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Player Name: AaronW
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[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira O5te

Uchiha Clan Shuchō
Shodai Kaen Akuma :: First Flame Devil
Uchiha, Akira


Name: Uchiha, Akira
- Uchiha Clan Shuchō
- Shodai Kaen Akuma (First Flame Devil)
- Kaen no Sennin (Sage of Flame)
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Standing at an even six feet, Akira is rather average in terms of height. He weighs in at one hundred seventy-five pounds with an athletically toned body build. One of Akira's identifying features is the natural color of his eyes when his Sharingan is not activated. Unlike typical members of the Uchiha Clan who possess brown eyes, Akira's irises are of a deep-green hue. The rest of his particular family line within the Uchiha Clan shares similar eye color. Akira has defined and rugged facial features. His body is usually covered in at least a few scars; testaments to his willingness to step out on the front lines during combat.

Akira's attire consists of dark, shin length pants, traditional Shinobi short-sleeved mesh chain-mail which is worn beneath a black, long-sleeve, high-collared top. Combat sandals adorn his feet. His lower legs are wrapped in bandages from the ankle to a spot just below the knee. His Sacred Kusarigama, sporting a long handle is slung over his back and tucked into the grey sash around his waist. For clan events or formal meetings with the Fire Daimyo, Akira is known to dress in formal attire which consists of traditional kimono adorned with the Uchiha Crest. For warmer climates, Akira may choose to exclude the long-sleeved top from his attire, in favor of a simple short-sleeved, black top instead. For extremely warm climates he may forgo a top altogether and simply wear the mesh chain-mail. For colder climates, the long-sleeved top will be replaced with a very similar, heavy-coat. The only differences between the two are the inclusion of a large hood for the coat and the inside lining of the coat being made of fur.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 175 lbs
Build: Athletically Toned
Hair Color & Style: Black :: Medium Length
Eye Color: Green

Akira's personality and attitude are summed up as stern and competitive, yet kind and devoted despite being the leader of the Uchiha Clan. Being a product of the era gives him a natural love of combat and a fierce loyalty to his clan. These traits serve as the basis for his becoming a Shinobi. Akira believes in the strict rules and training regiment he was brought up with during the time that his father and grandfather led the Uchiha. He shares a near-violent love for battle with most of the rest of his clan, but as their leader he has shown much control and discipline. However, he doesn't believe such traits constitute harshness or unfriendliness, despite being brought up in such a harsh environment. He makes a point of getting to know those who are assigned with or under him whenever the opportunity presents itself. Having quickly risen in rank within his Clan caused this to become rather hard to do as of late, but Akira will still attempt. He enjoys the company of friends when given the oppurtunity. When he was younger he enjoyed going about with close friends in small groups. Now as the Shuchō, he can be rather comfortable around larger groups in a social or formal setting, though this is not his preference. To say the least of the man's character, Akira is very dependable. He makes it a point to follow through with any promises he makes or tasks that are assigned to him. Thus, he is a very reliable Shinobi and uses whatever means are needed to accomplish his tasks, within reason. This translates into reasonable leadership skill and Akira takes the initiative to see his clan through every matter that he possibly can. Though he has suffered several personal losses at the hands of his enemies he still retains a kind-heart. However he is rather stern, but this is not to say the man is overbearing. He is often rather stoic. Losing his father and grandfather to war has taught him much on the subject of grief and hardened his will. He is well aware of the repercussions of his actions both now and from the past.

Such a rather cool exterior is closed over many secret talents. The man is a gifted tactician. He is always careful to consider each outcome his actions will have on a situation, making sure to account for as many variables as he can imagine. He also takes the enemy or objective's actions into account as well. While it is impossible for one to have an exact knowledge of what one's opponent will do on the battle field, Akira tends to leave room for improvisation in order to counter the enemy's tactics when necessary. This skill can mostly be attributed to his many strokes of luck, combined with his intellect. The Uchiha Shuchō is by no mean's gifted with foresight by the gods. Akira's devotion and determination are best reflected in his abilities as a Shinobi. He is very proficient with his Katon Chakra nature and his Kekkei Genkai abilities as well. He is also a master of Genjutsu and excels at Bukijutsu as well. This stems directly from years upon years of intense training and the will to grow stronger. While it may seem like the man has had an abundance of good luck, this is not to say that he has not seen his share of unfortunate circumstances. That aside, his experiences have gotten him and his comrades out of several dire situations.

