular education, After saying goodbye to Misao at the door to their Aunt and uncles home Ane would walk them to the Yuki's school in the cylinder nearest to the entrance to the compound through almost empty streets. Although the pair were in different classes they spent their lunchtimes together and after school Ane would take them into the compounds gardens, while not an exemplary student Hisoka did learn the listening and studying skills that would put him in good stead for his time in the academy.

It was Ane that sparked Hisoka's interest in fishing, mainly as an attempt to keep him on the bank of the lake rather than falling into it. Lending him her husbands spare rod she taught him how to fish with a curious Sayomi watching on. Once he had the basics down he would spend part of an evening or two every week plying the lakes waters, it didn't stop him falling in much to Ane's consternation but it did reduce the frequency which was a small blessing. As the months passed Hisoka saw less and less of his sister, her academy studies and training taking up much of her time the rift opening up in the close relation between himself and his older sibling saddened Hisoka greatly, especially with both of his parents out of his life for the foreseeable future. He took to sitting quietly in the corner of the room that his aunt and uncle had set aside for martial training while his sister practiced her burgeoning Naginata skills. Misao had started learning the use of the weapon from their mother when she was a little older than Hisoka was now and while Ane wasn't the master of the weapon Etsumi was she was proficient enough to aid Misao in refining her quick and efficient style, watching his two relatives spar and practice with the weapon fascinated the young boy but not wanting to distract Misao during this crucial time before her graduation he refrained from asking for the pair to include him in their sessions and resolved to ask his mother to teach him the weapon if the family's lives ever returned to normal.

Hisoka continued on in this fashion for a year and a half, going to school with his cousin, fishing in the lake and observing his sisters Naginata training. During this time his parents managed to visit home a few times and while they were always happy to see their children and hear of their progress even Hisoka's young mind could understand the overwhelming tiredness that pervaded his parents and every time they left again for the front lines Ane couldn't hide her concern for them and the siblings shared it. In 1554 when Hisoka was seven and Misao was twelve his sister graduated the Shinobi academy Hisoka was proud and a little jealous as he watched his sister walk around the small celebration the Yuki's that were at home had put together wearing her new headband, Hisoka knew his turn would come as he and Sayomi were expected to join the academy later in the year Misao's smile on that day was engraved into Hisoka's mind. A month before his enrollment in the Shinobi Academy Hisoka's concerns increased as his sister joined the war effort, Kirigakure's losses had been mounting up and the academy's graduating Genin were deployed to protect the convoys of supplies being sent to the front lines, freeing up more experienced Nin to reinforce the combat squads.

Hisoka and Sayomi's first day at the Shinobi academy finally arrived the two were glad to find they were in the same class, in the two years Hisoka had been living with his cousin they had become good friends, always joking, playing and competing with each other and since the pair had only occasionally left the Yuki compound it was nice to have at least one person they knew in the room with them. Half way through there first year to the great relief of the village and Hisoka personally the Shinobi world war finally came to an end, a week after the armistice was signed Hisoka's parents and sister were back home. The four had a little trouble readjusting to normal family life, for the last three years the most amount of time they had spent under one roof together had been a week and the parents physical and mental fatigue didn't help the transition back to normal life, luckily Hideaki and Etsumi were given enough time to recover significantly from their roles in the years of conflict and by the time of their return to duty the family had returned to a regular if slightly different relationship. Since they no longer lived under the same roof Hisoka and Sayomi's time at the academy became even more precious to them especially as their free time diminished as the both determinedly set about their studies, neither willing to be the first to disgrace the Yuki family name.

