Pre-Role Play Timeline

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Pre-Role Play Timeline

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Pre-Role Play Timeline

Origins - A legend depicts the Sage of Six Paths creating all things, formulating great jutsu, and defeating a mighty demon. The Sage splits the demon into nine lesser demons manifested from pure chakra. In the later parts of the legend, the Sage passes on his abilities to his kin and this knowledge quickly becomes the art that all future Shinobi come to learn. The lineage of the Sage continues with his two offspring, whose philosophies differ greatly. When the youngest of the siblings is chosen as the successor, the eldest is enraged. Thus the bloody feud between what will become two different lines of Shinobi Clan begins and continues for many centuries.

500 - 1400 - Where ninjutsu had been new and rarely practiced in previous times, it was now a common occurrence and Shinobi practiced their arts across the world. Numerous Clans of Shinobi had formed across the lands, each with varying levels of power and techniques. Led by the descendants of the Sages's offspring Shinobi took up arms against one another; the blood feud between the siblings carried across the years. As villages turned to cities, people sought protection during these times of war and thus various peoples banded together, hiring Shinobi to help keep their lands safe from others. Eventually, territories began to expand and cities grew. Great Lords staked claims to large lands and formed nations through various means. The Shinobi continued to be hired for their abilities and the bloodshed continued through the ages. Over countless centuries this led to the formation of the current nations, as their Lords began their rise to power.

- During this time, rumors and reports of the Nine Lesser Demons from the Legend of the Sage of the Six Paths state that the great demons terrorize villages across the continent, destroying all in their path and leaving non to quell them.

1401 - The Land of Fire was recognized as a full-fledged nation. The Land of Forests was also recognized in the same manner. Both nations were located in close proximity to one another and tensions escalated quickly between the two nations. The Land of Fire and the Land of Forests hired two noble Shinobi Clans, the Uchiha and Senju respectively, to fight for them on the battle field. Agendas consisted of assassinations attempts on each of the Daimyos' lives, territorial expansion via sieges, and all-out warfare. This would continue into the present day.

1406 - The Land of Earth was recognized as a full-fledged nation after claiming much of the western portion of the continent. Two leaders hailing from the family lines of Oda and Tokugawa united the various peoples across such a large expanse and brought many cultures together in this manner. The Land of Earth came into existence and quickly asserted itself as the main power in the lands with numerous Shinobi Clans of great might being the fore-front of it's military might. Other countries, including the Land of Fire and the Land of Forests would seek to model their economy based off of that of the Land of Earth. Both countries sought the good favor of the Land of Earth, as it offered many resources for trading partners. With a wide range of climates and geographic locations ranging from mountains and deserts to valleys and fields, the Land of Earth quickly became the dominant country on the playing field. Their leaders ruled in unison and the Land of Earth would prosper for many years to come.

1410 - Many Island nations to the east began to sprout up, though each was small in regard to the other nations and the economy of each was very poor. Trading was the only means of acquiring resources, but the lack of goods assured that some islands prospered while other dwindled.

1415 - The Land of Clouds and the Land of Lightning were both recognized as full-fledged nations in the north. The Land of Lightning was situated further south than the Land of Clouds and refused numerous attempts by the Cloud Daimyo to setup official trading posts. A long grudge had been held between the royal families of both countries, the Suzuki and Takeda respectively. Both countries soon find themselves at war as relations continue to grow sour.

1451 - On the 50th birthday of the Land of Fire and the Land of Forests, war is still on-going. With celebrations taking place in the Land of Fire on the eve of the countries birthday, the Senju are hired in a desperate assassination attempt. The Land of Fire Daimyo is murdered just before he is to appear publicly in the capitol. Having thought that tensions would ease up for these celebrations gave the Fire Daimyo a false sense of ease and so he fell easily. The Uchiha retaliated in kind, meeting their opponents on the battle field in an unnamed land. Later this year, the previous Daimyo's successor takes over as the new ruling lord of the Land of Fire.