Overall, Akira is a not only the Shuchō, but a Shinobi of the Uchiha Clan first and foremost. Just like any of his peers, he fights to protect his clan and serve their interests. Yet, he also tries his best to be a tactical, fair, and enthralled leader. The fact that he can keep his head up after such bloodshed as well as retain his kind nature, is a testament to the man's spirit. He loves a good fight when the opportunity presents itself and has a bit of a hardened side. Like all human beings, there is no one word that can describe the man's personality. Nor is there one personality type that Akira falls under. He angers like any other man, laughs like any other man, and loves like any other man. Still, Akira is a dependable and capable Shinobi who loves testing his battle prowess and would lay his life on the line in order to protect his Clan and those close to him. He is the man to have as a comrade, friend, peer, and mentor.


Known Relatives:
- Uchiha, Ryuji :: Grandfather :: Deceased :: Elder-Previous Shuchō
- Uchiha, Takeshi :: Father :: Deceased :: Previous Shuchō
- Uchiha, Natsumi :: Mother :: 47 :: Medical-nin
- Uchiha, Akimo :: Brother :: 26 :: Jounin (Commander) - (Available for PC use, name is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Azuma :: Brother :: 25 :: Jounin (Squad Captain)
- Uchiha, Akiko :: Sister :: 24 :: Jounin (Squad Captain) - (Available for PC use, name is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Kimiko :: Sister :: 22 :: Chuunin - (Available for PC use, name/rank is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Hotaru :: Sister :: 22 :: Chuunin - (Available for PC use, name/rank is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Osamu :: Brother :: Deceased :: Civilian


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Rqsg


Born into the noble Uchiha Clan, Akira began life as a care-free child like any other. Born in the Autumn of 1538 Akira would be the first of many Uchiha siblings of his particular family line. The young boy was nothing but a blessing to his parents and grandparents. He brought many smiles to his family and he was a very content and happy child during his infant and toddler years. There was not much that seemed to upset the boy when all was considered, though he could be fussy at times. Following Akira came his younger brothers merely one and two years after him, respectively. Thus did his family grow to a rather large size very quickly and Akira was not an only child for long. His memories only reach so far back and he certainly has no recollection of what it means to be an only child and even to this day, Akira would not dare dream of it. From the moment of their births, each of his siblings became very precious to him, much like his parents and grandparents. This would serve to become a great weakness as well as a source for great strength in his later years, but at the time Akira reveled in the enthusiasm of his younger siblings and enjoyed the time they spent together as a family. Being of a noble Shinobi family, each of the children picked up on the arts of Shinobi early on in life. The roles of their parents and elders heavily influenced this, as did the times and before long each of these Uchiha siblings began to receive tutelage from their Father Takeshi and Grandfather Ryuji, the later being the current Uchiha Shuchō. Each of them looked up to both men, but Akira most notably looked up to his Grandfather and there was no doubt that he was the old man's favorite, though Ryuji did his best to hide this from the other children. Akira would spend many of his childhood mornings with his Grandfather when the man was free, seeking instruction and wisdom from him, as well as merely being able to spend time with him. His afternoons and evenings consisted of practicing the teachings and techniques that his Grandfather would pass down to him or romping around with his younger siblings, playing at being Shinobi. These young and innocent children would enjoy the comfort of such a life for only a few years before tragedy would befall them, but it would forever change their hearts and strengthen their resolve.


Though Akira and his siblings had heard their parents speak of a rival noble clan of Shinobi known as the Senju, none of them had been exposed to members of this clan and for that matter, none of them had any experience in a real battle. Their mother, Natsumi, hoped that such experience could be held at bay for as long as possible, but in the depths of her heart she knew this would not be the case. Her children continued to grow in skill and strength every day and it would not be long before each of them was conscripted into the war effort of the Uchiha Banner forces. Akira became exceptionally proficient with chakra control and began learning elemental nature transformation at an early age. At this time, as with all Uchiha children he began practicing the utilization of the Rite of Passage Technique of the Uchiha: The Great Fireball Technique. His younger siblings were not far behind him, though he was one of the youngest children to date to have began advancing with the technique. These times were exciting for the Uchiha siblings, as their skills continued to develop and advance. Yet tragedy would befall the family in the coming year.

