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Deus Mortuus || An animanga demonology roleplay. Empty Deus Mortuus || An animanga demonology roleplay.

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    Deus Mortuus is a friendly animanga roleplaying community where we accept everyone, no matter their writing skill level. We're small and typically niche, and instead of focusing solely on combat and increasing characters' power, we try to focus on character development, bolstering one's writing skills, and general advancement of plots both site and personal. Whether English is your first language or your tenth, you'll always be welcome here - and if you have any questions, we won't hesitate to answer them.


    Deus Mortuus is based around numerous demonologies of certain religions, and the basis for it is that Hell itself is actually an alternate reality colloquially known as "Inferis". We don't restrict on which side you can roleplay, and typically we endorse users having multiple characters to get a fuller, richer experience. Whether you want to be good, evil, neutral, apathetic, detached, or simply caught up in it all is entirely up to you.


    There are eight base character types as of this moment in Deus Mortuus, but as plot advances, more will emerge:

    > Demon Hunters are established as the main and primary character type. As the name would suggest, their primary purpose is the hunting and destruction of all things Demon. Demon Hunters are given moral freedom and the ability to conjure Evocations, mythical weapons and skills, when they're in Inferis.
    > Demons are typically the main antagonists of Deus Mortuus, and another prominent character types. Whilst not strictly chaotic or anarchic, a majority of Demons are typically evil. They reside in Inferis, usually given freedom under the Overlord's regime, and can conjure what are known as Demon Apparatus, similar to a Demon Hunter's Evocations.
    > Angels are servants of God himself stationed inside Inferis with an explicit directive to attempt to bring down Lucifer and his Archdemons. Lead by the seven Archangels, all Angels are bound to the will of God if they wish to retain their title as one of his chosen few. They have less freedom, but have access to a wealth of holy weaponry and Angel Gears, similar to Demon Apparatus.
    > Templars are elite black operations units who are essentially devout Catholics and part of the secret society known as the Templar Order. Their primary purpose is to suppress and destroy any evidence of Inferis' existence. They have access to large armouries filled with modernistic weaponry and Templar Augments, which thrive on energy found only in Inferis.
    > Ritualists are traumatised and usually immoral individuals haunted by Demons from beyond the barrier and usually tempted into summoning them whereupon they can be possessed or bonded with. Bonded Ritualists can utilise Amalgams, specialised Evocation-type abilities in the real world, and Inferis Morphs, amalgamating their human form and the demonic energies to create a grotesque and powerful mixture of the two in Inferis.
    > Civilians are regular humans, be they militant or not. Whilst possessing no inherent abilities, some Civilians can come into possession of weaponry with relative ease, and can be pulled into Inferis by Templars, bonded Ritualists, and Demon Hunters to simply come along for the ride.
    > Archdemons are ten named and extremely powerful Demons with preset powers. Nine of them are the Ovelord's lieutenants, and one is the Overlord, Lucifer, himself. The Archdemons rule Inferis - but be warned, they are canon positions, cannot be recreated or remade, their numbers are limited and require devoted members.
    > Archangels are the seven named and powerful Angels with preset spheres of command that act as a foil to the Archdemons. With a directive to bring down Lucifer and his subordinates they have surged into Inferis within their airborne Skyhaven strongholds – and similarly are canon positions requiring devoted members.


    • Progressive points-based level system.
    • Original player-generated Bestiary you can add to.
    • System that allows you to generate your own missions that you lead tailored to your own parameters.
    • Guest-friendly character concept areas.
    • Two expansive worlds, one original and one familiar to us all.
    • Multiple plot threads that function on different levels.
    • Player-determined pace, without activity checks.
    • Explosive combat in large amounts, without constant threat of character death.
    • Eager team of staff and passionate community.


    On a regular basis, Deus Mortuus undergoes plot events of varying size. Some are small, whereas others may concern the whole site. These plot events can be just about anything, and some are character type specific, but usually they're more open than that. Plot events can be contributed to by the general member base and created by just about anyone who has an idea - just contact the administration team!


    Deus Mortuus' homepage is:

    There is a chatbox at the top, which is infact a Chatango box, for anyone that has an existing account. Registration does not require email validation, and is a swift and painless process. If the site is not letting you register, try with a two word name - sometimes Forumotion's filters are a bit picky.

    To get into contact with the founding admin, Ross, of Deus Mortuus, you can email him at, find him on Skype at boom-its-ross, or get ahold of him on AIM at theonekoh.


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