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The wizarding world was set on a path of chaos as Pitch Black - an arrogant, disillusioned pureblood - attempted to rid the MInistry of a number of mudblood filth and their unworthy kind. With a few dementors at his side, he murdered muggleborns in their beds, but he was quickly caught by aurors. His sentence was to be locked in Azkaban; however, he was not the only one punished.

The rise and fall of a wizard with blood-cleansing desires set rumors and suspicions around the magic community, and it was sooner rather than later that purebloods began to feel unwanted, unwelcome, and disgraced. Some thought Pitch a foolish man, an idiot of a wizard that threatened their livelihood. Others, well, others thought he was right, in a sense, just with horrible timing.

As the suspicious looks and distrust are traded, some purebloods are getting tired of being disrespected and mistreated... But, as always, Hogwarts is the safe-haven where everybody can forget the outside world. For now.


We are a mature (18+), intermediate/advanced, primarily Disney/Wizarding World AU. Disney, however, is not the only animated source we use—any character from an animated movie (not tv series or anime) is welcome to apply as a potter-verse character.

The Harry Potter canons (Marauders, Potter or Post-Potter) do not exist, only the structure of Rowling’s wizarding world. We are not limited to Hogwarts; characters may find themselves in the Ministry and beyond!



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