In the Winter of 1547 a Senju invasion force breached the Uchiha Encampment and began to lay siege to the inner Clan Compound in the middle of the night. Akira, now nine years of age, as well as the eldest of his youngest siblings were caught up in the conflict, eager to help drive the enemy out as well as being drawn by their own curiosity. The trio of elder brothers were quick to jump to the fight and what they found before them was pure madness. Their home was covered in the blood of their friends, family, clansmen, and their enemy. It was impossible to discern who's blood was where. Yet the crimson tainted everything around them, forever eradicating any glorious delusions of battle the boys might have previously held onto. Much to their surprise, many children of similar age fought for the side of the Senju as well. Thus, they had found similarly skilled opponents. The three boys acted together, creating a young yet effective squad of rookie Shinobi to aid in the protection of their Clan Compound. As the night wore on and the shock of blood and battle no longer shook the boys, they began to attack from the shadows, aiming mostly for other children in an attempt to secure kills and not get caught in a battle with an opponent they couldn't handle. However, Akira and his two younger brothers were able to claim the life of at least a few adult members of the Senju Clan before they began to tire out. Fearing they might be discovered, the boys made their own silent retreat back to their home within the compound, hoping to secure a place there and hideout while they recovered. One can imagine the shock the boys experienced when they found their home ransacked and their younger siblings held hostage by adolescent members of the Senju Clan. Retaliation was a natural response and the Senju teens had not been expecting an attack from behind. However, even though they had come to their younger sisters' aid, the Senju teens proved to be difficult opponents to thwart. This fact was compounded by the presence of the youngest sisters and Osamu, their infant brother, both of whom lacked any formal training at this time and were unable to aid in the attack. The Senju took advantage of this and made a mad grab for the three youngest members of the family. There was no one to protect them. No adults, no parents, no grandparents. All of the other Shinobi were too busy trying to push the Senju out of their homelands this night. Akira personally tried to stop the inevitable and though he was successful in saving his youngest sisters, Osamu was not so lucky. None of the other siblings could do anything but watch in horror as the leader of this band of teenage Senju brutally slaughtered their infant brother, tearing Osamu's limbs from his body one by one and impaling him before cutting Osamu's head in one fell swoop.

Anger. Tears. Hatred. Sadness. Loss. Death. Each of the remaining Uchiha Siblings experienced variances on these basic and raw emotions, each of them silently vowing not to let these Senju dogs escape alive. Akira, his remaining two younger brothers, and the eldest of his younger sisters howled in pain and agony, but the ire of these Uchiha siblings manifested itself that night under the full moon in the form of the Sharingan. Each of these four siblings had awoken the visual prowess of the Uchiha Clan, turning the tide of the battle and taking their vengeance in unison. The effectiveness of their strikes laid waste to the defenses of the Senju teens and their lives were ended without mercy. By morning, the Uchiha Clan had pushed each of the Senju from their borders save for those that had fallen in battle. Of these, four of them hung suspended from a house in the center of the Uchiha Compound, their entrails spilling from their bodies and their killers silently looking up at them with hatred. The four siblings and their younger twin sisters had hung the bodies of their teenage enemies from the gates of their home to serve as a warning to any others who might attempt the same that night. By morning however, all was clear and the siblings had found their parents and Grandfather. Akira was to be the bearer of bad news, as none of his other siblings could seem to get the words to slip from their tongues. Their family grieved the loss of Osamu as did the rest of the Compound, including several members of the Uchiha Banner Clans. Though children fought and died in these conflicts every day, infants were still so innocent. Akira would learn from this day forward that none were immune to the death of war.

