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Dragon Ball: Empire [Link-Back] Empty Dragon Ball: Empire [Link-Back]

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:23 pm

What if Goku had lost?

Dragon Ball: Empire [Link-Back] Bannercopy

Raditz invasion proves too much for the hero, and Piccolo's only hope of survival is revealing to him the dragon balls. Now nearly a century later Earth has become the new planet Vegeta. Human's are slaves fighting for their freedom from the tyrannical government. Choose your side and develop a character to help progress your faction! Complete quests, fight with other members, and become a part of an ever unfolding story.

Dragon Ball Empire

  • Easy to use stat system
  • Friendly and active staff
  • Intermediate level roleplay
  • Relaxed roleplay environment (no need to stress over posting)
  • Excellent character customization

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