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Post by Nikki Z on Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:02 pm

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Avatar the last airbender has always been a great source of entertainment through out all of our lives, so long ago the brilliant idea of an Avatar RPG site was conjured by Iris. Iris is a man who with the help of his former staff team created a Avatar Role Play site that allows you to create your own character choose your own nation and element all the while adding in so many extra options. You ever want to bloodbend on another Avatar site and it was banned for being too powerful? Well no worries Avatar fans Iris and crew have made a system for almost every technique, style and element in Avatar even including a few advanced elements that were not seen in the show often like lava bending and sand bending. Ever wondered what the advanced elements for Airbending would be? Come to http://avatarp.forumotion.com/ and find out. Our system for character developement and increasing in skill is a flawless system which levels you up through ranks according to your characters skills.Titles are separated by the fact of whether or not you are a bender. Here are a few of the titles and their description:

The bender's Path:

First off the ranking system of Characters:
Every character can start off at a Civlian ranking but it is not required. Being a civilian will mean you are still deciding on which route you wish to take, you want to stay a common civilian, or you want to furthen your characters path and deepen their history.

After civilian, on the benders side, it is Recruit. The Recruits abilities are weak and the person is learning to bend their element and can not do much with the element. However the abilities of the Recruit will increase the closer it comes to ranking to Soldier.

Then follows Soldier. The ranking of the Soldier is someone who is in the military usually but does not have to be. The abilites of the Soldier covers all basics of the element but could use some small improvements here and there on their bending.

Captain is next. The Captain rank is someone who is completely skilled in their element. They know their element frontwards, backwards, left and right. When you are a Captain you can apply for training in the advanced version of your element. Varying on which element you choose decides which advanced element you can begin training in. For more information on training on the elements it is further down in the rules.

After Captain comes General. General rank is not much different from the Captain ranking. If one is approved for Advanced training and if they trained enough, by the time they are General they should know at least the minor basics of the advanced elements and can continue their training when a General. Also when General you can ask your Lord/King for a team. A general can have a team of at the most 5 people who are whatever rank the General pleases to have of the Nation. And if also allowed for teams you must have permission from your lord/king and the one of another nation to recruit their benders. If not notified by the other nations it will be considered kidnapping.

*Note that any military references in the ranking system is for both in the Military and for the non Military characters.

The next 2 ranks are for 8 people only. The two are Lord and Avatar. The lord rank is only accquiered by by one being a lord/king of a country and that requires approval by a mod and the postion must be open. Also in the Lord/King position the privelage of learning the Advanced II version of the characters element. The description of that is in the Element section below.The Avatar rank is open for 4 people, same as the Lord/King postion. The Avatar Rank is above all other ranks because of their ability to use all four elements and the advanced I of the element of the nation they are from. For example if you are the Air nation Avatar, then you can do the Advanced I of the Air element. Lords/kings and Avatars are allowed to have only 1 minor weapon but can not have any more than that. For example, the air bending staff for Air benders or a Tanto etc.

The non-bender's Path:

The opposite side of the ranking scale is for non benders. Just like on the bender side you can start at civilian but you may also start at the Novice rank of the non bender side. On the non bender side it is for people who do not bend obviously. It is for the characters like Sokka who use swords and other weapons to fight with.

First is Novice. Novice is a rank where you can have 2 weapons and are relatively skilled at them. You are a good weapon user for your rank but it is unlikely for you to win against someone eat least 2 ranks higher than you are. Someone at this rank fighting a bender at Recruit rank will also stand a good chance in fighting and they both have an equal shot of winning. Also, if you choose this side you can start carrying around a small pack of throwing knives (about ten knives at most) that increases in amount and strength with ranking.

Then follows Adept. Adept is the same as soldier on the bender side of the scale. Somone who is adept can have 2 of the same weapon and a third of a different type of weapon. At Adept you can fight somone who is a soldier and below with a good chance of winning (*Note when I say you can fight someone who is equal to your rank I don’t mean you can only fight those people. You can fight whoever you want, we are just noting the survival rate). Also your knive pack is increased by 10.

After Adept is Journeyman. Journeyman is equal to Captain and you can have 3 of 2 types of weapons at the most. The journeyman knive count is increased by 5 to a total of 25. Also a Journeyman can have as many weapons as they want at the rank of Novice and lower, which is nothing.

The next rank is equal to General and is Expert. An expert is allowed to have 3 of 3 types of weapons but can have as many weapons as the character wants at the rank of Adept and lower. The throwing knive count is increased by 5 and is the last amount received bringing the total to 30. At this rank you may begin searching for a prodige to begin teaching under the Authority of their contries leader.

The last rank is Master and is equal to a lord or a king. At this rank the character is considered to be the best of the best at what weapons they use and can start training other people in their weapons at any rank. They may even assemble a team to do missions or be a team specifically for their lord or king. The students of that team may be any rank and are joining at their own risk.

Iris and a new group of Moderators and Admins are going to bring the wonderful ideas that made up this site back into play. The RP world requires something on this level of fun and simplicity hopefuly this add has peaked your interest and you come and check out more of the site. We would also like to become an affiliate of this site and hope to see some of you many Avatar: The last airbender fans enjoying the vast world of http://avatarp.forumotion.com/

Nikki Z

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