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Player Name: AaronW
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English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Clan: Uchiha Banner / Uchiha Clan

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[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 5d44

Sandaime Kaen Akuma :: Third Flame Devil
Uchiha, Azuma


Name: Uchiha, Azuma
- Sandaime Kaen Akuma (Third Flame Devil)
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Azuma is of average height and weight; He stands in at just under six feet and weighs one-hundred seventy-five pounds. Though he is not overly tall compared to his elder brothers he is by no means short and stocky. His body is rather lean and fit as a result of constant training and exercise. Being of the Uchiha Clan, he possess black hair typical of his family line. Azuma keeps his hair short and cropped, as he finds that he becomes too hot when it grows out any longer. His facial hair never grows past more than light scruff, as he shaves regularly. He prefers to keep in the range of clean-shaven to scruffy and does his best to avoid growing any more than that. His face is hardened, but not to the point that he appears malicious or negative at first glance. In fact, Azuma is often smiling and rarely does his face hold a stern quality. His green eyes stand out among other Uchiha Clansmen, much like the other members of his family line. They serve to set him and his siblings apart from other members of the Uchiha Clan. His Mangekyō Sharingan consists of a detailed pinwheel marking that swirls around itself, creating a near-diamond shape within his deep red eyes when activated. Though several scars adorn his body most are insignificant save for the long ones that decorate his right arm. Where there were once deep gashes, there are now permanent scars that serve to remind him how easily one can meet death in this war-torn era.

Azuma's attire consists of black, grey, and white tunics of long-sleeves that he rolls up to the elbow. These possess the Uchiha crest on the back and are his usual attire for most any sort of situation.  Knee-length pants of matching color accompany these, followed by bandaged wrappings that cover the rest of his lower legs. Combat sandals adorn his feet, while a utility pouch is worn on his hip. Often times, Azuma's tunic is left open midway down. For formal occasions he will wear a kimono over his usual attire of matching or complimentary colors, also adorned with the Uchiha crest on the rear. For warmer climates, Azuma possess short-sleeved tunics as well as sleeveless tunics of the same colors as his usual attire. In such climates he will also forgo the lower-leg wrappings in favor of allowing his legs to breath in the heat, and lighter sandals adorn his feet. Cooler climates will see Azuma in long sleeves all around, as well as a fur-lined jacket over the top with a high collar. This jacket is also decorated with the Uchiha crest on the back, just between the shoulder blades. It does not possess a hood, as Azuma often enjoys feeling the cool air on his face and ears when he is able. His feet are fully covered with combat boots in colder climates and knuckle-gloves are sported as well.

Height: 5 ft. 11 inches
Weight: 175 lbs
Build: Athletically Toned
Hair Color & Style: Black :: Short
Eye Color: Green

Azuma is the spitting image of his father and is often told that his mannerisms are inherited from Uchiha, Takeshi as well. He is a quiet and lighthearted individual who enjoys contemplative solitude as much as he enjoys socializing with his family and friends. He is rather methodical in his daily routines and sticks to a tight schedule when he is not called to support the war-effort of the Uchiha Clan. A thoughtful individual, Azuma would gladly put others before his own best interests, reasoning that helping your fellow man is something to strive for in life. This extends beyond just being kind and helpful to family members and friends; Azuma will go out of his way to help complete strangers. Often times his morning chores consist of helping around the Uchiha Clan compound or in the Banner-Clan compounds doing menial labor and other such work. While Azuma is not exactly a spiritual man, he believes in harmony and karma to an extent; He often uses these as his personal justification for his experiences and actions. In this way, he views himself as a keeper of balance and often states that one day 'it' will all catch up to him. Azuma possess an obsession with instruction and has taken to guiding several younger Shinobi within the Uchiha Clan compound as of late. It is in this one manner that he can be thought of as stern. He takes no quarter from any man, let alone a child or one under his tutelage. Perhaps this is his way of channeling his upbringing to others, as seeing the death of children on the battlefield has haunted him for most of his life. Even to this day, he is not able to set his eyes upon a child conscripted into the war-effort that has lost their life for more than a few moments. Whether it be a mental block or shear fear that grips hold of him is trivial; Azuma simply does not wish to see children die on the field of battle regardless of the era.

