Keitaro Yamada's Custom Equipment

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Keitaro Yamada's Custom Equipment

Post by gundamoutlaw on Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:34 pm


Name: Shinoyuki (Masamune) :: Heart of Snow
Classification: Weapon (Greatsword)
Rank: A
User: Keitaro Yamada
Special Properties: Chakra Conduction
Description: Shinoyuki is a nodachi, or Japanese greatsword. The blade is approximately four feet (122 centimeters) in length and an inch (2.5 centimeters) wide, with the hilt measuring about twelve inches (30 centimeters) long. The sword is light and flexible, weighing a little over two kilograms (5 pounds). It has a blue blade, which was likely caused by the fact that the sword's composition is of meteoric iron. The sheath is somewhat ornate, crafted from red oak, and is lacquered to be of a purple hue with a slight curve to accommodate the arc of the blade. It is adorned with a carved ivory inlay starting about midway down its length. The sheath's tip is curved, with a small hook carved on the end of it to aid in securing it to the user’s back. A series of stylized lotus symbols are scattered across its surface, adding a certain artistic flair to the design and giving a small insight in the swordsmith’s personality. At a glance the sword seems to be like any other nodachi in terms of general physical properties. However, as it was crafted by a great master of the art, the legendary swordsmith Masamune, and thus is qualitatively superior to most of its counterparts by a significant margin. Finally, the unusual material used in its construction gives the sword unique properties, namely the ability to serve as a chakra conduit, and its exceptional durability and keenness. Properties which are readily apparent to anyone who wields it, as the sword is capable of cutting through thick layers of steel and other materials as if it were rice paper.

The weapon was named by its creator due to the metal’s unique coloring and his client’s affinity for ice based techniques. The name proved an apt one given the weapon’s properties as an elemental conduit, and as such is considered one of Masamune’s greater successes. Even if the existence of such of weapon is a secret outside of the shinobi world. Since its creation the weapon has passed through several hands, becoming a sort of ancestral weapon as it is passed down from father to son, or from master to student. It has most recently found its way into the possession of Qin Li Sheng, a young man who is only somewhat aware of the blade’s honorable lineage. It is usually kept locked away within a small wooden seal case which he always carried on his person, and is easily summoned by speaking the phrase Saikō (Restoration).


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