After Hisoka had judged his parents to have settled down again he breached the subject of weapon training with his mother, she was delighted and from then on he joined Etsumi and Misao in their daily and with Etsumi's gentle and instructive guidence and Misao's gentle ribbing and advice he started to get a basic handle on using the weapon, he would continue to learn all through his academy years and beyond. Hisoka couldn't help but notice the tension within his clan, though their valiant efforts in the field had earned them the title "Cold Killers of the Hidden Mist" it had also cost them dearly and the streets of the compound still seemed quieter than they had before their entrance into the war. The clan's patriarch was very outspoken on the subject and without hesitation placed blame for the clan and the villages losses at the feet of the Mizukage and his Hozuki clan for their decision to join the war in the first place, both Hisoka and Sayomi got some less than friendly looks from their instructors for a week or so after the statement. In 1557 whether due to his own initiative or a suggestion from Etsumi, Hideaki took his son to the edge of the lake in the park that he had spent so much of his years with his relatives visiting and explained some of their clans peculiarities to him, their natural affinity with both water and wind chakra elements and their instinctive ability to combine the two to form ice. While the latter would be out of his reach for years his father did start to teach him two simple Jutsu one form each of his natural chakra affinities which the pair would practice every weekend until he perfected them. The time they spent together brought the pair closer and after Hisoka had perfected the two jutsu they would continue to take trips down to the lake but for the dual purpose of sailing and fishing, while Hideaki had no real interest in the latter he was more than happy to let his son practice it from the side of the small sail craft he kept on the lake for a chance to get to know his younger child better.

Time passed and Hisoka's studies continued to go smoothly though the other children in the class started to distance themselves from himself and Sayomi as they picked up on their family's prejudice against the increasingly alienated clan, the Mizukage's aiding Sunagakure and Konohagakure had eroded much of the Yuki's popular support but the patriarch and ranking members refused to back down. In the summer of 1558 Misao was entered into the Chuunin exams, she made it to the finals where Hisoka and his clan turned out in force to support their rising star, though the fact that her opponent was a Hozuki may of had more to do with the strong attendance. Hisoka was surprised to see how serious and composed Misao seemed, gone was the carefree and joking older sister that he knew and in her place was the calm and professional persona that had obviously earned her the right to take part in the exams. Hisoka's respect for his sister grew as the battle raged on the Hozuki's ability to liquefy her body nullified Misao's Naginata attacks and she calmly discarded the weapon and set herself to the task of counterattacking with her ninjutsu. There Chakra reserves almost depleted Misao used her first and only ice Jutsu of the battle, catching the surprised Hozuki in an ice prison that her lack of hydration prevented her from escaping but, defiant to the end the trapped young woman only yielded the battle when Misao placed the blade of her Naginata to her throat. Despite the tensions that ran through the village both sides applauded both young women equally as they made their way from the field, their display of power and tactics ended up with both of them earning a promotion to Chuunin.

Once again Hisoka found himself at a celebration for his sister albeit a much more lively one than the previous event, his parents smiles were almost as wide as the one the new Chuunin herself sported she was busy talking to the clans elders for most of the celebration but she did find time to come over to the quiet corner Hisoka and Sayomi were sat in discussing the days events and ruffle his hair and give them both encouragement for their remaining time at the Shinobi academy, once she joined their parents Hisoka and Sayomi looked at each other and vowed that they would try their hardest to graduate from the academy and repeat Misao's success. Hisoka and Sayomi's last year in the academy was a tense affair, the continuing antagonism of the Yuki elders had pretty much cut off the clan from the rest of the village much the same as the pair were isolated from the class , their instructor still treated them fairly but the rest of the room was decidedly hostile. About two months before their graduation the academy shut it's doors, unwilling to risk the lives of its students as the inevitable happened and the tension erupted into open conflict as both sides tired of the others refusal to back down.

Hisoka spent most of the month-long conflict sheltering with the other Yuki children deep within the compound, he'd known the minute the conflict started the outcome was going to be bad. His fears were confirmed when word came that Misao had fallen in battle, he could hardly see through his tear clouded eyes as they lay her to rest in the branches grave plot, his parents were too wrapped up in their own grief to help Hisoka deal with his and it was a very quiet and withdrawn young man who returned to the shelter, not even Sayomi could pierce the veil of grief he had surrounded himself with. Because the Yuki were so hideously outnumbered it was only a matter of time before they had to surrender or be destroyed, how a clan held out against an entire village for four weeks Hisoka would never know, was it sheer bullheaded stupidity? Or the clans overall ability? But finally with the death toll reaching half of the clans number their belligerent patriarch being one of them the remaining Yuki's surrendered to the forces marshaled by the Mizukage and the Hozuki Clan. As he stepped out of the shelter on the night of the surrender Hisoka knew he'd lost another family member the look of pain, tears running down his mother's face and the conspicuous absence of his father told him all he needed to know, his own tears forming and falling from his eyes he ran to his mothers arms, the pair consoling each other as well as they could.