Less than a year later in 1548, the four Uchiha Siblings that had fought off Osamu's killers were promoted to Genin within their clan and conscripted into the war effort. Where they might have previously had delusions of grandiose on this matter, now there were none. They had honed their skills and proved themselves in battle. They had each awoken the Sharingan and would continue to prove themselves on the battlefield for many years to come. Each had talents of their own, but Akira seemed to quickly rise above the rest and thus their Grandfather, Ryuji offered to give the boy more formal instruction. Akira accepted under the condition that his other siblings be allowed to join him. Thus did these Uchiha siblings begin taking on the legacy of their Grandfather, the Uchiha Shuchō. The remainder of Akira's years as a Genin were ripe with war, bloodshed, strength, and skill. Under the tutelage of their Grandfather the Uchiha Siblings continued to hone their skills in the Shinobi arts, perfect the use of their Sharingan, and expand their knowledge of Genjutsu and Katon-based Ninjutsu. Various missions and tasks were set before them and Akira, being the eldest of the siblings, naturally took the lead in these matters. Their squadron consisted entirely of these four siblings for the longest of times. Neither of them would admit it to the other, but not one of them wanted to let the others out of their sights ever again lest more tragedy befall their family. Thus, did Akira and his siblings, including their youngest sisters when they came of age, spend their early years as Shinobi together on the battlefield. This marked the first instance of their opponents dubbing these siblings the Uchiha Kaen Akuma (Uchiha Flame Devils). It would take many more instances and appearances on the battlefield before these titles would become commonplace, but these aliases would forever stick with the siblings. In later years, Akira would come to relish the sound of his enemies calling him by the name of Shodai Kaen Akuma (First Flame Devil).


Turmoil and grief followed Akira throughout his life, but with each challenge that was presented to him the boy seemed to rise above it and move forward. His heart, body, and soul became acquainted with taking the lives of his enemies, as well as seeing the blood of his comrades as they fell in battle. Under his Grandfather Ryuji, Akira quickly advanced in his skills, becoming particularly proficient with the use of his Sharingan and Katon techniques. He also employed weapons in various battles and was exceptionally skilled in the use of the katana, ninjatō, and kusarigama. His skills seemed to only advance with each battle and it was clear to Ryuji that Akira would become a great asset to the Uchiha Clan. It was because of Akira's remarkable skill and dedication that he was promoted to the rank of Chuunin within the Uchiha Banner forces in the Winter of 1551. Merely thirteen years old, Akira accepted the promotion with honor and his family was very proud of the boy. He and his siblings continued to fight together on the battlefield, but their skills had only cemented themselves. Akira acted as an effective leader of their squadron and his new promotion served to cement this fact. His family celebrated the boy's promotion and to Akira that day felt as if the war was non-existent, if only for a little while. His role as a Chuunin within the ranks of the Uchiha Banner forces continued much in the same manner as before over the next year. However, in the Autumn of 1552 the Uchiha Clan thought themselves powerful enough to deal a near-fatal blow to their Senju adversaries. Their campaign aimed to claim the majority of the Land of Forests whilst simultaneously silencing the Senju leadership and scattering the noble clan to the four winds. There had been many failed attempts on the Forest Daimyo and the Senju Shuchō's life by the Uchiha. Where only a squad had failed before, the entirety of the Banner forces hoped to succeed. Eager to partake in the conflict, Akira and his siblings requested that their squadron be placed on the front lines with their Grandfather. By this time, the title of the Uchiha Kaen Akuma was spreading and thus did their Grandfather grant the children's request, thinking that their efforts had earned them their place on the front lines with the rest of the Uchiha Banner Shinobi.