1460 - Tensions between the differing philosophies of the Oda and the Tokugawa is pushed to the brink, escalating into a full-scale civil conflict. Various Shinobi Clans are caught up in the conflict and fight for their respective sides. Smaller factions seek to break off from the conflict and secure their own territory. This prompts a wide-scale massacre under the orders of Lord Oda. Lord Tokugawa opposes this openly, meaning to stop Oda from killing the innocent. However, Oda silences the man with his own hand and the Land of Earth is thrown into turmoil.

1462 - The Tokugawa successor gains backing from various Shinobi Clans, including the Sanjuro and Yamada. With such power behind him, the new Lord seizes lands in the south-western portion of the continent and announces his succession from the Land of Earth. Lord Oda takes offense and begins an offensive campaign to reclaim the lands that were lost. With the Ishida, Koga, Iga, and Akiyama Clans at his disposal the campaign begins.

- Later in this same year, Lord Tokugawa and his Shinobi Clans fortify the borders of his territory and the Land of Wind is recognized as a full-fledged nation, much to the dismay of Lord Oda. Tokugawa is bestowed the title of Wind Daimyo. Various other small countries claim territory between the Land of Wind and the Land of Earth in the coming years.

1481 - Hoping to prevent a merging of the Land of Earth's two rival clans, members of the Koga Clan trick the Oda Rulers into launching a seemingly unprovoked attack on the Iga Clan in an attempt to stamp them out. They themselves laying in wait along the Iga's secret paths, mercilessly attacked any they caught trying to escape the battle. After ruthlessly slaughtering great numbers of the inhabitants of the Iga region, the Oda then declared a cease-fire which allowed some of the Iga ninja to escape their sights.

- Hoping to make amends for the misdeeds of his rogue clansmen, the head of the Koga sends envoys to the Iga with the intent of making peace. The Iga respond by returning the envoys heads in silken bags. This is considered to be the beginning of the Iga-Koga blood-feud.

1500 - In previous times, years ago rumors of the Nine Lesser Demons grew in popularity and these became known as the Nine Tailed Demons. However, what had once been rumor was soon proven to be truth. One of these demon's rampaged across the countries to the North, destroying what was once the Land of Clouds and leaving great mountains in it's wake before disappearing into the sea. The Land of Lightning had received numerous requests to aide the Land of Clouds, but with the war still at hand they had blatantly refused and stood idly by. In the aftermath, the Lightning Daimyo seized what territory remained of the Land of Clouds and claimed the north for himself. The reign of the Suzuki was over and Lord Takeda, Lightning Daimyo now controlled the northern peninsula.

1501 - The next generation of Koga and Iga leaders, once betrothed to each other, again try to make peace between the Clans by offering up their grandchildren for marriage. The Iga respond by staging a bloody coup. The new leader of the Clan then proceeds to dispatch assassins to the marriage meeting, killing everyone involved and cementing the blood-feud.

- Devastated and ashamed of the events that occurred, the Koga fled to the Land of Wind. Swearing fealty to the Wind Daimyo, the Koga slowly started regaining their reputation as an elite Shinobi Clan.

1515 - Various reports and sightings of the Nine Tailed Demons continued to flood in to each of the countries and not one was exempt from the rage of these beasts. Citizens suffered under the destruction caused by these monsters and the constant conflicts did nothing to help these circumstances. In one instance, the Four-Tailed Demon Ape was sighted in the Land of Earth. The Daimyo hired the Ishida, Uchiha, and Senju Clans and tasked them with containing the beast. The severity of this situation was evidenced by the mere fact that these rival clans were all hired together to deal with the demon. The conflict culminated in the sealing of the beast via a powerful Sealing Technique. However, in the aftermath conflicts broke out between the three clans over which had earned the right to the device containing the beast. The Uchiha and Senju allowed their bitter rivalry to take hold of them. Thus, the Ishida Clan was able claim the beast for themselves and pushed the two weakened forces from their Lands with ease.

