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Post by Suta on Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:57 pm

All Damned [BRAND SPANK'N NEW!] 2i3tr8

this is how I started, this is how I lived

what is all damned?

All Damned is an PG-13 realistic animal RPG. Our replies will have a minimum of 200 words per IC RP. We encourage that you go above that amount! If you are a guest looking forward to entering the city of Hell, visit our cozy Guest Board to find a warm greeting.

the settings

The echoes of the traffic flying by the buildings at speeds like a highway now stand still with no sound available to the ears of these animals. Lively homes use to fill the streets with what can be heard as gunshots and screams of elderly woman and young children. A crime scene would be in action every week. Men with trousers to their knees would creep across the sidewalks at night with guns in their massive pockets and slang thrown at each other would echo in the alleys. The site of blood would occur in the next room over, screaming of anger filled the apartments with excitement and adrenaline rush. It all is for one thing in common, power.

Those who inhabit this territory will be thrashed by the gang that panders and sneaks through the garbage and roam across the balconies of buildings. The sense of being alone is abandoned, none will enter here without fear of their throat ripped from their body as a passing day slowly fell to it's sleeping tomb. The world as everyone knows has been cowardice and destructive from the years of torture and hatred. Every human risks limb and blood for their own freedom, pay, and family. The innocents become criminals, the virgins become taken, and the peacemakers become war masters.

The shots still remain in this abandoned city. Screaming of woman still linger in the dark of crannies in buildings. Children weeped for their own lives to be spared by both gender's willing to murder. This place is the badlands, no one can escape criminals who lived here. Since the glory of man vanished from a toxic disease, nuclear war, and abandonment, man's best friend had to take charge of their own civil lives. The spirits of devils remain in different forms - small, large, and medium house pets and ferals remain with that spirit. They were forced into the situations that litter the streets. Garbage aligned the sidewalks, acid rain burned and rusted every vehicle that remained intact.

The city is bare, useless, and on the edge of nonexistence. Trees no longer stood with their roots. Windows, doors, and all the glass from buildings showers the black asphalt. The wretched stench of tobacco, burning gasoline, oil, rotting meat, and hatred stains the bones of the being that remained in the city called Vilas. This world is harsh, dirty, and brutal for a soft hearted being to live in. You will be changed once you step into Vilas - changed to the worse.

whats new?

All Damned opened August 1st, 2013 and is having it's GRAND REOPENING! What originally started All Damned was Household Enemies, a new site as well but no activity or plotline. So, the staff members, Suta and Kangaroo, decided to switch things up and created the newest version of Household Enemies - All Damned. We hope we come back with a BANG!

welcome to the city of hell, where we are all damned


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