Chichou Chiri

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Chichou Chiri

Post by Lunamaria on Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:58 pm

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Player Name:Lunamaria
Character Number: 1
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Village: Sunagakure

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Chichou Chiri


Name:Chichou Chiri

Chichou dresses quite conservative most of the time, often in clothing that is chosen to be restrictive. It is designed to give the wrong impression and deceive a potential opponent. They also tend to be rather bright in colour, red, yellow, green and pinks. Currently she is wearing a yellow Kimono that has large florets of red sunflowers adorning it. On her feet rather than something more traditional she wears a pair of white flat pumps with long white stockings. Having been travelling for so long, she had learnt having comfortable feet is more important that her style. Sometimes she can been seen in a hakama and haori, normally when she isn't doing anything or going anywhere. There are even times when she leaves the large flowing clothing behind altogether and dresses in a yellow belted cotton shirt and brown leggings.

If let loose her brown hair reaches just past her next but normally it is bound up into a tight bun on the top of head head. It is also normally decorated, ribbons, flowers, pins. Adding to what people expect from her appearance. Her face is pretty, even a little childish, soft rather than strong but is also rather plan and not very memorable. Her body is small and her frame slender, having never eaten more than she needed to. Her hips slightly rounded, a little bony, her chest relatively flat. Chichou is average height but still quite small to look at when swathed in large kimonos.

Height: 5'4”
Weight: 51Kg
Build: Thin
Hair Color & Style: Brown, normally tied back with a loose curl on each side. Her fringe cut to her forehead.
Eye Color: Brown


Chichou is a very calm person that hates to rush into things. She likes to take a point, think hard about it, meditate on it and even talk to other people about it. Then come up with the plan to go forward with. Though she dislikes it she can still act on the fly and normally does okay but she knows that it can be very dangerous to do it. She is also a woman of few words. She feels that words are not something to waste and that each one should be carefully picked. This can make her seem distant, quiet and shy because she doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Over the years she has warmed to people and finds making friends easier but still she has a lot to learn. Having fun is hard for her and so is being close to people. She has for example never been hugged.

She doesn't eat any more than she needs and seems very good at working out exactly what and how much her body needs most of the time. This can make her very picky about what she eats and normally insists on cooking it herself. Since she doesn't really have fun as of yet she doesn't really have any hobbies. She works, she meditates and she will give an hour over to socialising with the people she is with. Its easier to deal with life when it is compartmentalised and controlled. As far as dislikes go she doesn't eat meat, dislikes loud places and crowds and abhors violence.

Her normal mood is quite positive, sometimes even a little jokey but she takes her time when getting to know people. Its rare for there to be a reason she doesn't like as she tried to understand why people act the way they do and has a respect for all life. She likes life on her terms but isn't selfish and doesn't tend to ask for things.


Known Relatives:
Tai, Shammi :: Deceased age 58 :: Monk
Zath, Shou :: 28 :: Monk



No one knows where Chichou came from, who her parents where, why they left her alone a few days old in the middle of the desert. She was found by chance by a group of gold dust miners, dehydrated and unable to cry she was almost dead. They took her to the Oasis Temple that was on the very edge of Sunagakure. The miners left the child there and that was where the baby girl found a home. Though it was a temple there were almost never visitors and only two residents. Shammi Tai the monk that ran the temple and his fourteen year old assistant Shou Zath. This was the family and life that the newly named Chichou found herself with, with no one else for miles.

The temple was quite big, built over a two hundred years ago. Sandstone, stucco and clay with wooden floors. A wall surrounded it to keep the sand out, rounded cylindrical pillars punctuating it. Inside there was only one floor other than the spire of the main building, which you could look out and almost see the village of Sunagakure in the distance. There were ten rooms in total. The main hall at the front, a classroom branching off from it. A room near the back was used as a bedroom, the others empty and unused. There was another room that is unlike anything else Chichou has seen since. It was a Arboretum around the Oasis itself, apricots, dates, figs and peaches settled under a metal and glass dome. Normally the windows were left open to let the heat unless there was a storm, because it was a safe place though it would often be filled with desert butterflies.

A little before she could walk Chichou started to follow Shammi everywhere and with some encouragement copied him. The day would start with a gong at five in the morning. Meditation would follow, one hour of contemplation and reflection on the day then an hour of Taijiquan next to the Oasis. Then breakfast which would almost always be something simple followed by a hour of prayer. Then lessons would start and this would be one of the few times that Shammi would speak. He was a man who would take great care with his words, speaking only when required. Only in lessons would he normally say very much, the rest of the time, more so as Chichou became older he would merely give looks or motions for what he needed to say.

