M&B Warband : Naruto Mod!

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M&B Warband : Naruto Mod!

Post by Sonne on Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:14 pm

Hello everyone! My name is Sonne and I'm creating a new naruto
modification for Mount and Blade Warband!

The Naruto Mod for Mount and Blade Warband was started by me on
june of last year, I'm aiming to create 3 different modules that include
singleplayer and multiplayer, starting with the Warring States Period.
Progress may be slow or fast, depending on how many people are willing to

Warring States Period

Currently we need more ideas for the Warring States version, as it hasn't been covered at all in the naruto anime or manga besides senju vs uchiha.

So far the factions have these Clans

Uchiha Clan
Senju Clan
Uzumaki Clan
(more are pending)


As of now, we need more recruits!

If you know your warring states or naruto history, this will really fit you

Concept Artists
creating illustrations such as what the model should look like before the
model or texture is made

Texture Artists
making textures for the models

3d Modelers
we really need modellers, so we can start overhauling the models and
graphics the mod currently has.

weapon models,

building models,

and armor models.

Voice Actors
male/female for pre-battle cutscenes I'm creating at the beginning of the


This is the map that we will be using:

To help me with creating the Warring States Period Mod
go here


and apply.

I'm really determined to make this mod happen, as are naruto fans across the world.

Naruto Mod Page:

Naruto: Warring States Era Mod Page
- Sonne

Oh and one more thing, can I use examples and credit this awesome site for ideas on buildings, clan names and abilities, and main story? I just found this site yesterday and I think this is a god given for fans of the Warring States Era including myself!


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