The next day Hideaki was laid to rest in the family's plot next to Misao, many were not so lucky the graveyard had been extended into the surrounding parkland to cope with the influx of bodies and without the time to go about planning new branch plots, Yuki's had been buried in lines as they fell. Etsumi and Hisoka spent the next day going through there routine mechanically only news of the Mizukage's assassination at the hands of a rogue Yuki interrupted them, at hearing the news Etsumi just shook her head at a show of pointless revenge from a grief-stricken clanmate while Hisoka was filled with joy at the thought of a family on the other side suffering for once, before his clouded mind caught up with the thought and realized his family was probably walking around in the same heart ripped out fashion as he himself was. Unsurprisingly the Yuki clan weren't invited to the Mizukage's funeral, not that many of the members were really in a state where they would have wanted to. Mere days later a successor was chosen the fact that the person was both the Mizukage's grandson and a Hozuki came as little surprise, life at least for the rest of the village started to return to normal and the announcement of the reopening of the Shinobi academy a week after the end of the civil war at least gave Hisoka the hope of taking his mind off of his loss.


On the last day of his time at the Shinobi academy the streets of the Yuki compound had matched how Hisoka felt perfectly, quiet and Grey, passing the now empty clan school, it's students now being looked after by the "unbiased" village school. It had been two months since the end of the civil war and Hisoka was slowly coming to terms with the loss of his father and sister, he had resolutely set out to honor their memories by protecting the village they loved and helping the clan repair its broken links with the rest of Kirigakure. The news he received when he arrived at the academy would seriously test that resolve, through either fiendishly bad luck of the draw or malicious manipulation from within the villages administration Hisoka's opponent for his "graduating ritual" was none other than Sayomi his cousin, playmate and long time friend. Hisoka's memory of the fight is patchy at best he remembers standing across from Sayomi her face a mirror of his own, reluctance written over her features and apologetic eyes.

Knowing the futility of delaying any longer and not wanting to tarnish the Yuki clans honor further the pair bow and begin there loathsome task. A puff of dust as the stream of wind from his mouth obscures him from view, agony blossoming in his arm as he fends off blows from her Kunai, the look of sadness and pain on her face as the Kunai buried deep in her chest drains her young life from her body, she falls to the ground, he struggles to keep the feelings bottled up refusing to give them the satisfaction, he takes his headband without a word and refusing treatment leaves the academy grounds. The story of his walk from the academy has become minor legend, the young man who had just slain his own kin refusing the let the outside world observe his grief, walking through the streets with the proof of his worth as a Shinobi in one hand and the rapidly drying blood of his relative in the other. What the legend seems to omit is the fact that as soon as the doors of the Yuki compound closed behind him he collapsed in a storm of weeping, the pain of what he had done ripping itself from his body, at the age of twelve he'd achieved the goal he'd been working towards most of his life at a cost dearer than he ever would have imagined.

The first month of his career hardly registered on Hisoka's troubled mind, the young man was so withdrawn even getting him to interact with the other two Genin required great effort on there Sensei's part and the other two Genin didn't help as they seemed to want nothing to do with a "traitor" and were happy to let him go on his way as long as their simple missions got done. Despairing of ever getting the trio to work together as a cohesive unit he decided to set up a situation that would force them to deal with their misconceptions. He led his charges into a forest outside of the village, explaining that he was going to test their survival skills he brought them to a clearing and then left, stating that he would return in the morning to discover how they had fared. As expected Hisoka went his own way, collecting firewood while the other two set up a rudimentary camp, once night fell there sensei silently returned to the clearing disappointed despite himself to see Hisoka sat on one side of the fire, staring intently into the flames while the other two talked animatedly between themselves.

