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-------------------------- : : :PLAYER INFORMATION: : : --------------------------

Player Name: AaronW
Character Number: 2
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Clan: Ishida Clan

-------------------------- : : :BINGO BOOK ENTRY: : : --------------------------

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 5dae

Ishida Clan Shuchō
Ishida, Seiji


Name: Ishida, Seiji
Ishida Clan Shuchō
Demon of the Mountain
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Seiji is a rather tall and built man. He keeps his body maintained and in peak physical and mental condition. His short black hair serves to contrast with his rich, blue eye color. However, he tends to keep his hair under a bandanna that serves as a forehead protector with his clan's symbol engraved on it. However, he can sometimes be seen with nothing adorning his head. He often wears a black nasal-buccal mask around his face and head and pulls the mask down below his chin. Seiji's teeth are filed to a razor sharp point. Seiji's attire consists of clothes of various earthen colors. Often he wears long pants with single sleeved, long shirts. He also tends to wear a jacket which has a single pocket on the front and has no sleeves. He can sometimes be seen wearing sleeveless tops as well. His feet are usually adorned with combat sandals. Underneath his outer clothes, he wears a mesh undershirt that is common among Shinobi. He carries a pouch at his waist, centered directly in the middle of his back that holds various scrolls.

For warmer climates, Seiji will usually wear knee length pants, sleeveless tops, and might forgo the jacket or even the nasal-buccal mask. Often times he can be seen dressed a such in the Tsuchi no Kuni summers. For colder climates or even hikes into the mountains during the winter months, Seiji will occasionally don a full long sleeve shirt and long pants with his jacket as well. For extreme cold he will wear a heavier shirt with a high collar that is lined with fur on the inside.

Height: 6ft, 3 in.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Build: Athletically Toned
Hair Color & Style: Black, Short
Eye Color: Deep Blue


Strict, intimidating, and prideful are all traits of the Ishida Clan Shuchō. Seiji is a strict leader, tactical commander, and a prideful fighter. These traits reflect in other aspects of his life, attitude, and personality. First, Seiji is not one to tolerate failure and has no qualms administering punishment for taking part in such. He has high expectations for all of the men and women that serve the Ishida Clan coalition. Yet, the man is not unfair or brutal towards his own people. Punishment is just and swift, yet not without a good cause. Just as quickly as Seiji would condemn a man for failing to complete a task, he would praise a man for doing an excellent job or going above and beyond. The Ishida Shuchō does not believe in leadership through brutality, nor passing heavy judgement for minimal tasks. Indeed, he is a fair Shuchō that simply has high expectations for his military and ultimately has the betterment of the country in mind.

In terms of socialism Seiji is not lacking in this department. He can weave words of gold with his tongue if given the chance and he has no problem striking up a conversation with his men and allies. Yet there is a limit to this and Seiji sets this in terms of relationships with other countries. That is to say that he will rarely say more than is necessary to those who are not allied with the Ishida Clan and he has often been known to go without speaking to enemies at all. However, when and if he does it is often in a taunting manner. Even those groups of people that fall somewhere in between may get little word from the man. This stems from a strong, compulsive sense of loyalty to his own country and to those he has allied with. If you gain the man's trust you have it for eternity until you should break it. Thus his bond with his Banner-Clans is a strong one. Seiji curses those that betray him or his country and will hold them in contempt for the rest of his existence if need be. Better to keep them at bay than to risk letting them back in, for fear that they will put his village in jeopardy.

Seiji enjoys past times as well, despite most of his time being given to his work, training, and formulating. There is almost no time for relaxation, but when the opportunity presents itself Seiji is quick to take it. Aside from perfecting his jutsu or undergoing the usual training regiment, Seiji enjoys rock climbing and swimming. For the Ishida Clan Shuchō, rock climbing is not only an intense exercise, but a way to relax as well. It allows him to clear his mind and think of nothing else save for the climb. When given the chance, Seiji can be found climbing up the various mountains surrounding the Ishida Clan Compound.