The young Uchiha is brother to the Clan Leader, Uchiha Akira and his many other siblings have all gained much renown, as has he. He is well known throughout the compound and the Uchiha Forces, but despite this he tries to stay rooted to the common ground. He does not see himself as being above any of the other Uchiha Clansmen nor any of the other Banner-Clansmen. Much like Akira, Azuma views himself as just another pawn on the field of battle. He enjoys socializing with his family and friends in various manner, be it over dinner, in an inn or tavern, or during a hot spring soak when time permits. Azuma is a rather friendly individual and usually has no trouble striking up a conversation. He has a knack for being able to find common ground between himself and others. This is perhaps the very reason that he is able to talk to complete strangers so easily. However, Azuma is no chatterbox and would rather listen on most occasions, than talk. When in the presence of women, Azuma is very respectful and often times goes above and beyond what would be considered normal to make sure that a woman is treated well, even if she is of Shinobi descent. He has deemed himself a gentleman, and while this is true most people often see him as a ladies' man. He can be found in the company of a woman more often than not, whether she is a friend or something more. Azuma has attempted to find a woman to court on previous occasions, but they have all been civilians and were unable to deal with his Shinobi descent. Thus, Azuma has attempted to pursue Shinobi women as of late, but to no avail.

When not aiding in the war effort, Azuma keeps up with his training; He is most often found honing his skills when not actually utilizing them in combat. He prides himself on his Taijutsu and Ninjutsu prowess, as well as his ability to combine the two. Azuma sticks to a strict schedule; Often times he will get up in the wee hours of the morning just so that he may complete his training regiment or get a morning run in. When time permits, Azuma enjoys running long distances, reading novels from famous writers from all across the continent, and visiting the local eateries and taverns. Azuma enjoys good food, drink, and the company of friends and family whenever time allows. He values spending such time with those he cares about whenever he can and often tries to push others into doing the same. After losing so many of his family members, he believes that it is best for one to spend as much time with those you care about before they are taken from you. For in this day and age, one has no inclination as to when this might happen.  Overall, Azuma stands out among his family members as perhaps the most optimistic and simultaneously care-free of the bunch. He is by no means lazy and will always get his duties done, but his beliefs and views have helped him to come out of the depths of despair that consumed him in his younger years. Azuma is a loyal and lighthearted individual, an incredible friend, and a valuable asset to the Uchiha Clan.


Known Relatives:
- Uchiha, Ryuji :: Grandfather :: Deceased :: Elder-Previous Shuchō
- Uchiha, Takeshi :: Father :: Deceased :: Previous Shuchō
- Uchiha, Natsumi :: Mother :: 47 :: Medical-nin
- Uchiha, Akira :: Brother :: 27 :: Current Shuchō
- Uchiha, Akimo :: Brother :: 26 :: Elite-Jounin (Commander) - (Available for PC use, name is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Akiko :: Sister :: 24 :: Jounin (Squad Captain) - (Available for PC use, name is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Kimiko :: Sister :: 22 :: Chuunin - (Available for PC use, name/rank is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Hotaru :: Sister :: 22 :: Chuunin - (Available for PC use, name/rank is negotiable)
- Uchiha, Osamu :: Brother :: Deceased :: Civilian


[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Rqsg

Born in the winter of 1540, Azuma was the third son of Uchiha, Takeshi and Natsumi. The young boy brought even further delight to his noble Shinobi family, as they were delighted to have three sons in such a time. From birth, Azuma was the very image of his father and this was the first of many small similarities that would afford them a very close bond. His elder brothers enjoyed having a younger sibling as well and the family spent much time together. Growing up as a child, Azuma felt very close to his father and his brothers. He was a very quiet, yet content child and it was rare to hear him cry. As he grew older this translated into being able to take a beating without so much as a peep. Even during rough games with his siblings Azuma would be the last one to end up in tears. This often worried his mother, but he always seemed so content and it soon became apparent that there was nothing out of the ordinary. When their younger siblings came into the world, Azuma was grateful to have so many sisters and a younger brother as he grew older. Their family was a happy one, despite the times and it would remain that way for many a year. Yet the hint of the era slowly tainted these memories. Eventually their father and grandfather would teach them the arts and skills that every Shinobi needed and the children would begin to thirve on learning these very base skills. Though in their younger years it would be little more than a game, their instruction was regular. Though they would not understand at time, they were being made ready for the grueling times that were surely to come.