Putting his plan into action he discarded his flak jacket and any identifying marks and donned a black face mask to hide his features, moving to a position behind Hisoka he readied a pair of shuriken and using his fine control directed them to fly past Hisoka's right shoulder and between the two on the other side of the fire, hoping to get their attention. It was a great surprise when Hisoka proved more alert than anyone would have given him credit for and leapt up, Naginata in hand, jumped with the help of his stream technique to the other side of the fire in time to catch the two Shuriken in the wood of the Naginata's shaft. As he avoided the trio's clumsy pursuit he couldn't help but smile, the Yuki's he had worked with during the war had prided themselves on their staunch devotion to the defense and wellbeing of the village and he was happy to find out that his somber charge had inherited their viewpoint despite the recent tensions.

It was quite a different group that faced there sensei when he entered the clearing the next day Hisoka's quick action the night before had melted most of the suspicion his teammates had held for him and it was with excitement that they told of there heroic repulsing of an enemy Shinobi, even Hisoka was smiling something they had never seen in their time with him. It was during this time That Hisoka developed his signature way of dealing with people, though Etsumi often admonished him for his inability to trust people she did help him by suggesting that by making sure to listen to what others said and comment on it to make sure they knew that he was listening he would alleviate much of the tension caused by his inability to share his feelings and problems with others. For the next three years the team would slowly take on harder and harder missions as there camaraderie and ability increased, the amount of time they spent in each others company slowly eroded at Hisoka's defenses and if anyone was ever to be called his friends it would be the two team members and his sensei. A few months after Hisoka's fifteenth birthday he discovered that his Kekkei Genkai had awakened after accidentally combining both his Chakra natures while practicing his Spiraling Wind Ball technique and got a heavy and cold ice ball rather than a spinning powerful wind ball.

Excusing himself from his team's training he made his way back to his clan's compound and to his family home, hoping to find his mother he instead found a note informing him she'd be on a mission at least until the end of the week. Slightly disappointed he set about finding the ice techniques scroll he'd been tapped on the head with several times in his childhood, finally finding it in the perfectly preserved disaster that was his sister's room. With a wistful smile on his face he removed the scroll from her small table and left the room before his emotions got the better of him. Sitting in the small living room he searched the scroll for something simple enough for him to teach himself Hisoka settled on the ice prison technique but out of fear of his mothers reaction to the warped floors that would result from practicing indoors he made his way to the roof of the cylinder. Several hours later, feeling lightheaded from the exertion and depleted Chakra Hisoka sat down on a nearby bench and pondered his progress. He could now prevent the accidental release his ice nature Chakra, no more icy wind-balls and manipulating said Chakra was as hard as he'd expected it to be, Hisoka checked the scroll again this technique was rated as D-Rank, this was the hardest he'd had to work to learn a technique since he'd learned his first B-rank a few months ago. Assigning the difficulty to the fact he was trying to harness an advanced nature he stood up and made for the stairs, wondering if he should continue training on his own or ask someone with experience to aid him while preparing a simple meal he dismissed the idea of seeking help, most of the clan was busy with village or clan affairs and the only person he would have felt comfortable with approaching was Ane but their closeness had ended on the day he'd killed her daughter, the pair had hardly exchanged a word since that day and the look of hurt he saw in her face every time they crossed paths troubled him greatly, learning on his own was his only option till his mother got back. Hisoka managed to master Ice prison to an extent that he was able to demonstrate it and his awakened Kekkei Genkai to Etsumi on her return, she smiled ruffled his hair and then pointed out all of the mistakes he'd made. Chuckling at his irritation she helped him complete mastery of the technique and started him working on one that wasn't from the scroll, not even written down just passed from generation to generation within the Yuki clan.

