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Naruto: The New Age Empty Naruto: The New Age

Post by Kirameki on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:53 pm

Long ago the shinobi world had been forced into the Fourth Great Ninja War, initiated by Obito Uchiha. Forced to create an alliance to battle the menace the Great Villages battled against the Uchiha threats and the Juubi they had in control. When all seemed like it was going to end Naruto Uzumaki, the young hero from Konohagakure, had risen to battle against the threat. A long battle ensued leaving Obito defeated and foiling his and Madara's plan. The Juubi had been stopped and sealed again it's prison, the souls and chakra of the nine Bijuu returning to the world once again. After the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the lands settled into a time of peace. Four-hundred and Fifty years of prosperity and growth have come to the land, including the construction of another Great Village, Yamigakure. The villages are at peace for now but a threat lurks in the shadows at the ends of the world. San-Enpai, an empire that has been keeping itself isolated from the rest of the world, plan to wage war against the Six Great Nations. Having collected chakra from each Bijuu, they have conducted numerous experiments, creating their own beasts. Now with this newly acquired power San-Empaia shall seek to dominate the shinobi world and resurrect the Juubi for their own means.



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