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Post by Admin on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:42 pm

This it to notify all members that the ChatBox seen in the lower right hand corner will be going away by the end of today.

It will be replaced by an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel specific to Naruto - Warring States (for now, the IRC Channel is still labelled #Shinobi-Chronicles).

The ChatBox function is too limiting and does not allow guests to sign into nor see it. Therefore, in an effort to allow guests to chat with us and ask any questions they may have, the IRC channel will be established. A link in the main website navigation will lead you to it.

A few rules will be set in place that are specific to the IRC chat. These will be added later today, but for now know and follow the proceeding rules:

- All rules of the site apply to the IRC.
- You MUST sign in with the name given to you on the site. If you are not able to use that name (due to it being registered) then use a name that is very similar in nature.

- NWS Staff

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