Known Relatives:
- Ishida, Sanosuke :: Grandfather :: Deceased :: Previous Shuchō
- Ishida, Kotai :: Father :: Deceased :: Ishida Jounin
- Ishida, Asuka :: Mother :: Deceased :: Ishida Chuunin
- Ishida, Miyoko :: Sister :: 26 :: Ishida Jounin - (Can be taken by a player, name is negotiable)
- Ishida, Takashi :: Brother :: 22 :: Ishida Jounin - (Can be taken by a player, name is negotiable)
- Ishida, Kiyoko :: Sister :: 18 :: Ishida Chuunin - (Can be taken by a player, name is negotiable)

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ishidasymbol
Ishida Clan


As with so many others, Seiji was born into an era ripe with strife and conflict. Pulled from his mother, his destiny was set as a Shinobi the moment he gasped his first breath of air. Born in the Spring of 1537, Seiji came to be the light of his parents' lives in times of darkness and bloodshed. As the Grandson to the Ishida Shuchō, Sanosuke, the entirety of the Ishida Clan and their banner-clans rejoiced at the announcement of the boy's birth. The Ishida line was strengthened now and Seiji came to warm the hearts of the entire clan, whether directly or indirectly. Asuka and Kotai, mother and father to the boy, certainly enjoyed many of their son's first years together as a family. Seiji enjoyed smiling and laughing. Asuka had noted early on that his smile was contagious and that the young child knew it all too well, often doing silly things for the sake of making others smile. One could forget the war and turmoil of the world when in the presence of this family, most of all around the young Seiji. It was as if a time of peace had befallen the Ishida Clan for the briefest moments in time.

This fallacy would soon end as the years passed on. Time stops for no one and neither do the fires of war. It was too soon according to Asuka, when Sanosuke and Kotai began to train the boy in the art of the Shinobi. At the age of six Seiji began constant training under the tutelage of his grandfather and his father. The boy had a natural talent for the basics; shuriken throwing, camouflage, water-walking, etc. Seiji would go from spending his time playing with his younger sister, to practicing and perfecting his basic training. The boy had little concept of war, thinking only of the excitement and the fun it offered. He always viewed himself and his family as the victors, as he had yet to experience the harshness that war demanded of people. His skewed understanding of this vague concept spurred him on in his training over the course of the next few years. It also led him to push his younger sisters and brother to do the same as they came of age. The boy knew little of what the world was actually like, as do most children at his age. Yet this would all change in the blink of an eye.


Approaching his twelfth birthday in the year 1549, Seiji's family had grown considerably. The first of his younger sisters was of ten years, his younger brother was six, and his youngest sister was of two years. Save for his youngest sibling, the Ishida children were all up and coming Shinobi of the Ishida Clan. Seiji continued tutelage under his grandfather when time permitted the man to be away from the duties of Shuchō. He was lucky in this matter, though he would not come to fully appreciate this time just yet. Turning twelve marked the time that Seiji was to be considered able to join the war-effort of the Ishida Clan and this prospect excited the boy to no end. His eagerness was unmasked and though his mother attempted to instill in the boy a deeper understanding of war, there was no substitute for first-hand experience. Yet, that very night would give Seiji a taste of war; forever spoiling the grand-vision painted in the boy's mind.

A group of Sanjuro Shinobi infiltrated the Ishida Clan compound, seizing the gates and allowing an even larger group to enter the compound. All those that knew even an inclination of the Shinobi Arts were called upon to defend the Ishida home. Whether the Sanjuro had counted on the Ishida Banner-Clans being present or not was unknown, but it was with sheer numbers that they pressed the Sanjuro out of the compound and secured the area once more. During the conflict, Seiji was pitted against Shinobi of similar age. It was the first time blood had been drawn from the boy at the hands of the enemy and it also marked the first time the boy killed. It was by accident that he had struck the killing blow to his opponent. It was with horror that he watched the gore that was once the boy fall to the ground. The smell, the color; Seiji felt the hot, sticky blood of his opponent covering him and Seiji collapsed, unable to hold himself together. From blackness of unconsciousness to the searing-white of the beating sun, the boy would wake to the sound of his mother's agonizing wail. Shocked awake, Seiji was surprised to find himself still on the battlefield. Morning had marked the Ishida victory, though this had come at great cost. Taking in his surroundings, Seiji first noticed the amount of blood that littered the grounds, accompanied by bodies. Seconds more and Seiji's eyes fell to the boy he had killed, still only a few feet from him. His resolve had been strengthened for now, though he did not wish to look upon the body any longer. Finding his feet, he slowly approached his mother once he recognized where the cries were coming from. By this time, his Grandfather, the Shuchō had come to stand near her as well and with a closer look Seiji noticed that tears adorned their faces, mixing awkwardly with the blood that covered them.

