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Post by Methedor on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:55 pm

-------------------------- : : :PLAYER INFORMATION: : : --------------------------
Player Name: Methedor
Character Number: 02
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Village:  Mizu no Kuni :: Land of Water

-------------------------- : : :BINGO BOOK ENTRY: : : --------------------------
Kaguya, Naito Kiri_c10

Kaguya, Naito


Name: Kaguya, Naito
- The Last of Mononoketo
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Kaguya, Naito stands at 5'6'' and bares short silver hair as is normal for his clan. He has pleasant light, shiny blue eyes with a face normally carrying a slightly fanged inviting appearance. On his face are curved triangular tattoos accenting his face given to him by Toume after completing a rite when he was young. His arms bear twin circles with the same coloration of his accenting facial tattoos. On his right shoulder is yet another marking, this one a complex symbol.

In most climates he goes around shirtless for one reason or the other, showing off his abs and lightly muscled frame. Around his elbows are protective wraps, on his right arm is the band indicating his allegiance to the Land of Water. On his wrists are heavy bracers that mainly serve as weights, but can be used to block weapons or thrown as one. Around his waist are two belts one holding cloth over his modesty and the other holding pants. Hanging from the first belt is the Kami-maijou and the Terume ninja-to. On the back of the belt is a pack of shuriken and slightly to the sides rests a pouch containing money, a small pouch of ration pills and a row of senbon. The second belt has packs of kunai looped on the belt and an aid kit. Stringed on the second belt are several explosive tags and hanging from a slight coil is a spool of wire. The pockets of his pants hold smoke and flash bombs.

He routinely carries a water skin over his soldier both to drink and use with jutsu. He'll occasionally wear a backpack holding items of both his academy and family craft along with packs of travel and water rations. When wearing the pack, the water skin is hanging from it. Traveling outside the  Mizu no Kuni he always takes his backpack.

Height: 5'6''
Weight: 120
Build: lightly muscular with hints of athleticism.
Hair Color & Style: Silver, short and slightly choppy.
Eye Color: light blue

Naito has been very affected by his young wasteland excursion and reintegration into society. This Kaguya is personable and kind to people he considers friends, but somewhat curt to people he doesn't. When upset he might threaten the instigator, depending on the severity of insult to him or his he will strike the person. He has a particular mix of dislike and respect for the Terumi. He is appalled by their members assaulting his village, but fascinated by their blood manipulation techniques. It in fact makes him look forward to the challenge of fights with them.

Within battle he can be described as acting in a borderline psychotic manner. He has been known to laugh in an almost maniacal fashion.  What might be the creepiest thing is his ability to switch from a psycho persona to a relatively civil one at the conclusion to combat or when in a dialog with a teammate. This is a result of his training, requiring him to dull down his Kaguya mannerisms and mentality in public. Though due to his childhood, reintegration and the public dilution of his tendencies he can be manipulated by invoking rites and cultural customs.

Additionally as a quirky side affect of his mother's profession and training, he has gained an appreciation of the armory craft and the items it produces. He may window shop at weapon shops with no intention of buying. During times of survival he will fall back on instinct and do what is necessary to keep himself and those he recognizes as close, alive. Whether it is sleeping next to someone or consuming an enemy.  He is also less concerned about modesty as an extension. As time goes on a part of himself hopes to integrate further with regular society.

“And what makes you deserve my kindness?”
“Go Die!”


Known Relatives:
- Kaguya, Toume :: Father :: 35 :: Jounin Med-nin
- Kaguya, Saiya :: Mother :: 37 :: Armorer (arsenal smith)
- Kaguya, Eshin :: Brother :: 12 :: Student (Note: may be played by a PC)
- Kaguya, Yui :: Sister :: 15 :: Genin (Note: may be played by a PC)
- Kaguya, Toru :: Sister :: 17 :: Chunin (Note: may be played by a PC)


Kaguya, Naito 300px-11

Naito was born in 1551 in the island ice mountains of the Land of Water within the former village of Mononoketo. His childhood was full of bitter cold and frost along side his parents, elder and twin sisters and little brother. Everyone was tempered by the environment, but due to the nature of the clan Naito and his siblings were forged to live, breath, think and feel combat, rites and tradition. When he was six years old, Mononoketo was assaulted by a lingering Terumi force that hadn’t yet received orders to stand down from the most recent civil strife. The group was not only trying to use the frozen mountains to sneak into a rival Clan, they were looking for the Kami-maijou. The Kami-maijou was a sword passed down Kaguy, Saiya's line, reforged with every generation adding more spirit to the blade.