The campaign lasted two weeks in it's entirety as the Uchiha lay siege to the Land of Forests, pushing ever deeper into Senju Lands. Splitting their forces, one half of the army had surrounded the Forest Daimyo's lands and was attempting to press further into his home in an attempt to take his head. The other half of the army aimed straight for the Senju Clan compound. The Uchiha Shuchō, his son, and his grandchildren were all present in this part of the attack and the number of Senju Banner Shinobi who's lives they claimed increased each day. Yet as much as the Senju suffered losses, the Uchiha were dealt the same. The conflict was a continuous game of shogi; each side kept the other in check for only so long before the other broke it, but neither side was able to force checkmate. The surrounding countries and lands would later come to recall this battle as the most brutal between the Uchiha and Senju to date, despite neither side gaining significant ground until the end. As the Winter air began to creep into their bones in the final weeks, the Uchiha felt hard-pressed to finish the campaign and return home lest they be caught in these foreign lands with no proper camps and suffer attrition. Yet they had gained too much ground to simply turn tail and retreat. Thus, Ryuji took a large risk and rushed the Senju compound under the cover of darkness one evening, sealing his fate and forever changing those of his successors. Though it had seemed as if the surprise tactic had given the Uchiha the upper hand for a while, this delusion was quickly battered aside when the Senju began to slaughter the Uchiha left and right, pushing them back slowly but surely. In the midst of this battle, Ryuji came face to face with the current Senju Shuchō and their battle took them to a secluded area away from the battle field. Noticing the absence of his Grandfather, Akira quickly searched for his trail and followed him, breaking away from the fighting and leaving his father and siblings behind in his place. Unaware that his eldest grandson watched his duel from the shadows, Ryuji countered the Senju leader's attacks without giving much care to his own condition. The man's rivalry with the Senju had taken a deep hold over him and seeing this as his opportunity to rid the world of the Senju Leader, Ryuji matched the man blow for blow, assaulting him left and right with every possible lethal advantage he could muster. Akira caught his Grandfather's trail and watched this duel of the two Shuchō with awe and wonder. He had known his Grandfather to be a powerful man, but the extent of his power had been a mystery to the boy until now. It was inspirational to see his Grandfather fight in such a manner and Akira dare not interfere though he held his position should the battle take a turn for the worse. As if his thoughts manifested such a curse, this battle came to a quick and shocking conclusion.

While the Uchiha's power lie in their ocular prowess and their proficiency with the Katon nature, the Senju were master's of various types of jutsu and boasted the famed Mokuton chakra nature. Despite having been constantly exposed to this power on countless occasions, Ryuji ultimately underestimated the Senju Leader's proficiency with Mokuton and was crushed under the might of the wooden constructs he was able to create. Dread, fear, hate, and anger all boiled up within Akira as he looked on at the Senju as he tore the head of his Grandfather from the old man's body in triumph. Though his anger was great, Akira dare not move at first for fear of meeting the same fate as his Grandfather. However, when the Senju bastard dared to spit on Ryuji's corpse Akira was enraged beyond control; his body compelled to retaliate. A change had occurred in his vision, as he unlocked the visual advancement of his Sharingan, known as the Mangekyō Sharingan; The loss of his most beloved family member had tugged hard on his soul and the pain of such suffering opened the floodgates to immense power. Unbeknownst to Akira his Father Takeshi had also stumbled into the area, witnessing the terrible fate that Ryuji suffered. Perhaps it was by some miracle or twist of fate that both Father and Son had advanced their ocular powers to the next level as a result of the same grief and pain, but regardless their new power was to be tested against the Senju Leader. It was not until this last minute that either Takeshi or Akira noticed one another, but with not even a single word did they begin their joint assault against their powerful adversary. In short, their vengeance was enacted when Takeshi caught the opponent in a powerful Genjutsu known as Tsukuyomi, allowing Akira to set the man ablaze with the black flames of a powerful ninjutsu known as Amaterasu. There was nothing left of the Senju Leader. With their vengeance enacted, Takeshi and Akira took the remains of their elder back with them as the Uchiha and Senju Clans both retreated to their respective compounds. Upon their return to the compound, the entirety of the Uchiha Banner forces amassed in remembrance of Uchiha, Ryuji and paid their respects. Despite the long and bitter conflict, despite being tattered and worn, all of the Shinobi mourned the loss of their leader. Yet perhaps none grieved more than Akira. That evening Akira shed tears for the loss of his Grandfather. It was the first time the boy had cried since the loss of his infant-brother, Osamu.