War takes its toll and nothing satiates the appetite more than death. To the astonishment of the boy, his father was also present though his eyes did not contain tears and at first Seiji knew this was because his father was a hardened man, one he would always look up to. It would take a moment for Seiji to fully understand and it was only after both his Mother and Grandfather had embraced him that he realized why there were no tears in his father's eyes. Ishida, Kotai has passed away during the conflict and Seiji had been knocked unconscious and thus unable to help his father; unable to perhaps change the outcome of the battle and save his father's life. These are the things the young Ishida told himself over the coming years and though they depressed him, these haunting thoughts served to motivate the boy to become more skillful with the arts of the Shinobi.


In the Summer of 1553, Seiji was promoted to the rank of Chuunin within the Ishida Clan. Constant training under his Grandfather, as well as training on his own had gained the boy a fair amount of renown. By this time Seiji had become adept at the use of the Ishida Clan Kekkei Genkai. Seiji's Kinton abilities were superior to nearly all other children of his age and when the boy came into adolescence his Grandfather's training helped to cement this fact. At the mere age of sixteen the boy had become a Chuunin within the Ishida Clan and surpassed most others of his age. He willingly took part in the war effort of his Clan, always one of the first to respond to his Grandfather's call to arms. He often took tedious or dangerous missions; he did not discriminate. Some might have viewed missions as nothing other than menial tasks, or problems that faced the clan and needed to be resolved.  However, Seiji viewed them as opportunities to grow stronger, gain experience, and test his skills all around. His skills only continued to grow and with it his tasks grew more difficult. Seiji's Grandfather Sanosuke was never hesitant to pass missions to the boy, though the man could not help but fear for his grandson's safety at the same time. It was a difficult game of tug o' war in the old man's soul every time that Seiji accepted a mission.

Seiji's mother was also wracked with worry. After losing her husband a great rage had consumed her for a few years before transforming her into a quiet, secluded woman. The once-prominent female of the Ishida Clan had turned frail and weak, her health waning. Seiji and his siblings had began taking care of her only a few short years after the death of their father and though she was often in good spirits, Seiji knew all too well that her time was short. It was for these reasons that the boy accepted missions left and right; it was all an attempt to get away from the inevitable sadness he knew he would have to face once again. At this age, the boy was unable to cope with the potential loss of his mother and even thinking about losing his last parent shock his earthen foundations. Thus the boy sought to pass the time away from the cause of such sadness, choosing to hone his skills as a Shinobi instead. This created a rift between the elder sibling and his younger siblings. He would later feel much regret for his actions when his mother passed away shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Seiji reacted as if he had been struck a fatal blow in combat and it became apparent that the boy had hoped that boy running from this issue he could halt the inevitable. Grieving for his mother brought him further determination and motivation, but it was clear that the boy was battling an internal conflict. Seiji was not sure how to continue now and even his grandfather could not get through to him. It was his youngest sister that would finally make Seiji see the correct path and help him find true motivation. Thus, in the coming two years the boy would gather his wits about him once more, strengthen his resolve, and strive to carry on the legacy of Ishida Shinobi that his parents had passed down to him.