During the surprise attack everyone fought; siblings, parents, clan members regardless of age and status. The Kaguya child flowed like water as his short blades spilled the blood of the lowest ranking members in the assault force. Though despite the environmental advantage the village was torn asunder, Yui and Naito were separated from family, village, and clan. He and his sister ran from the fight into the icy wilderness with only clothes, training from their clan and parents, and a Terumi ninja-to picked up from the battle.

Naito and Yui spent the next four years in the frozen mountains, the two of them alone save for each other. For the first couple of years they hunted for food and survived injury from what training they had gotten from their father. Part way through the third year they came across an injured Mizu no Kuni shinobi from an unidentified clan. With prodding the siblings tried to heal the ninja, only being partly successful. The shinobi claimed to be Rana, Harano, and Yui didn't believe him. Regardless they found that the ninja was being chased and in exchange for training the group evaded the pursuing ninja with their superior knowledge of the snowy ice mountains.

Near the end of the fourth year their master, now almost back to full health, traveled to a Harbor for the mainland. With the two children close to civilization they were found by patrolling ninja and pulled into the Mizu land proper. After being reintegrated they found Saiya, their mother, holding the Kami-maijou along with Eshin and Toru. However their Father and the fate of the village remained unknown.

It turned out that the whole of the Hozuki domain was at the end of another civil war. As a result Eshin had been undergoing training as a shinobi in the Hozuki compound. Under pressure from Saiya, Naito and Yui are placed into intense training as well. While there they found that Toru had been a ninja for a while and as a result was their senior. Their training was slightly awkward as they were tested and found to have received some previous training from a skilled source. As they went through training Saiya continued to teach them in the art of forging to continue the family tradition. Since a Kaguya was strange without his natural abilities, with the help of their remaining family Naito and Yui were able to privately practice the clan skills. Throughout his trainings Naito wished to find out the fate of his village and father, he swore to find their fate.

As was tradition in the Kaguya clan he had to take the Rite of Ascension. A rite that weeded out the weak, he was to kill a fellow classmate in a sanctioned duel. It was him versus Kanade, a genjutsu specialist. With only two years of official time at the compound he hadn't made any significant attachments to students outside of his family. The Rite took place at the pooled battlegrounds and in the beginning was edged in Kanade's favor due to her illusions, but after time superior endurance had gained him the battle with fierce blows landing home. However in the last third of the battle the situation changed, Kanade used the Shikotsumyaku! He was fighting a fellow Kaguya, a rather unexpected turn of events. This revelation crippled his guard as his recent experiences have made solid associations with the clan as family. This allowed critical blows to be landed. After severe injury his brain and body fell back on instinct, in a blur the coveted Rite of Ascension was over. He had survived the battle and with medical attention he survived to continue on. This had made him face the reality of a soldiers' fight, entirely different from survival and what fragment of memory he held of his home village. Over time he coped, trying to prepare himself for a similar eventuality in the future, but truthfully he wasn't sure what a next time would bring.

At the age of twelve Naito barely graduated to Genin status. As a graduation gift and task, he was given the Kami-maijou to one day reforge as was his mother's tradition. He went off to search for his father and birth village, Chuunin were sent to pursue. He never let them get close until he was herding into a dense area. When he returned, the Hozuki clan penalized him, over objection to the Kaguya clan, by confining him to Hozuki compound grounds for a month. During that time Toru spoke with him, it quickly turned into an argument ending with Toru convincing him that he must earn the right to venture off away from his team and search for the fate of family and Mononoketo.  

After his promise to Toru he spent the next few years training not just to practice, but to master his clan's and family’s arts. In order to fully understand his Kaguya abilities he studied Eijutsu. He believed that in studying the way bodies work he could bring out the most of his Shikotsumyaku. Training in medical arts, while it continued to be seen as a means to deeper development, tempered his outlook somewhat. The chakra control training mellowed his stubborn willfulness and made him able to chose more appropriate times to exert his cultural tendencies. This made him seem like a different person when involved in combat, especially when fighting a true opponent rather than a friend in a sparring match. When in sparring matches he has a tendency to grudgingly restrict himself to taught style instead of his more natural fighting style.