When she was young lessons were on speaking, writing and etiquette. All of which she took to heart as very serious child. Though Shammi had been no different in his youth and neither had Shou, she was never really a child. There was almost never play, or freedom to do what she wanted though really she only wanted to fit in and do what she was told. As such she never had a childhood to speak of. As soon as she could speak she was just regarded as the most junior member of the temple. After a rather plain lunch she would be left with Shou for an hour where he would talk to her and answer any questions she might have. Show her how to do chores any anything else that could be useful. Then she would read or nap until there was another hour of moderation followed by another hour of Taijiquan before dinner. Then it was normally time for bed.

By the age of ten Shammi found Chichou very adapt at meditation and self control. Her Taijiquan was more fluid and graceful than his own, he knew he couldn't have her remain here forever. He knew his body was starting to fail him and that he had taught her everything he knew. So after several days of contemplation over the matter he took her unannounced to the village. Walking across the desert. Chichou found it very exciting and very scary at the same time, but she remained stoic, keeping pace with Shammi over the broken ground. Each step calculated and soft. He walked her right into the village, people watching and staring He stopped only at the door of the Sunagakure Academy where he spoke softly to the man by the door. A little while later another man in robes came and more words were exchanged. Chichou remained still, dressed in a soft brown kimono with a desert cloak around her shoulders. Living such a quiet life of softly spoken and never spoken words she was quite able to pick up what was being said and the emotions on the faces of the men. The older and taller one from the Academy was annoyed but interested.

The new intake of students had happen several weeks prior and really the chance for Chichou to enrol was gone. After much more talking though she was beckoned inside and Shammi stood by the door, watching her. This was the first time she had been out of sight of her home, away from him and even seeing more than five people at once. Rather than panic and fear taking over though she focused on all the things she had been taught. That she was in control of her own mind and body, silently with a bow to her teacher thus far she headed inside.

She was told to take a seat at the back of the class and did so, the attention of other students being drawn from the teacher to look at her. A person they didn't know and hadn't seen before in a village where most people did know each other. She was always to be the outsider. She sat through the lessons, taking it in and committing it to memory. Taking notes was not a style of learning she knew. It was about things she knew only a little about. One topic she knew a lot about though, the flow of chakra was something she understood in great detail already. Still she did not answer the question the teacher asked on it. This form of teaching was equally new to her. Shammi would teach her, if she had questions she would ask them. Then at the end of the lesson he would ask her questions that she couldn't know the answer to unless she put the days lesson together with other lessons and often her own ideas. Never had she been asked a question she knew the answer to without meditation and consideration. It seemed rather pointless if it wasn't hard. Still students here on this topic seemed to struggling just a little.

At the end of the lesson it was a lunch break. Since she had nothing to eat and had a hectic day so far she found a quiet place in the training hall. The teacher had told them that their lesson after lunch was there so she felt it was the best place. Interacting with people was not a skill she had even remotely developed. After walking her careful steps, standing upright and taut in more formal dress than most, followed by hushed whispers she settled down in the middle of the hall. Asserting her inner control again, she found it a little hard to disregard the noises of other people at first. After half an hour she felt she had centred herself and started through some very slow, controlled Taijiquan. She kept ignoring the growing number of people she could see watching her from the edge of the room. She came to a stop once a teacher appeared and she brought herself to a stop. Looking at him for instruction.

Everyone was told to pair up and there was almost a mad rush not to end up with the strange quiet girl who was acting as if they didn't exist. She ended up with the guy that no one wanted to be partnered with but she didn't mind. He was tall, smelt bad and seemed entirely focused on hurting people. He spent the next half an hour trying to grasp hold of her and trying to land blows while she would just dart out of the way at the last minute. When he did almost grab hold of her arms would just slip out of his grasp.

He was panting by the end of this and was feeling very embarrassed. The teacher now set them a more controlled training exercise, that Chichou promptly refused to take part in. She didn't want to throw him, she didn't want to throw anyone and didn't really understand it. After a very cool and controlled explanation of why violence was wrong when there was a choice that left the teacher annoyed and embarrassed she was told to wait until the end of the class. After a last lesson of explaining how the next days lesson of Tree Climbing Practice she had to go back where the training instructor was waiting. He spoke for a long time to try and explain to her that learning to fight isn't the same as fighting, neither is it going to harm anyone if done right. Chichou listened carefully and promised that she would think hard on the matter, then with his permission she started to walk home.

After talking with Shammi and Shou about the matter she meditated for a long time, forcing her to have a late dinner but she had come up with an answer. Training to fight was allowed, if need be after everything else she could do in a situation she could use force end it. To harm another person was a horrible thing, stopping other people from taking harm though was no going to help them learn though. So action using force was only something she could justify if it was to save a life. The had also decided that it was a good idea for her to keep going to the academy. That there was more to the world than just this and maybe enlightenment would be found from learning more.