- This marked the first time that one of the Nine Tailed Demons had been suppressed and contained and would result in many more of these same techniques popping up across the continent.

1525 - The various island nations to the east are united under one name, as Honda, Tadakatsu backs various Shinobi Clans that hail from the islands and emerges the victor of continuous civil strife in the region. In this year, the majority of these islands are united as the Land of Water, which is recognized as a full-fledged nation. Honda is given the title Water Daimyo at a young age and begins plans to strengthen the economy and bolster his seat of power with the rest of the eastern islands.

1547 - In the Winter of this year, the great Senju Clan breaches the walls of the Uchiha Clan's compound and a great battle ensues. The death toll rises quickly, consisting mostly of conscripted children. As the night passes on, the Uchiha slowly push their rivals from their lands but not without suffering their own casualties.

1549 - The Sanjuro Clan infiltrates the Ishida Clan Compound, breaching the gates. A great battle ensues and the Ishida are nearly overwhelmed. However, in a last ditch effort, Ishida Kotai uses the last of his life-force in the utilization of a grand-jutsu that turns the tide of the battle. The Sanjuro are forced out of the Ishida Compound and chased across the border of the Land of Earth.

1550 - By this time, several attempts had been made to seal the Nine Tailed Demons using various methods and formulas. However, none of these attempts were successful.

1552 - With the falling of leaves in Autumn, the Uchiha Clan and their banner-men launch a campaign against the Senju Forces. Pressing deep into the Land of Forests, several large battles ensued for two weeks before the campaign came to an end. In its wake, the Uchiha Clan and Senju Clan had both lost their respective Shuchō and various warriors rose to great prominence. This marked one of the greatest battles between the Senju and Uchiha in the decades to come.

1560 - Under orders from the Earth Daimyo: Oda Nobunaga, the forces of the Ishida Clan execute a surprise attack on the shinobi strongholds in Kaze no Kuni. Caught unaware due to an unforeseen delay on the part of one of their intelligence assets, the Wind ninja forces are decimated and forced to fall back to their central fortifications. Cracking under the stress as he believed his territory to be lost, and unable to face the disgrace such an event would bring, the Kaze no Shuchō secludes himself within his chambers and commits seppuku. This results in a major power vacuum as the defending armies prepare to make their last stand against the Ishida army. Seeing this as an opportunity to seize power for themselves, several of the remaining noble families attempt to assume control of the situation, leading towards a small-scale civil war as heated words give way to the point of a sword. After several days of infighting, control is finally taken by the former Jounin Commander: Minoru, head of the Sanjuro Clan. The united forces of the new Kaze no Shuchō are then able to beat back the invading armies, although the borders of the Land of Wind are adjusted slightly as a result.

1562 - The Senju Banner forces and the Uchiha Banner forces target the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon in an attempt to seal it. However, neither side was expecting the other to be present during the sealing attempt. An enormous battle ensues between the two clans. However, they are overrun by the Nine-Tailed Fox's rampage and much of the forces of both sides are decimated. Neither side seals the beast, yet this marks the first of many more attempts by both sides to obtain the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon, believing it to be the most powerful of the Tailed Chakra Demons.

1563 - The Inazuma Banner forces make a push further south in an attempt to wrest territory from the Land of Forests. The Senju Banner forces amass at their border and a large-scale skirmish erupts immediately upon the arrival of the forces from the Land of Lightning. The conflict lasts for four days before the Senju are able to push the Inazuma Banner forces from their lands. The Inazuma Banner forces return to their home lands battered, but believe they have gained much renown in simply being able to give a noble clan such as the Senju a fight to remember.

1564 - Finally acknowledging his failing health, the head of the Sanjuro Clan steps down as headman and Shuchō, passing the titles on to his daughter Sanjuro, Fei. Making her the youngest shinobi commander-in-chief to date, as well as the first instance of a woman becoming the head of a major Shinobi banner.

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