Hotaru Hōzuki

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Hotaru Hōzuki

Post by Lunamaria on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:04 pm

-------------------------- : : :PLAYER INFORMATION: : : --------------------------

Player Name: Lunamaria
Character Number:3
English Proficiency:Native
Faction/Village: Kirigakure

-------------------------- : : :BINGO BOOK ENTRY: : : --------------------------

Hōzuki, Hotaru


Name: Hotaru Hōzuki
Title/Alias: Zuki
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Hotaru is a girl of average height, a medium build and generally very average in her physical looks. The one outstanding thing about her is her heterochromia eyes, one blue and one a brownish red. Her skin has a brownish tint but is otherwise quite fair, a counterpoint to the fact that most members of the clan have quite dark skin other than her branch. Brown hair falls down between her shoulder blades, held back by her headband to expose her forehead. Her hair has a lot of volume and even when wet doesn't seem to hang flat. Hotaru's body sits right in the middle between large and small, her muscles are tight and solid but not large, her legs are extremely strong though.

Her normal outfits are quite tight while allowing her as much movement as possible. She likes to have her arms and legs uncovered so will rarely wear anything that goes beyond the knee. Her normal outfit is a tight black sleeveless shirt with a baggy turtleneck, a yellow vest pulled close to her body. It has pockets on the front for her scrolls, angling upwards and outwards for easy access.
On her legs she wears a pair of black shorts and a thigh bag for her Kunai. On her feet are a pair of sandals that have far more straps than could ever be practical.

Height: 5'4”
Weight: 55kg
Build: Toned
Hair Color & Style: Loose brown hair that falls to her shoulder blades, her fringe pulled back under her headband.
Eye Color: Her right eye is blue, her left is a brownish red.

Despite the cultural penchant to be serious and disciplined Hotaru falls at the far end of that scale compared to most people from the Village Hidden in the Mist. She is quite relaxed and really just wants to have fun. Still she works hard when she feels she is at work. When at home she longs for excitement that other people just don't seem that interested in. Parties and festivals, dancing and games. Going to plays, things that other people in other places seemed to experience with a lot more regularity than she did. Most of her friends are Ninja, most of her friends are serious and spend all their time on serious matters. Not that Hotaru doesn't take time to be serious and train as hard as anyone else, she also enjoys the challenge of fighting as one of the things she can find fun with other people. This one at least is easy to do and no one thinks she is weird for doing it. She became a Ninja because it was what was expected of her, there is no other life she could ever lead. That's fine, its not a bad job, but she wants to have fun while doing it. So its nice when not everyone takes that completely seriously. Not every fight has to be a brutal struggle to the death, if you have to kill someone they might as well enjoy it.

So she isn't the most serious person, she gets along very well with her siblings, her youngest sister more than the others. Aimi shares two things which mean they spend a lot of time together, they like to have fun and make jokes, to be silly with each other. They also love to swim. Every day Hotaru goes swimming either on her own, with Aimi or with her friends. She loves the feel of water on her skin, in the sea, rivers, lakes, pools, there is no feeling like it. To be surrounded on all sides, pressed against, to be so secure. Plus everyone looks good in a swimsuit, well most people. Around other people from her village she is not quite herself. Close as she feels she can be though, not quite as jokey and free as she wants to be. As she sort of feels that other villages might be. Still she is more fun and more focused on finding fun than most Mist Ninja you'll find. She makes a point of knowing the name of everyone in the village and finding out enough about them to find a way to make each of them smile at least once. So even though she is a little weird and more cheerful than most, she has a lot of friends. Making a point of helping everyone she can, sometimes even if they don't want it.

In battle she is still the unstoppable force you might expect. Despite her primary talent laying in medicine having studied under her mother. She spent a huge amount of time training with the most fun weapon she could find. Something that no one else she knew used. She learned to fight as well as anyone who gave themselves more fully than she did to the life they lead. Killing is something she dislikes but will carry out if required. She already had to kill someone close to her because of the village rules, death is something she skirts around. If anything she comforts herself that death lets people go to a better place, one where everyone is happy all of the time. The one thing she hates most in the world is causing sorrow to other people. This is part of the reason she slid towards less of a combat ninja as she grew older.

“Even if my life is to be paid for killing people, it doesn't mean everyone can't have fun at the same time.”


Known Relatives:

- Hōzuki, Hikari :: Mother :: 39 :: Head Medical Advisor/Jounin
- Hōzuki, Jin :: Father :: 41 :: ANBU/Jounin
- Hōzuki, Hideki :: Brother :: 19 :: Chuunin
- Hōzuki, Akane :: Sister :: 15 :: Genin
- Hōzuki, Aimi :: Sister :: 11 :: Academy Student
- Hōzuki, Kaede :: Brother :: 5 :: Student

- Hōzuki, Akira :: Second Cousin :: 31 :: Mizukage/S-Rank

Hotaru was the second child and first girl to be born to Hikari and Jin Hōzuki. A branch of the Hōzuki main family whose main distinction is that two generations of outside marriage have made their children the lightest skinned members of the family. Her father has as long as she was alive been a members of ANBU though she didn't know it. Her mother the best Medical-min, consulted on just about everything regarding health, as her mother had been. Because of this there was never a question of Hotaru becoming a Ninja, nor any of her siblings that were yet to come. She was a girl who always found everyone else too serious, even if she would go along with it. She learnt to swim when she was four, and never went a day without doing so when she could help it. Her claim even until today is that she is the strongest swimmer among the other children, no one ever managed to prove her wrong.

