Yamada Clan Character Requests

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Yamada Clan Character Requests

Post by gundamoutlaw on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:40 pm

As people are always looking for excuses to upload powerful characters, I figured I should put this out there pretty early and see who bites. I'm currently looking for people to fill in the roles of Qin Li's various siblings in the Yamada Clan. Specifically I'm looking for someone to take the role of the clan leader: Yuuki, as there is a potential RP plotline between them that needs exploring. Power level for her and the triplets is negotiable (minimum Chuunin for the triplets, Jounin for Yuuki), but applicant bios must meet the minimum standards for the rank they're trying to achieve. Below I've included a little more info on my vision of the characters, however this is not set in stone, and any additional input or alterations to these ideas will be welcomed with an open mind.

Name of Character Request: Yuuki Yamada
Character Age: 24
Character Relation: Elder Sister
Extras: Currently the head of the Yamada Clan, Yuuki is what most would consider Chaotic-Evil. Likened to pre-bonkers Azula (for those familiar with AtLAB), she is evil to the max, manipulative, and really doesn't believe in boundaries if they get in the way of her goals. No real background details have been established about her aside from poisoning her father in order to take over the family, and kicking Qin Li's butt in a duel (which may be referenced in my bio, or for the full version HERE). So there's a lot of wiggle room here for interesting character twists in addition to what I've provided here. Feel free to contact me with any questions though.

Name of Character Request: Triplets - Shizuru, Mizuru, Chizuru, Twin Sister - Taki
Character Relation: 3 Elder Sisters, 1 Twin Sister
Character Age: Triplets - 21, Twin - 17
Extras: The only one who's even been remotely defined is Taki, and that's the fact that she's the kind caring sort. Kinda like a Lacus Clyne if you will. Other then that you're free to devise what you will for the siblings. They all must be girls though, so don't apply if you can't feel comfortable playing one.


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