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Fujin Clan (WIP) Empty Fujin Clan (WIP)

Post by Methias on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:21 am

Fujin Clan

   Main Clans = Land / Banner-Clans = Sworn Clan


   Availability: 1/3

   Clan Members:
   - Fujin, Methias
   - TBA
   - TBA

Clan History


Clan Abilities
   Classification: Kekkei Genkai
   Kekkei Genkai/Hijutsu: Gale Release
   The Gale Release is not considered an advanced chakra nature, and in that respect it is often not seen as a Kekkei Genkai. It is instead considered a progression upon the basic Fuuton release. Essentially being a combination of wind with more wind, the Gale Release's most notable ability revolves around enhancing the power of Fuuton based jutsu. Gaining an increase of +30% effectiveness, they are considered true masters of the Fuuton release. Control over such techniques is precise, down to even the most acute of details. Allowing for truly impressive Jutsu to be formed by this Clan. Rumor has it that a master of the Gale release can even become the wind itself. The final, and perhaps most deadly aspect is the ability to manipulate oxygen. Via physical contact, they can remove oxygen from the opponents muscles. Through the use of Jutsu, they can limit the oxygen in the air. A gradual death through anoxia being their trademark. For that is what the Gale Release is. Domination of the wind element, turning it from a weapon to their play thing.

However, with this mastery of the Fuuton Release comes its own downsides. This clan is entirely locked into the wind release, never being able to extend their arsenal beyond that single element. Naturally weak against Katon Jutsu, the damage these deal is one rank higher. This weakness reveals itself upon their ghostly pale skin, even spending too much time in the sun being considered dangerous. Meaning that they are often covered from head to toe to prevent such an event from occuring.

   Abilities Summary Summarize your clan's abilities in a bulleted list


  • +30% Fuuton effectiveness
  • Improved control over Fuuton
  • "Become the wind" <- Rumor (Totally true)
  • Oxygen Manipulation

  • Locked Fuuton Release (Cannot learn any other element)
  • Fire Jutsu taken +1 rank higher
  • Naturally weak to sunlight



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