Now a young man possessing a deep resolve, Seiji would prove himself in battle over various occasions. Honing his skills in various Ninjutsu, Taijutsu Fuuinjutsu, Seiji became a Jounin of great skill in 1557. At the age of twenty, his promotion had been a milestone in the young man's life. He continued to train and harden himself, ever-loyal to the Land of Earth and the Ishida Clan. His skills would quickly come to rival those that his grandfather and father possessed at his age. His Kinton prowess was unmatched and Sanosuke began to consider the position that the young Seiji had come to be in. Thus, he would slowly and secretly begin testing the young man over the course of the next few years. In 1560, at the age of 23 Seiji took part in a major operation involving laying siege to the Land of Wind. The operation was meant as a surprise attack to be carried out on the Shinobi compound within the Land of Wind. The Earth Daimyo - Oda, Nobunaga had hoped that his Shinobi would eradicate the Land of Wind's Shinobi Clans, allowing him to reclaim the lands that his predecessors had lost. Joining the battle on the front-lines, Seiji helped infiltrate the Wind Shinobi Clan compound and led the main forces through the gates. For the majority of the battle, Seiji claimed easy kills, noticing that some sort of inner turmoil was affecting the various Clans within the compound. Seiji saw hints of a civil conflict being carried out along side the Ishida invasion. Seeing this as a huge opportunity, the young man sought to use this to his advantage and take out the chain of command, thus scattering the opposition's organization. Leading a small squad of his allies to the main buildings within the compound, Seiji hoped to carry out his plan of attack quickly while the chaos ensued. However, opposition came in the form of a squad of Shinobi of the Sanjuro Clan. It was here that Seiji first encountered Sanjuro, Fei; the young woman destined to become the future Shuchō of the Land of Wind Shinobi. Scoffing at the squad at first, it soon became apparent that their power matched that of the Ishida Squad. In mere moments the numbers were dwindled down to only Fei and Seiji. The young man was awe struck at this woman's power; it frustrated and enthralled him. He found something seemingly attractive about her as a result, though he would not come to recognize this at first. In the heat of that moment, the young woman became his greatest opponent and a deep rivalry was born. Their battle was grand and unbeknownst to Seiji at the time, his grandfather was watching it unfold. The end result was interrupted and the pair was divided when the Land of Wind forces collected themselves and began to push the Ishida back. Other Shinobi began to take part in what had become a duel without respect for the two combatants. Thus, did Seiji depart under the cover of his other clan members as they pulled out of the compound. However, he would mark Sanjuro, Fei as an opponent that he hoped very much to face once more. Over the course of his life, Seiji would have many opportunities to do just that.

Returning home, Seiji became subject to strict training from his grandfather once more, as in the days of his childhood though Sanosuke had other plans for the young man this time around aside from merely teaching him the Shinobi Arts. over the course of the next three years, his grandfather would pass many techniques down to Seiji as part of his legacy, as well as various teachings and insights. Unbeknownst to Seiji, his grandfather was conditioning him to become the next Ishida Shuchō. However, in 1563, this fact would be made blatantly clear to Seiji when Sanosuke fell in battle. Despite the Ishida victory, the clan despaired over the fate of their leader. On his deathbed, Sanosuke named Seiji his successor. This met with no opposition, but rather great approval and thus the new Shuchō was decided. The shock of this washed over Seiji the moment he realized the responsibilities that came along with this. Now a hardened young man, the new Shuchō mourned the loss of his grandfather, but quickly took up the mantle passed down to him. Now 28 years of age, the Ishida Shuchō resolves to strengthen his Banner forces and serve the Land of Earth to the best of his ability. His noble Shinobi blood courses through his veins, reminding him of his grandfather and parents. His serves as a stern, yet fair Shuchō and is constantly seeing to the effectiveness of the Shinobi under him. He has come to realize that his grandfather left a large shadow behind and Seiji seeks to surpass the man to the best of his abilities. His grandfather was certainly someone to look up to and Seiji strives to be much the same.


Affiliation: Ishida Clan :: Tsuchi no Kuni
Rank: S-Rank :: Shuchō
Combat Style:
Seiji's combat style consists of strong defensive tactics and long range attacks that are utilized in such a manner that attempts to draw the opponent in close so that the Ishida Clan Shuchō can finish them off with his Kinton (Metal) weapons and techniques. His defenses are strong and he will often let the enemy's attacks get dangerously close in order to trick them into thinking they have the upper hand before raising one of his defensive techniques. His Doton techniques are fearsome and these are supplemented with Katon and Raiton as well. However, his Jiton techniques are long range attacks that serve as restraining traps as well and something to be feared. His Bakuton techniques serve as both direct combat techniques and battlefield control devices and traps meant to destroy the enemy or force them in certain direction. Finally, his Kinton abilities mix well with his Taijutsu when he creates weapons, but they also serve as area-wide attacks and strong defenses. All in all, Seiji tends to cover the different ranges of combat but has very limited knowledge of Genjutsu. Though he can dispel a wide variety of techniques, he is not adept at casting such illusions. His knowledge of sealing jutsu and formulas is rather extensive however and as such he has developed many different sealing methods for different circumstances. He prefers to fight directly in that sense, but is as stealthy and quick to go for the kill as any other Shinobi.  


