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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:22 am

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The age of shinobi is over.
Ironically enough it was they who destroyed themselves. A great war erupted over a super weapon that harvested the bijuu that were once hosted within 9 individuals. With this war no one was safe, not even they who had the actual weapon. In the end everything was destroyed and the ninja world was thrust into a dark age that lasted six decades. It's been eighty years since the war ended, and world is different than probably anyone could have envisioned it. Kitai City is the hub of civilization, technology, art, and culture. Surrounding it is the vast world that nature has reclaimed. Now the common people rule a world that is quickly becoming unrecognizable by those who still treasure traditional values, and old wounds will eventually reopen.
Where do you stand? Who are you? What will you create?

Clan focus - Bijuu - Original setting - character freedom


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