Her goal in life was decided when she was six, her little sister Akane was crying for a reason she never found out. Not really sure what to do Hotaru sat her down and after a moments thought tickled her. She got to hear a uncontrolled laugh that she caused and loved every second of it. From that moment on, as well as becoming a Ninja, she wanted to make everyone smile and enjoy themselves like that. So her quest began, starting with children around her she did her best and found it very easy to make friends. People did enjoy being around her, she wasn't a clown and didn't joke too much. She just smile a lot, a contagious one, was cheeky enough at the right times. Sometimes flirty, sometimes coy, helping out, jokes, anything to make everyone else smile. There was one thing though, that almost made her never smile again.

When she was twelve, she took part in the final Academy exam. It just so happened that she had to fight against a boy she had a crush on. Someone she went the extra mile to make him smile, she never told him how she felt. It was extremely hard for her but she had to fight him, training kicked in. She wasn't going to die herself and he seemed very intent on killing her. So she had to go all out, taking blow after blow from his Suiton Ninjutsu, soaked and worn out she able to score a lucky hit with a shuriken. Then she sprang and in a swift move took him by surprise and she stabbed him through the chest with her Bisento before touching the ground. She didn't cry there, but she did at home. Away from everyone else. For a few days she was out of sorts but she got past it, back to trying to make everyone else smile. It floated back to the surface several times though. It wasn't that it didn't hurt, but everyone else that was still there had done the same. Everyone had killed someone or died, or failed to become a Ninja. It was through cultural normalcy that she was able to adapt, crying was never easy for her, no one else did in public at least. She was meant to be strong so she was.


As training went on she got faster. Better at one on one physical combat but she also grew to dislike it more and more. The fact she had killed someone emotionally close to her, she started to feel it hanging over her. A fork in the road was ahead of her, to go the way of a soldier meant for killing people. Or to go the way of the healer, and stop just that. From where her talents lay, and what she found after much soul searching, she picked healing. Already she had learned quite a bit from her mother. So it was just more practice in that regard. There is still a vast amount to learn before she is of much actual use. But being one of the hardest arts to master she has made a good start, working up a good focus and a very in depth knowledge of human anatomy.

Hotaru’s laugh came back with time, and things got back to normal. Though she is still rather odd as an example of a Mist Ninja she has many friends and knows just about everyone. Missions are fun and so is being active, working towards a goal of helping people be happy.


Affiliation: Kirigakure no Sato :: Mizu no Kuni
Rank: Genin
Combat Style:

Hotaru fights with a Bisento, she keeps her enemies at a distance, using the sweeps of her weapon to her advantage. She finds that being fast and not allowing her enemies to use their Ninjutsu is the best way to fight. This limits her own use of it in combat, she likes a high speed, no let up attack with her weapon that forces her opponent to defend themselves in the hopes they will make the first mistake. If she can't do this though she will move to a more stationary role and support her own allies with her attacks. Her favourite tactic is moving water clones close to the enemy and if they beat the clones to them trap her enemy in a Syrup Capture Field.


    Primary: Eijutsu
    Secondary: Kenjutsu

Special Abilities:

    - Advanced Speed

Chakra Nature:

    Suiton :: Water

Chakra Reserve:


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Re: Hotaru Hōzuki

Post by Lunamaria on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:04 pm



1x A six foot Bisento with a serrated edge on the reverse side, hidden inside the the staff is a Katana
5x Kunai
4x Exploding Traps
6x Scrolls
2-Weapon Storage: Second Bisento, 30 Kunai, 30 Shuriken.
3,4, Supply Storage: Food, drinking water, tents, clothing, cooking equipment, maps, study materials.
5 Medical Storage: Full field kit.
6 Water Storage: A massive amount of river water.


Suika no Jutsu :: Hydrification Technique
Takitsubo no Jutsu :: Waterfall Basin Technique
Teppōdama :: Gunshot
Mizurappa :: Violent Water Wave
Mizuame Nabara :: Syrup Capture Field
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Clone Technique
Funsha Kaatsusuiro :: Water Jet
Kihonteki Keishou :: Basic Minor Injury

Mizubitashi :: Drench
Kirigakure no Jutsu :: Hidden Mist Technique
Sōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique




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Re: Hotaru Hōzuki

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First Section

Last paragraph

Second to last sentence:

I think you meant "...through cultural normalcy "

Other than that this is good in my books.

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Re: Hotaru Hōzuki

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{Include age when graduating the academy/promotion to Genin.}

Might want to delete the above line, as its only needed for the template form and looks weird in an actual bio.

Other then that and what Aaron pointed out I think you're good to go.

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Re: Hotaru Hōzuki

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