    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Taijutsu
    Tertiary: Fuuinjutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based

    S-rank :: Incredible Chakra Capacity
    S-rank :: Kettou Kekkei (Jiton)
    S-rank :: Kekkei Tōta (Kōton)
    A-rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency (Kinton)
    A-rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Suiton)
    A-rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Raiton)
    A-rank :: Added Specialization (Fuuinjutsu)

Physical Based

    A-Rank :: Godly Strength
    A-Rank :: Godly Endurance
    A-Rank :: Godly Speed
    A-Rank :: No Hand Seals

Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Doton

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8x8h Inton

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Suiton

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Raiton

Advanced Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 9umg Kinton

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Jiton

    [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Bpp1 Kōton

Chakra Reserve:

    SS-Rank Chakra

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[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Empty Ishida, Seiji :: Arsenal

Post by AaronW on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:27 pm



Red Storage Scroll

  • Fūma Shuriken [3]
  • Flash Bomb [10]
  • Exploding Tag [20]

Blue Storage Scroll

  • 10 cubic meters of Gold Dust

Lightning Blade Creation Tattoo

  • Shuriken [50]
  • Kunai [50]
  • Fūma Shuriken [4]
  • Spool of Wire [5]
  • Shuriken [30]
  • Exploding Tag [20]
  • Kusarigama [1]


[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Bpp1 Suigin Kōhai Nami :: Quicksilver Devastation Wave
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 9umg Hagane Sasu Shinrin :: Steel Piercing Forest
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Juen no Tsuchi Oni :: Grudge of the Earth Demon
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Domu Mori :: Earth Spike Forest

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Bpp1 Kōryūdan no Jutsu :: Mercury Dragon Bullet Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 9umg Kinzokuheki :: Metal Style Wall
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 9umg Buki Seisaku :: Weapon Creation
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Kimu Takinami :: Gold Waterfall Wave
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Kimu Hadō Ga Hasai no Jutsu :: Crushing Golden Wave Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Tsuchi Oni Shōheki :: Earth Demon Barrier
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Doton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Earth Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Yomi Numa :: Swamp of the Underworld
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Banri Doryūheki :: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Suiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Gian :: False Darkness
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Lightning Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Gogyō Fūin :: Five Elements Seal
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Gogyō Kaiin :: Five Elements Unseal

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 9umg Kinzoku Ketsugō no Jutsu :: Metal Binding Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Ōgon Zettai-Teki Shōheki :: Golden Absolute Barrier
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Doryūdan no Jutsu :: Earth Dragon Bullet Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Doryū Taiga :: Earth Flow River
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Doryūheki :: Earth Style Wall
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Tsuchi Kairou :: Earth Corridor
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Kajūgan no Jutsu :: Aggravated Rock Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Iwa no Yoroi :: Stone Armor
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Suijinheki :: Water Encampment Wall
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Suikujira no Jutsu :: Water Whale Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Rairyūdan no Jutsu :: Lightning Dragon Bullet Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Moguru Raisen Shibari :: Underground Lightning Flash Binding Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Banrai Rendan :: Heavy Thunder Combo
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kuchiyose Raikō Kenka :: Summoning Lightning Blade Creation
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Taikyokuken Wariguriishi :: Grand Ultimate Rock Splitting Fist
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Tsuchifūin - Mizukankin Hōshiki :: Earth Seal - Water Confinement Method
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Mizufūin - Hikankin Hōshiki :: Water Seal - Fire Confinement Method
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq [Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Kaminarifūin - Tsuchikankin Hōshiki :: Lightning Seal - Earth Confinement Method

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Kimu Chiri no Kabe :: Gold Dust Wall
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Gōrudodasuto-ha :: Gold Dust Wave
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Retsudo Tenshō :: Tearing Earth Turning Palm
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu :: Underground Projection Fish Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Dochū Senkō :: Underground Submarine Voyage
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Suirō no Jutsu :: Water Prison Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Jibashi :: Electromagnetic Murder
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kuchiyose no Jutsu :: Summoning Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Ōkashō :: Cherry Blossom Impact
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Tsūtenkyaku :: Heavenly Foot of Pain
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Ketatamashii Sai Kikku :: Piercing Rhino Kick
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kechikechi Wariguriishi :: Rock Splitting Fist

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 1ytg Daisan no Me :: Third Eye
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu :: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Ix2f Dodageki :: Earth Shot
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Aad3 Mizubitashi :: Drench
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji Orgq Hibana :: Spark
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Shunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Nyuukon Ikioidzuku no Eiki :: Inner Life Strength
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8kri Sōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 0teu Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
[Shuchō]Ishida, Seiji 8x8h Kai :: Release Technique

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