During his off time he would usually hunt things, utilizing his extensive skill developed in the ice lands. He eventually heard rumor of a shinobi that could hunt anything and Naito wished he had the time to find and train with the fabled ninja. With even more skill finding his father and village would be much easier. Unbeknownst to him the shinobi he was hearing about was in actuality the position of hunter-nin. With the Chuunin exams and further battles looming in the misty future he began refocusing himself, preparing for the unknowns ahead.


Affiliation: Mizu no Kuni :: Land of Water
Rank: C-rank :: Gennin
Combat Style:
Naito prefers feeling the blows instead of relying on structured styles after getting deep into a battle. When opening a close battle he begins with combos of soft, swift, slices and randomly inserted strong hits to throw his foe off balance. If at a range Naito won’t close, he'll stay at range using bone bullets or other ranged weapons. Regardless he keeps his bone techniques in reserve as a surprise. If in a battle with a blade and cornered he’d let himself into a blade lock to unveil a second, bone blade from “nowhere” in a counter-attack. When in sparring matches he grudgingly restricts himself to taught style instead of his more natural fighting style, this is more out of the desire not to be punished than anything else.

    Primary: Eijutsu
    Secondary: Kenjutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based
C-Rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency: Shikotsumyaku
Physical Based
C-Rank :: Advanced Endurance

Chakra Nature:

    Kaguya, Naito Aad3 Suiton

Advanced Chakra Nature:

Chakra Reserve:

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Kaguya, Naito Empty Re: Kaguya, Naito

Post by Methedor on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:56 pm


12x Kunai (on three packs on belt)
16x Shuriken (in pouch)
1x spool of wire (on belt)
1x set of senbon (on belt)
5x Flash bombs (in pocket)
5x Smoke bombs (in pocket)
4x Explosive tags (stringed on belt)
1x Aid Kit (on belt)
1x Terumi Ninja-to (on belt)
1xKami-maijou (on belt)
1x Waterskin

    -Rations and more water
    -Armoring tools
    -Medical tools


Kaguya, Naito 0teuTsubaki no Mai :: Dance of the Camellia

Kaguya, Naito 0teuTeshi Sendan :: Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
Kaguya, Naito 0teuYanagi no Mai :: Dance of the Willow
Kaguya, Naito 0teuBunretsu Kōgeki :: Cleaving Strike
Kaguya, Naito 0teuKage Buyō :: Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Kaguya, Naito Aad3Suirō no Jutsu :: Water Prison Technique
Kaguya, Naito Aad3Kirisame :: Mist Rain
Kaguya, Naito Aad3Mizunikakure no Jutsu :: Hidden in Water Technique
Kaguya, Naito Ss21 Kihonteki Keishou :: Basic Minor Injury
Name: Hiryuu Kireaji Kotsu No Jutsu :: Flying Dragon Bone-edge
Rank: C
Type: Bukijutsu
Range: Long
Element: Kaguya, Naito 0teuNon-Elemental
Description: This is an extension of the guiding principals of the Bone Edge jutsu applied to the shuriken and fuma-shuriken due to it being the only weapons of appropriate design. Like its predecessor, Kaguya manipulated bone is formed around the shuriken to increase it's sharpness, but as it is released a chakra connection is maintained allowing the aerodynamics to be altered mid flight allowing it to be steered as long as it has enough momentum and glide. It takes a great deal of concentration and control to keep a ranged link at Naito's level of training (Genin).
Kaguya, Naito Aad3Kirigakure no Jutsu :: Hidden Mist Technique
Kaguya, Naito 0teuSōshuriken no Jutsu :: Manipulated Shuriken Technique

Name: Kireaji Kotsu No Jutsu :: Bone-edge
Rank: D
Type: Bukijutsu
Range: Long
Element: Kaguya, Naito 0teu Non-Elemental
Description: This jutsu uses the Kaguya's natural ability of bone manipulation to enhance thrown weapons. Bone is formed around the shuriken or other small weapon like kunai or fuma-shuriken, lining their edges with sharper bone given them the ability to pierce light metal armor and partly penetrate stone walls. Additionally the aerodynamics are enhanced to improve accuracy and enable guided shots, like curved flight paths.

Kaguya, Naito 0teu Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
Kaguya, Naito 0teu Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Kaguya, Naito 0teu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
Kaguya, Naito 0teu Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
Kaguya, Naito 0teu Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
Kaguya, Naito 8x8h Kai :: Release Technique

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