Years would pass by and Akira would continue his training alone. His Father Takeshi had become the new Uchiha Shuchō. His two younger brothers were promoted to Chuunin and his three younger sisters were soon to follow. At the age of sixteen, Akira was promoted to Jounin in the Winter of 1554. His new visual prowess helped him gain this position, as well as his continued accomplishments on the battlefield. Despite these things, Akira had been distancing himself from numerous people, his siblings and family included. He often took to the battlefield on his own during these times, or would accompany different squads rather than continue to be paired with his siblings. It may have seemed to those on the outside that his new ocular powers had given him an ego, especially since he rarely had much to say to anyone. However, on the inside the exact opposite was the case. Akira felt weak. He watched his siblings advancing in power and couldn't help but think that such strength would only attract more difficult opponents and thus they too could meet the same fate that had befallen Ryuji. It was too much for Akira to bear at this time and the adolescent decided it was best to keep to himself. Regardless of his lack of self-confidence the boy continued to claim many lives on the battlefield and found that he most enjoyed killing the Senju. No longer did he see this as a rivalry between clans. For him, the Senju were his mortal enemy, for twice now they had taken things that were precious to him without a thought to dignity. Though his battles and achievements were great, Akira felt that he lacked something. He began to notice that the continued use of his new powers caused his vision to blur and he was confronted by his Father Takeshi on this matter, as the older man had noticed much the same happening to him. Warned not to use such power when not in a dire emergency, Akira left that meeting feeling even more down on himself. He did not heed his Father's warnings however, and continued the overuse of his ocular powers over the next few years. During this time, Akira awoke the ability to utilize the Enton Chakra Nature within himself. Thus he was granted the ability to control the black flames of Amaterasu and became an even more lethal Shinobi. It was also during this time that Akira began training with his long-time friend: Sanji of the Oni Summoning Contract. The Oni brought the now young-man to a great Oni Sage and thus did Akira begin to dabble in the art of Senjutsu, seeking to gain even more power. Akira would be gone for weeks on end in an effort to master Senjutsu and gain a deeper understanding for his role in the Uchiha Clan. When his clan faced a great conflict with another noble clan, Akira would aid in battle only to wander off in the aftermath. The Oni Sage and Sanji helped Akira understand, sense, gather, and harness natural energy and utilize Senjutsu; It was to this end that Akira would become known as the Kaen no Sennin (Sage of Flame) on the battlefield. His new found power helped him to utilize his Mangekyō Sharingan less, but he would still rely on it's power over the years, only to cause his vision to blur significantly. Faced with continuing on as a Shinobi at the cost of becoming blind, Akira decided to return to the Uchiha Clan compound and finally reconnect with his family and friends. Perhaps the fear of losing his eyesight and thus the ability to see them ever again had changed his heart, but regardless of the reason Akira did return home to open arms. By this time his younger brothers and the oldest of younger sisters had all been promoted to Jounin as well. All of his siblings were eager to hear of his exploits and training under the Oni Sage, but he would not tell of his secrets. His Father Takeshi was the first to notice the young man's deteriorating eyesight, as he too was feeling the effects of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Thus, Takeshi resolved to find a way to reverse the loss his son suffered, if only so that he might see his son smile again and be proud of being a Shinobi.

Endless research led Takeshi to a conclusion that he was not sure how to face, but when conflict broke out again and Takeshi returned home mortally wounded, there was no longer any question as to what to do. On his deathbed in the Spring of 1560, Takeshi passed the mantel of Shuchō to his eldest son. Akira vehemently refused at first, stating that his deteriorated eyesight caused him to be unfit for such a position. Takeshi insisted by revealing the hypothesis of his research to the young man and the rest of his family. He tasked his wife and mother of their children, Natsumi, to use her medical expertise to implant the man's eyes in place of Akira's. Takeshi believed this would forever stop the onset of blindness with the use of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Mumbling away about his research, he passed without divulging many details and thus the family pried into his scrolls and notes to find the answers. It was a few days after the burial ceremony that Akira's siblings pushed him to take their Father's eyes as he had instructed and regain his place as a skilled Shinobi. Their words moved Akira, as each of them seemed to believe in their eldest brother in some way or another. Thus did Natsumi perform the surgery in secrecy; To their knowledge, only their family was aware of Akira's blindness and they sought to keep it that way even after, in case the transplant was a failure. Yet in three days time, Akira awoke to find that he was able to see fully. His eyesight was clear and that day marked the change of his heart. He accepted the mantle of Shuchō only a week after the passing of Takeshi and thus did his family remain the ruling head of the Uchiha Banner forces. To this day, Akira leads his forces with the utmost respect, pride, and integrity. Where the Uchiha Clan had faltered or stumbled before, Akira hoped to pick them back up and regain their position among the noble Shinobi Clans. Under his leadership this was easily achieved and they renewed their continuing campaign against the Senju. In an effort to cement his family's line of rule, he promoted his immediate younger brother to one of his Jounin Commanders, effectively placing the young man in the running as his successor. He also assigned his remaining brother and the eldest of his youngest sisters as squad captains within the forces. As a Sage, an Uchiha, and a Shinobi, Akira hoped to carry on the legacy his Grandfather and Father left behind and bring the Uchiha to prominence above all other Shinobi Clans.


