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Below you will find the template for creating Custom Clans. This must be used and filled out properly before any Custom Clan will be reviewed. Make sure you include detailed a brief but detailed history of the clan you are creating. You can list their place in the Main Clan's society, what their job within the compound is, how the members function, any customs or rituals they might have, how their political hierarchy within the clan works, etc. It is important to describe in as much detail as possible, any special abilities the clan might possess. The more detail the better, below is the code and an example of how the code will look.

Please note the following rules:

- Starting Clans will always be Banner-Clans of an existing major clan. Thus, if you wish to secede from said main clan, you must do so in RP.
- As a Banner-Clan, your total number of positions available must start at five (5). This includes the player you wish to claim, thus leaving four (4) open positions available.
- If creating a clan, you must be willing to allow any member who is interested to join said clan, assuming they keep to the general description of the clan for their character.
- You may not create Closed Clans.



Main Clans = Land / Banner-Clans = Sworn Clan


Availability: Place the the number of taken spots out of the total number. Starting Clans are required to have five (5) positions available in total.

EXAMPLE: 2/5 positions filled

Clan Members:
- List the name of the Player Character and link back to the page.

Clan History

Brief, yet detailed description of the clan's history.

Clan Abilities
Classification: Kekkei Genkai or Hijutsu
Kekkei Genkai/Hijutsu: Place name here
Describe the abilities of the clan in as much detail as possible. Do not describe specific jutsu, but rather what the overall ability can do. Everything has a weakness of some sort, be it obvious or something less so. Includes weakness, strengths, how the ability manifests itself in young members and grows throughout their lives, etc. The more detail the better. However, this doesn't mean you need a five page essay. Be concise.

Abilities Summary Summarize your clan's abilities in a bulleted list


[center][size=24][font=Georgia][color=darkblue]CLAN NAME[/color][/font][/size]

[size=20][font=Georgia]Main Clans = Land / Banner-Clans = Sworn Clan[/font][/size]




[b]Clan Members:[/b]
- List the name of the Player Character and link back to the page.

[center][size=15][font=Georgia]Clan History[/font][/size][/center]


[center][size=15][font=Georgia]Clan Abilities[/font][/size][/center]
[b]Classification:[/b] Kekkei Genkai or Hijutsu
[b]Kekkei Genkai/Hijutsu:[/b] Name of Ability

[b]Abilities Summary[/b] Summarize your clan's abilities in a bulleted list



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