After a month Hisoka perfected both the ice prison and ice Shuriken storm techniques, he felt a lot more at home with his ice nature and went on to master it four months later in the preparation for his squad to be entered into the Chuunin exams. In the years they had been working together Hisoka's team had earned a reputation for relentlessly pursuing there missions and their success rate was very good, the administration took notice and entered the team for the Chuunin exams once they were all sixteen. In the winter of 1563 Hisoka's team took part in the first of Kirigakure's two annual Chuunin exams, the first trial was a survival/navigation test where only half the teams started with the map that would be required to find and gain entry to the objective. So one half of the participants would have to defend their maps while the other half would have to try there best to take the entry requirement from them. Hisoka's team started with a map and that made them a target, especially for a team led by a Hozuki who seemed to have made eliminating the only Yuki participant from the competition his goal, they came perilously close only a mile form the objective a beautifully set up ambush almost succeeded and left Hisoka with the Hozuki's Kunai buried in his shoulder. Refusing to retire from the second stage a heavily bandaged Hisoka stepped into the arena where he had witnessed his sister so brilliantly earn her own promotion five years previously. Unfortunately Hisoka's opponent was one of the savage barbarians from the Kaguya clan who had no hesitation on exploiting the slowness with which Hisoka's damaged shoulder reacted to his probing attacks, he fought bravely but it was a forgone conclusion and after taking punishment that would have incapacitated a lesser combatant he was finally forced to forfeit to avoid falling victim to his opponents increasingly fatal attacks. As much as his failure galled him his teammates success filled him with happiness and there ribbing about his failure only made him more determined to be prepared to try again in six months time.


Once again Hisoka found himself stood in the arena, memories of his battering at the hands of the Kaguya barbarian causing him to shiver slightly. At least he was unwounded this time even if the fight to get to the second stage had been much harder, if only for the fact that he'd been paired with two Genin who flatly refused to trust him. The test had them escorting a VIP noncombatant (played by a skilled Shinobi to lower the chance of the mock assassination becoming real) to an extraction point. The VIPs would be wearing an armband and teams would need two to ensure they passed the test, in the case that no one acquired a second band it would be judged by time taken. Frustrated by the continuing distrust of his clan Hisoka set about finding a way to operate with two uncooperative teammates, since the VIP was the Chuunin that was the third member of the Genin's squad he knew the two would have a vested interest in protecting her, wanting to impress her with their skills so he suggested they stay with the VIP while he attempted to "assassinate" another teams VIP. Hisoka knew he had more Chakra than most Genin, allowing him to be able to mount several attempts at "assassinating" VIPs and give an edge against any solo Shinobi from other teams he might accidentally run into while searching for targets and after stating such his teammates agreed with him, glad not to have to share his company for most of their trip through the thick forest. After agreeing to meet up at a point close to the extraction zone Hisoka took his leave, hoping that the pair would have more luck protecting there VIP than his intended victims.

Hisoka watched as the trio of Genin and their ward traversed the area in front of his heavily camouflaged position, none of the Genin had seen him though the smile on there Jounin's face led Hisoka to believe that he at least had. Waiting for them to be well past his position before he acted Hisoka readied himself to perform the pair of techniques that were key to his strategy, smiling he finished the last hand seal of the string required for his first technique sending a swarm of Ice Shurikens after the backs of the four targets and before they reached the range at which they could be heard traveling through the air he cast his second technique - Mist Rain, enveloping the group in a cloud of Chakra infused mist just as his Ice Shurikens closed on them. As soon as he had completed the second technique Hisoka was on the move, throwing a Quartet of Shurikens into the mist and he smiled in triumph as the trio of Genin emerged from the cloud minus there VIP. Stepping into the mist he was greeted by the sight of the Jounin holding a pair of his quickly melting Ice Shurikens in one hand and his armband in the other, he whispered a quick well done and then handed the armband to Hisoka and lay down on the ground. Hisoka made his escape as the Genin reentered the cloud and swore as they spotted there fallen mentor through the slowly dissipating mist. To ensure his team reached the extraction zone with two armbands Hisoka repeated his ambush on a second team, this one had sent out a hunter of their own and despite his success they were quicker off the mark than his previous victims, forcing him to expend a considerable amount of Chakra to throw off the pairs vengeful pursuit. Hisoka regrouped with his two reluctant allies the next day and to his pleasant surprise there VIP was unscathed, he nonchalantly drew the two armbands from his pouch and quickly replaced them, drawing a surprised congratulation from the Chuunin and grudging smiles from the two Genin as they realized there was one less team able to qualify due to his exploits. The rest of the trip to the extraction zone was eventful but they made it through without incident and happily displayed there three armbands to the proctors, who nodded and marked them as qualifying before directing them to the exit of the exam area.

