Future Techniques[WIP, looking for critique]

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Future Techniques[WIP, looking for critique]

Post by Ahri Iga on Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:21 am

Name: Genei no shinkirō :: Phantom Mirage
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu
Range: Movement
Element: non-elemental
Description: This technique allows Ahri to briefly move at even greater speeds than she is normally capable of and while doing so leaving behind a after image that will hold the position that Ahri was last in giving the appearance that she has not actually moved yet. 
Requires: Improved Speed

Name: Ken o sazanami ga tatte :: Rippling Sword
Rank: B
Type: Kenjutsu, Fighting Style
Range: Self
Element: non-elemental
Description: When using this fighting style Ahri uses her flexibility alongside the focusing of her speed and chakra into her sword arm in order to allow to move and vibrate her sword so quickly that it gives the sword the appearance that it is rippling, this makes it significantly more difficult for her opponent to read her movements and dodge her attacks. This style only effects actual melee sword strikes as the rippling will not effect techniques that are launched from the sword nor will it effect non-sword techniques. While using this fighting style it is incredibly difficult for Ahri to end an attack once she had already begun it due to all the built up energy behind each attack, it is difficult but not impossible for Ahri to veer herself off-course if necessary in order to avoid placing herself in a bad position caused by an opponents defense or counter attack.
Requires: Godly Speed

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Re: Future Techniques[WIP, looking for critique]

Post by gundamoutlaw on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:28 pm

An interesting start, but I'm obligated to point out that these are both technically weaker versions of abilities other players have already thought up. As such you may want to reference those entries (linked below) and see if you can differentiate yourself from them a bit more then you already have.



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