Affiliation: Uchiha Clan :: Hi no Kuni
Rank: S-Rank :: Shuchō
Combat Style:
Akira is a very offensive, yet tactical fighter. Often times during any combat scenario Akira will toy with his opponents by holding back with his own jutsu. This gives him time to analyze any potential weak points in the opponents offense and defense. Once he has found the most opportune moment, Akira will strike in multiple ways depending on the nature of the fight. He possess several jutsu that can capture and subdue the opponent as well as several others that are meant for direct assault. His Taijutsu consists of mostly grapples and holds. These aid him in subduing the opponent. However, he prefers Bukijutsu in regards to hand-to-hand combat, as he is skilled with his kusarigama. This lends to his incredible speed and endurance and he utilizes the sacred weapon in an efficient manner. His Ninjutsu arsenal is full of powerful offensive and defensive techniques that make full use of not only his Kekkei Genkai, but his proficiency with the Katon affinity as well. He also utilizes his Suiton and Doton chakra natures efficiently and while fearsome, they are not nearly as powerful as his Katon and Enton abilities. He further enhances his Fire and Blaze techniques with his Yuton techniques, as the flammable nature of petroleum is a given advantage in battle. He is well versed in the Shadow Clone Jutsu, as well as several elemental variations, and uses these to confuse and surprise his opponents from time to time, though he can only make up to 4 simultaneous clones at any given point without exhausting himself. However, this in itself is a testament to his chakra reserves, as any normal Shinobi would not be able to muster such a number. Profiting on his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan's abilities, he is a master of Genjutsu and often tries to control a fight with such techniques during the course of combat to lure his opponents into traps, etc. His mastery of other jutsu that are derived from his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan is superb. The power of these techniques is prodigious and a wonder to behold, assuming you do not have a wish to live. These techniques are usually reserved for the most challenging of opponents, such as the Senju Shuchō and various other Shuchōs.


    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Genjutsu
    Tertiary: Bukijutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based

    S-rank :: Sage Mode - Senjutsu Utilization
    S-rank :: Incredible Chakra Capacity
    S-rank :: Kettou Kekkei (Yuton)
    S-rank :: Inton (Yin) Proficiency
    A-rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency (Enton)
    A-rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Suiton)
    A-rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Doton)
    A-rank :: Added Specialization (Bukijutsu)

Physical Based

    A-rank :: Godly Speed
    A-rank :: Godly Endurance
    A-rank :: Quick Hand Seals

Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Katon

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Inton

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suiton

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Doton

Advanced Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 6q4 Enton

    [Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira N9pw Yuton

Chakra Reserve:
SS-Rank Chakra

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[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Empty Uchiha, Akira :: Arsenal

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Shinsei Kusarigama no Honō :: Sacred Kusarigama of Flame [1]

Green Storage Scroll

  • Shuriken [50]
  • Kunai [50]
  • Fūma Shuriken [2]
  • Shuriken [40]
  • Spool of Wire [7]

Blue Contract Scroll

  • Contains the Summoning Contract of the Uchiha Clan Oni

Red Contract Scroll

  • Contains a Summoning Formula for Akira's Kuchiyose-Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Lightning Blade Creation Tattoo

  • Kusarigama [2]
  • Kunai [40]
  • Shuriken [50]
  • Exploding Tags [20]
  • Smoke Bomb [10]
  • Fūma Shuriken [2]


Sage-Mode Jutsu
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 6q4 Senpō - Akuma Honō Enjō :: Sage Art - Demon Blaze Incineration
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 6q4 Senpō - Sōdai Jigoku-ame :: Sage Art - Majestic Hell Shower
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Senpō - Rasenbakuhamosu:: Sage Art - Spiraling Exploding Flare
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Senpō - Rasensuijin :: Sage Art - Spiraling Water Drill
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Senpō - Tenrai Doryū no Jutsu :: Sage Art - Divine Earth Dragon Technique