Hisoka eyed his opponent warily, a girl from his old academy class who looked about as happy to see him as a mortal enemy would and Hisoka knew he was in for a rough fight. Right from the start the young woman threw Ninjutsu of varying levels at him, giving him absolutely no chances of getting within melee range but Hisoka was happy enough to trade Ninjutsu with her as he was sure of his larger chakra reserve. Hisoka smiled as the time between her attacks became longer and longer as she realized that she was going to have to ration her remaining Chakra if she wanted to keep in the fight, giving Hisoka time to attempt a technique combination. He sent a swarm of Ice Shuriken low to the ground and as he had expected she jumped over them, only to be caught by his Ice Prison as her feet touched the ground. It seemed fitting that he finish his fight as his sister had five years ago, he brought his Naginata to the young womans throat and accepted her surrender. He beamed as a cheer came from the section of the arena he knew his clan to be seated in and sighed inwardly at the polite applause from the rest of the arena, he released the young woman from her cocoon of ice and bowed to her, waiting until she returned the show of respect before straightening up and with an almost inappreciable hesitation born of reluctance, turned and bowed to the Mizukage before turning and bowing to the section of arena that seated the cheering Yuki's being led in their efforts by his exuberant mother.

Hisoka looked around the room that was the venue for his celebration of his promotion to Chuunin, the group was much smaller than that of the celebration of his sisters promotion but the group was much closer knit that the larger one had been, the vacuum that had been left by the loss of half of its members had brought the survivors closer together as they dealt with their collective grief, much as Hisoka and his own mother had done and he couldn't help but smile as branches who had hardly talked to each other before engaged in animated conversation. Hisoka was surprised when the Mizukage himself made an appearance, congratulating Hisoka on his promotion and sharing a few words with the Yuki members of Kirigakure's Shinobi Council and the family heads before excusing himself and heading off to the celebration his own clan was having for its new Chuunin. Later in the celebration Etsumi slipped out of the room and Hisoka became slightly suspicious and his suspicion was validated as she returned carrying a long leather tube tied with a decorative silken cord. Hisoka knew what the contents of the tube were before he untied the cord but what he wasn't expecting was the beauty of the weapon he was now holding, the shaft was black and decorated at each end, brand new but made to compliment the dull shine of the newly polished but obviously antique blade. Etsumi told him the name of the weapon was Nagaifuyu and hoped that he would add to it's already illustrious legend within the clan, Hisoka couldn't help but grin as he reverently placed the weapon back into the tube and retied the cord, the gift of Nagaifuyu adding to the greatness of this day that he would remember fondly for years to come.

The next day Etsumi went into more detail about Nagaifuyu's history and it's ability to conduct the users Chakra, a useful ability for a two-handed weapon considering that wielding it prevented the user from preforming techniques without the need to put their weapon down. Etsumi also told him that this was the first time that the blade had been used in thirty years, internal politics had kept the blade out of service and only pressure from Etsumi's branch had prized it from the elders possessive grasp and placed it in a position where it could once again be used. Deeming Nagaifuyu too valuable to store within a scroll like he had with his previous weapon he purchased a small, sturdy chain and a silver talisman displaying his clans symbol which he secured to his belt and sealed Nagifuyu into the back of the talisman, concealing it in plain sight and leaving it easily accessible if he ever needed the weapon quickly. It took Hisoka a while to get used to his new weapon but within three months he had started learning new Kenjutsu techniques that took advantage of its ability to conduct Chakra and by the time of his eighteenth birthday he had mastered his most difficult technique to date - the Divination Beam Technique an A-Rank Kenjutsu and the most powerful of the chakra conducting Kenjutsu techniques. For two years Hisoka's team had worked hard, raising there profiles considerably within the village, for the first year after his promotion their team composition was unchanged though there sensei increasingly took a back seat, assigning one of his charges as leader and offering advice when asked. Hisoka found command to be nerve-wracking and he never truly felt comfortable, even if his sensei reassured him that he was doing fine and it was to his complete horror then that when his sensei announced that the team no longer needed him and that he would be leaving to mentor a trio of new academy graduates that his two friends immediately spoke up in support of him being appointed as team commander. The next year was an eventful one for Hisoka, coming to terms with his command apprehension took awhile but with his friends supporting him he slowly relaxed into the role, his command style becoming light to a point where he seemed to outside observers to only be truly commanding when action was required. In 1565 Hisoka was informed that he had been selected as a possible exam proctor for the first joint Chuunin exam, this took him completely by surprise but he decided that it was an excellent opportunity to serve his village on the international stage and that if it was truly offered to him he would gladly accept.