So from then on she got up at five in the morning and meditate for an hour before breakfast, then she would walk across the desert to the town in time for class, before returning in the evening. Socialising was hard at first but since she was pretty, kind and smart people gave her a chance. Once the weirdness gave way. She excelled in charka control and Taijutsu. Her style was based entirely on evasion though, so even though trained she was not very skilled at fighting itself. She could land a blow or throw a person but she was often blocked or dodged herself, and even when she did her blows didn't have much force behind them.

Chichou was always quiet and still thought long and hard about what she said before saying it. Though she could talk more freely and have fun she considered idle talk rude but that talking to make friends with people wasn't always idle. When she was twelve and a much more developed person she graduated with a passing in all areas but already starting to progress in the very hard Genjutsu field.


Once her basic training was complete Chichou was put in a cell and started running safe missions every once in a while. Returning to the temple every chance she could and spending a lot of time meditating. Going through her Taijiquan while standing on water and doing her best to improve her control. By the time she was sixteen she was becoming a little renowned for her developing skills with Genjutsu. Getting the job done without getting noticed and without hurting people. She was becoming very proficient in not being noticed and letting people underestimate her. Keeping the way she dressed constricting made it easier to get at them and easier for them to be fooled by her. If they felt they could get close she often had more chance of using her Genjutsu.

She was forced to come back home though. She got word that Shammi was sick and now bedridden. He knew that he was dying but was holding out for her to make it back. They didn't say much, he never said much to her. The three of them were just together when he passed, she didn't cry and didn't really feel sad. She knew that he was fine, he was going to be reincarnated now and could try enlightenment again. Making sure that Shou would be okay alone she set out on returning to the village and her duties. It was then that she found herself embroiled just like everyone else in the theft of several jutsu scrolls. Her team was still in the field without her so it was almost alone that she was set the same task as everyone else to recover the scrolls. Her had a hunch though, of all the people that had now started out, one had far more purpose. He seemed to know where he was going. Unsure about where he was going she followed for a while. After a few days she knew he had worked out she was following him. Since he didn’t try and talk to her she had to assume what he was doing was no good. She held her distance and followed, putting all her training to use. Right up until he walked right into a trap.

She barely put herself in that fight, keeping to the shadows of the rafters using her abilities. Settling fears and doubts into their minds, illusions that kept them as far away from being harmful to Keitaro as she could. It was hard but something she could do, she didn’t have to get involved and it meant that Keitaro didn’t need to kill anyone. Defeating them was just a matter of getting them out of the way, making them unwilling or unable to go on further. Then there were the first words that he said to her once this was all but done. One man remained and Keitaro didn’t want her involved. Since this entire thing must have been personal Chichou didn’t intervene, she held herself out of the way and in the minds of those men they had already defeated, keeping them where they were. Though her focus was elsewhere she still watched, taking what she could and waiting should she need to step in. Despite what he said she didn’t intend to let anyone die here today. She never wanted anyone to die unless it couldn’t be helped. That meant she always had to try her hardest even still. When the final blow came though there was nothing she could do, no time. She couldn’t stop that man from dying, and she was unsure if Keitaro could have helped it or not.

Her faith in him was under question since that day, he was the only person she had ever seen kill anyone. She found herself unable to trust him fully, anyone who took a life was already full of bad energy. She accepted orders and requests to work with him, but she always held her distance a little further than with most people.


Affiliation: Sunagakure no Sato :: Kaze no Kuni
Combat Style:Non-Aggression
Words, tricks of the mind, avoidance, evasion and finally if given no other choice to land a blow against an opponent. Chichou is very reluctant to use violence doing so only to protect others from unwarranted or dangerous levels of harm. Her entire style is to be fluid, as the air and avoid incoming attacks. To let the opponent wear themselves out rather than fight them. Conflict is a resort only to be used when there is nothing else possible that could be done. She would even rather retreat herself than fight someone. She is graceful in her own movement but she has almost no natural strength. When she must fight she does so swiftly and surgically, to incapacitate a foe, to dislocate an arm or twist an ankle. Rather than any of this though she would try to make the enemy feel they were in pain rather than any actual pain through her Genjutsu.


    Primary: Genjutsu
    Secondary: Taijutsu

Special Abilities:
    C-rank Yin Release

Chakra Nature:
    Fūton :: Wind Release

Chakra Reserve: D

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Re: Chichou Chiri

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1x Tessen - A red war fan with steel slats inside the paper.
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Reppūshō :: Gale Wind Palm
Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu :: False Surroundings Technique
Antacchaburu Gou :: Untouchable Feather

Hana Ninpō Kyōka Sai :: Flower Ninja Art Maximum Cutting
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Illusion Technique: Mist
Nyuukon Ikioidzuku no Eiki :: Inner Life Strength
Thousand Butterflies 千蝶 Chichou
Misekake no Namida :: Crocodile Tears


Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique




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Re: Chichou Chiri

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Re: Chichou Chiri

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Re: Chichou Chiri

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