Qin Li's Custom Jutsu

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Qin Li's Custom Jutsu

Post by gundamoutlaw on Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:33 pm

Name: Seirei Doki :: Synchronized Soul
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu, Fighting Style
Range: Self
Element: Non-elemental
Description:: A special ninjutsu based kenjutsu form created by Qin Li Sheng, utilizing a similar theory to the Hien technique. By channelling a small amount of chakra into his weapon during the formation stage of a jutsu, the user is able to transform it into a sort of focus for their ninjutsu similar in nature to a wizard’s staff. This allows them to conduct their jutsu through their blade as if it were an extension of their own body, enabling it to be used as a launching point for their techniques as if it were their hand or mouth. As a result they are able to extend the range of their close range jutsu by a significant margin, and it is usually prone to catching opponents off guard due to the unusual angle of the attack and its stange nature. Another trademark of this style is its use of one-handed seals. Seeing as one of the user’s hands is usually always occupied with holding their weapon, this combat form places a strong emphasis on high-speed single-handed seals so that they can still utilize their more potent abilities in spite of their handicap. It is unable to completely overcome this flaw unless the user has also taken the time to train themselves up to the point of possessing the Quick Hand-Seals feat, but it does negate the handicap by a fair margin without the added skill.

Name: Utsusemi :: Cicada
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Close (0-5m)
Element: Non-elemental
Description:: An advanced and specialized form of Body Flicker and Clone technique created by Qin Li, allowing for a movement at great speed and leaving behind a temporary afterimage lasting a few seconds. The afterimage is similar in nature to a stationary clone and may even appear to have taken damage before dissipating. Prerequisites: Godly Speed and Godly Evasion.

Name: Yureha :: Flickering Sword
Rank: S
Type: Bukijutsu
Range: Close (0-5m)
Element: Non-elemental
Description:: Created by Qin Li Sheng, the Flickering Sword is a lightning-fast slashing attack based on the Body Flicker that involves drawing, swinging, and resheathing the sword in the blink of an eye. The technique is performed by channeling all of one’s chakra into one arm, essentially letting that arm hold a significant portion of one’s power before executing a Flicker with just that limb. In essence, the user's arm goes berserk due to a chakra overload while the rest of the body strives with all of its might to control it. The end result is a barrage of sword swings with such great velocity that it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. By increasing the amount of chakra used he is able to increase the number of blows, but at a noted decrease in accuracy. Depending on the stance used when executing the technique, the usual one being either with the blade slung along the wielder’s back and sheathed, or held casually near the hip, the user does not even appear to draw their sword while using this ability. Using this technique is taxing on the body however, and requires a tremendous amount of concentration in order to contain the chakra within the arm alone, as the natural instinct is to release the energy throughout the entire body. It can also be used defensively, in effect creating a nearly imperceptible blade barrier between the user and his would be attackers. Prerequisite: Godly Speed.


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