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 6q4 Kagutsuchi :: Flame Control
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Katon - Rasengan :: Fire Release - Spiraling Sphere
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Gōka Mekkyaku :: Great Fire Annihilation
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Arashi Nobi :: Wildfire Tempest [Collaboration]
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Hageshii Kaiyō Kujira Uzu :: Torrential Ocean Whale Vortex
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suiton - Rasengan :: Water Release - Spiraling Sphere

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 6q4 Amaterasu :: Heavenly Illumination
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira N9pw Kujira Hirō-me:: Whale Debut
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Gōka Messhitsu :: Great Fire Destruction
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Katon Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Fire Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suishouha :: Water Shock Wave
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Yomi Numa :: Swamp of the Underworld
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Tsukuyomi :: Moon Reader
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Kokuangyo no Jutsu :: Bringer of Darkness Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kuchiyose Sanjū Rashōmon :: Summoning Triple Rashōmon
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kuchiyose Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Summoning Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Rasengan :: Spiraling Sphere

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira N9pw Hekiyugen :: Bursting Oil Field
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Uchiha Kaenjin :: Uchiha Flame Battle Encampment
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Karyū Endan :: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suiryūdan no Jutsu :: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suijinheki :: Water Encampment Wall
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Doryū Taiga :: Earth Flow River
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Doryūdan no Jutsu :: Earth Dragon Bullet Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Doryūheki :: Earth Style Wall
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Magen-Kyō Tenchi-ten :: Demonic Illusion-Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Nijū Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu :: Double False Surroundings Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kuchiyose Rashōmon :: Summoning Rashōmon
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kuchiyose Raikō Kenka :: Summoning Lightning Blade Creation
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan-Tatsu :: Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan-Activate

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Gōkakyū no Jutsu :: Great Fireball Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Ryūka no Jutsu :: Dragon Fire Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Suirō no Jutsu :: Water Prison Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ix2f Retsudo Tenshō :: Tearing Earth Turning Palm
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu :: False Surroundings Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kuchiyose no Jutsu :: Summoning Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Bunretsu Kōgeki :: Cleaving Strike
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Sharingan-Tatsu :: Sharingan-Activate
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Genjutsu-Sharingan-[X] Jutsu :: Illusion-Sharingan-[X] Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Sharingan-Niseru-[X] Jutsu :: Sharingan-Copy-[X] Technique

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira N9pw Abura-yoku :: Oil Bath
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410 Moesashi no Jutsu :: Ember Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Aad3 Mizubitashi :: Drench
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Narakumi no Jutsu :: Hell Viewing Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Shunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8kri Sōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 8x8h Kai :: Release Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique



Uchiha Clan



[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 75v4
Rank: A
Chakra Nature:
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira IlioWind
Sanji is one of the greatest of the Uchiha Clan Oni and the personal summon of Uchiha, Akira. Sanji has been comrades with Akira since a young age. The demon's attitude toward Akira is honorable and respectful as both have been friends sine their childhood. Sanji is an old soul; he is respectful of those who show him the same. His manners are over exaggerated. He bows low to those that deserve it. He possess great wisdom and intellect, but is also a feared warrior. He wields a spiked club and possess a natural affinity for Wind Elemental Chakra. He is stern and unforgiving, yet fair and enlightened. At times he can be overbearing and scornful if he thinks someone lacks common sense. He is one to take the initiative as well. Overall, the Oni is a loyal fighter, but a feared enemy.


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira H410[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Arashi Nobi :: Wildfire Tempest [Collaboration]


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Kaze no Yaiba :: Blade of Wind


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Daikamaitachi no Jutsu :: Great Sickle Weasel Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Enseiken Kamaitachi :: Yangqing Fist Cuttings Wind
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Ranjishigami no Jutsu :: Wild Lion's Mane Technique


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Daitoppa :: Great Breakthrough
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Reppūshō :: Gale Wind Palm
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Ōkashō :: Cherry Blossom Impact
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Tsūtenkyaku :: Heavenly Foot of Pain


[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira Ilio Nagaredasu :: Stream
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Shunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Nyuukon Ikioidzuku no Eiki :: Inner Life Strength

[Shuchō]Uchiha, Akira 0teu Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique


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