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Era I - The Great Rampage

Several centuries have passed, and none the less have changed. Many years of peace has never been disturbed since then, and none would now, but how would we know that? It was a nice evening outside- a loud scream is heard all across the globe, what is it? A Jinchurikki you say? Well, you're correct. The loud scream had caught the attention of many Shinobi. The large 4 tails, also known as Yonbi has gone loose. "Where was the bijuu, the holder of this thing?" one man had asked. What thought to be a question, turned out to be an answer. Where was the owner? Yonbi has gone out on a rampage, and the person who was suppose to be suppressing this thing had disappeared. Everything had now gone downhill, the small village that had this jinchurikki was now destroyed, ashes went into the air as people prayed for the best...

Years went by faster and quick, as the village was being rebuilt right above the old. It wasn't the same. Everything was different, where did the Jinchurikki itself go? What about the holder? So many questions were then asked, and never answered. No one knew what had happened, the witnesses are too dumbfounded and traumatized they don't remember. Wait, let's rephrase that. No witnesses were even alive. No one from that year had survived the great rampage. Yes, the "Great Rampage" that's what they called that attack, and they think it's extremely weird and suspicious. Now all that mattered was being one of the Finest Shinobi alive to prevent the attack in case it ever returned. Everyone trained hard, children worked as hard as they could. Nothing was the same, but at least they had the will to change and become united!

The world now progresses together as a united nation of Shinobi. As the Great Rampage had ended, new Kage's had stepped up and replaced the old. The new Shinobi have replaced the old Shinobi and so forth. Everything may be changing, however everything is changing for the better good. As everyone competes the be one of the "Finest Shinobi" world peace is ceased for now. But none knows what may come and approach us in the future. What we need to do is be prepared, and become one of the Finest Shinobi to protect the ones we desire and love! This is the new era of protecting world peace!


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