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We Are Not Alone [The Last of Us RPG][LB] Hxe

It started in the south. Some of the first to see the infection of the fungus was Texas, chaos reigned in the streets late in the night and people were trying to escape the city to avoid being swallowed up in the mess. Our story starts with Joel, a single father taking care of his daughter Sarah. Just a man who wanted a simple life and to start his own business. He got an urgent call from his brother Tommy and moved through the city to get to him, and Sarah was alone during this time when the first wave of explosions happened. Joel came back with his brother to grab his daughter and they tried to evacuate like everyone else. Once that was shot to hell, they made their way through the city and ended up crashing. They had to run from the infected like much of the confused, not having a clue of what was going on. In ended tragically as Joel's daughter died. After that, the infection spread like a wild fire through out the country, no where was safe and in time, zombies and military reigned supreme. Nature took back much of the country and overgrowth could be seen everywhere as the years progressed. Water, animals and wreckage could be seen anywhere you went.

Joel had now become a hardened killer, doing anything to survive. Along with his partner Tess, he made his way to the fireflies hide out to acquire much needed weapons. They learned the weapons were sold to another group and the only way to get them back was to take a young teenage girl named Ellie across the country to another hideout of the fireflies. Ellie had been bitten three weeks prior, making her very important and the answer to a cure as Tess and Joel learned. Tess was eventually bitten and killed, leaving Ellie and Joel to go on the journey alone. Through trial and tribulation, they learned the fireflies had taken their research to Salt Lake City and made their way there. When they finally did, they were found by the group and Joel woke up only to be told that Ellie would have to die in order to procure the cure. Joel however didn't see it their way and saved Ellie from having to die. He lied to Ellie in the end that that cure was not feasible and unaffected people bitten had already tried to be the cure.

While Ellie did not become the cure, someone else did two years later. A man named Eli. The fireflies managed to extract the cure and mass produce it, only now they have to figure out how to spread it without running into military trouble by being discovered. Half the fireflies who had gathered in numbers, moved back across the country to restart things in Boston as they felt the cure might be better handled there. They have given up their fight against military and are more interested in research and the cure as there must be a solution to their current problem. Meanwhile the military has become more aggressive and has been forcing survivors into their camp grounds. They are as ruthless and cruel as ever. Then there are the dragonflies, who are trying to overthrow military power. They also seem to be on even ground with them as they are aggressive in their pursuit of seeing a new government come to call. Then you have the lost boys, a group willing to do anything for something in return. And the bandits still roam the country, showing no mercy to those who cross their paths and then we have the survivors , people just trying to live to see another day. Now their stories will continue.

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