Exploration Ch. 1

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Post by gundamoutlaw on Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:35 pm

Biting off a curse as the giant slug disabled his jutsu, Qin Li watched as his opponent landed atop the beast and glared up at him. He tried to keep his expression pleasant however, shooting the girl a friendly wave as she showed her displeasure at his little trick. Some people just didn't know how to acknowledge a good move when the saw one. "See something ya like? I'd be careful though, keep that expression too long and you're gonna stick that way. That'd really be such a waste too..."

Her next move was rather surprising however, and he wasn't ashamed to admit it. He'd never seen a jutsu quite like it, and while he could make an educated guess as to its elemental basis based on the color of the chakra, he really wasn't quite sure what he was looking at as the eight spheres of energy formed around his target. From their size, positioning, and orbital movements he was inclined to think they were intended to be defensive in nature. A theory that went against the typical practices of the Kyūzōton Release (and most ninjutsu in general), but this girl wouldn't be the first to have repurposed a style for a new strategy. He'd need to test their durability and speed though, as their energy signature indicated there was a lot of chakra in play here.

Calling upon the power of his element, Qin took a deep breath and brought his free hand up as if blowing the girl below him a kiss. A small ball of compressed air and chakra forming in his palm as he blew the projectile away from him into the darkness beneath him. This was repeated six more times in quick succession over the next couple of heartbeats, the air blasts clustering like a volley from a repeating crossbow as they swooped in towards their goal. "Here are some hot kisses for my devoted fans."

Jutsu Used:

Tama-Kurukuru Makaze :: Spiralling Wind Ball (Rapid Fire)


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