Affiliation: Kirigakure no Sato :: Mizu no Kuni
Rank: B-Rank :: Chuunin
Combat Style:
Hisoka is a very analytical fighter and due to his versatility can either engage in close combat with his Naginata and Kenjutsu or at range with his elemental Ninjutsu depending on the situation or team composition. When in close combat he takes full advantage of his weapons greater reach relentlessly pushing his opponents back with the sweeping arcs that come so easily in the Naginata's form, add to this his Kenjutsu that takes heavy advantage of his weapons ability to conduct Chakra and you have an opponent who can cause no end of trouble up close. When engaged in long-range combat Hisoka can be just as deadly, with access to techniques from three different elemental natures one of which is an advanced nature he can quickly adapt to situations and opponents and combined with his large Chakra reserve this can make him a troublesome foe to dispatch. Hisoka prefers to be on the offensive, ambushes are second nature to him and with his villages love of combat and his small number of defensive techniques defense can be a bit more challenging for him.


    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Kenjutsu

Special Abilities:
C Rank::Extra Chakra Capacity
C Rank::Advanced Endurance
Chakra Nature:

    - Suiton ::Water
    - Fūton ::Wind

Advanced Chakra Nature:

    - Hyōton :: Ice

Chakra Reserve:

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Re: Yuki Hisoka

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Sealed Within Silver Talisman
    Nagaifuyu :: Long winter

Shuriken Holster
    Shuriken [20]

Tool Pouch
    Kunai [5]
    Flash Bombs [10]
    Smoke Bombs [10]
    Bottle of Military Ration Pills

Blue Storage Scroll
    200 liters of water

Green Storage Scroll
    Spool of wire

Green Storage scroll [Empty]


    Uranai Hikari no Jutsu :: Divination Beam Technique

    Kokuryū Bōfūsetsu :: Black Dragon Blizzard
    Suiryuudan no Jutsu :: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
    Atsugai :: Pressure Damage
    Mōko :: Fierce Tiger
    Hien :: Flying Swallow
    Kuchiyose Raikō Kenka :: Summoning Lightning Blade Creation

    Hogo kōri no shōheki :: Protective Ice Dome
    Hikami Shuriken no Arashi :: Ice Shuriken Storm
    Kirisame :: Mist Rain
    Tama-Kurukuru Makaze :: Spiralling Wind Ball

    Hyōrō no Jutsu :: Ice Prison Technique
    Nagaredasu :: Stream
    Shunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
    Sōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

    Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
    Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
    Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
    Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
    Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique




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    Re: Yuki Hisoka

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    Well I see no issues with the history, personality, or the combat section. His appearance is fine as well. However I will tell you to look through the History again and look for grammar and spelling as well as typing mistakes. One instance is the last sentence of the last paragraph in the initial section of the history (before Genin years). You capitalized the I in Hisoka's name. There a few issues like this in there but not many and they really aren't something that is going to keep you from getting my stamp. Good job!

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    Re: Yuki Hisoka

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    As Aaron said, you seriously need to go through this with a fine tooth comb from grammatical and spelling errors. I'm not gonna hold your approval up for that though as I know you'll go back and fix it. Good Job, and I look forward to RPing with ya somewhere down the line.

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    Re: Yuki Hisoka

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