As time passed, their instruction became even more enthralling; The Uchiha siblings reveled in their lessons and often would be caught practicing on their own. Azuma would spend much of his time garnishing his father's time when ever permitted, hopeful that Takeshi would teach him more skills. Even when this was not the case, Azuma enjoyed merely spending time with his father. Takeshi was often away to aid in the war effort of the Uchiha Clan during this time and so any time that Azuma could get with the man was always time well spent. His father's instruction was very beneficial, much in the same way that Akira's training with their grandfather would come to help him in the future. Azuma was introduced to utilizing elemental chakra at  young age and would begin instruction in his Katon Chakra Nature at the age of six. Though the boy was merely a beginner, he showed much promise and this motivated Takeshi to continue to train the boy. He was indeed a proud father when it came to all of his children, but in the back of his mind he could not help but fear for them and their future. In such a war-torn era it was not uncommon for children to fall in battle and it was not a sight that Takeshi was new to. He himself had claimed the lives of several young Shinobi on occasion. The man could not help but fear for his children and yet, at the same time the skill that Akira, Azuma, and the rest of his children possessed helped to ease his mind. To the boy, his training was helpful, fun, and enthralling, but it served no real purpose other than to aid him in playing war with his siblings and friends around the compound. Azuma did not possess an understanding of war nor of loss. Grief was a foreign concept to the boy; Never had he looked upon one of family members or siblings and thought that they might die. However, these thoughts would not remain so forever, and a rude awakening would thrust Azuma into the depths of reality very quickly. He would learn just what sort of hell he had been born into.

In the Winter of 1547 a Senju invasion force made it's way to the Uchiha Banner Encampment. The forces pushed their to the inner Clan Compound in the middle of that cold, dark night. Having just turned seven years old, Azuma and his two elder brothers saw themselves caught up in the conflict. Their eagerness to help drive the enemy out mixed harshly with their impatience; They had hoped to test their skills in actual combat and yet did not fear death. Their curiosity had gotten the better of them and thus did they rush off into the night. Yet the trio was unprepared for what their eyes would behold; Chaos, madness, panic, and death perverted their minds from the get go and their naivety quickly left them. Their home was covered in the blood of friends, family, fellow clansmen, and their enemies. Azuma was unable to tell the blood of his friends apart from the blood of his enemy. He caught sight of several other children only slightly older than himself that lay lifeless. Shopkeepers and the elderly folks at the inn had been massacred. The crimson tainted everything around them, forever eradicating any glorious delusions of battle the boys might have previously held onto. Azuma was quick to note that the Senju employed children as well, as he caught sight of a few of them in battle, dressed head to toe in armor or other war garments. It was in this manner that the young trio had found similarly skilled opponents. The three boys acted together, creating a suprisingly effective squad of rookies that aided in the protection of the Uchiha home. The night pressed onward and the sight of blood and death became easier to tolerate. Azuma and his elder brothers began to attack from the shadows, aiming mostly for other children in an attempt to secure kills and not get caught in a battle with an opponent they couldn't handle. Taking his first life was a pivotal moment for Azuma. His hands stained with the blood of another boy who looked to be no younger than himself. He quickly matured in age right on the spot, though he would not come to know this until much later. The night was still young and the dangers quickly escalated. Fearing they might be discovered, the boys made their silent retreat back to their home within the compound, hoping to secure a place there and hideout while they recovered. Much to the surprise of Azuma and his elder brothers, a gang of adolescent Senju Shinobi had broken into their home and were attempting to torment their younger siblings. Azuma's mind yelled for him to retaliate alongside his elder brothers and thus he did as his body commanded. The Senju teens had not been expecting an attack from behind. However, despite their added efforts these Senju proved difficult to defeat and the battle was drawn out much longer than was deemed safe. The presence of the youngest twin sisters and Osamu, their infant brother made the fight more difficult, as neither of them were able to aid and thus needed protection. Unfortunately, the Senju teens took advantage of this, making a mad grab for the three youngest members of the family. Azuma could no nothing at first, as his hands were tied to the fight before him, lest he lose his own life. He could not afford that, lest his siblings die. All of the other Shinobi of the Uchiha Banner were too busy trying to push the Senju out of their homelands this night and it became clear that no help could be afforded to them. Azuma was thankful that his elder brother Akira was able to save the twin sisters with a last ditch effort, but Osamu was not so lucky. None of the siblings could do anything but watch in horror as one of the Senju brutally slaughtered their infant brother, tearing Osamu's limbs from his body one by one and impaling him prior to cutting Osamu's head in one fell swoop.

Anger. Rage. Tears. Azuma had never cried like this before, had never felt grief, had never known true sadness. It made him angry and vengeful; A deep rage flared up within the boy and he, with the rest of his siblings vowed to claim the lives of these Senju bastards. Azuma howled in pain and agony alongside his elder brothers and sister and the Senju seemed to revel in the responses that their action had elicited. Yet, the vexation of these Uchiha siblings manifested itself that night under the full, winter moon. Each of these four siblings had awoken the visual prowess of the Uchiha Clan, turning the tide of the battle and taking their vengeance in unison. Azuma' Sharingan bestowed greater power to the boy and he assaulted the Senju teens alongside his siblings, the raw emotion of hate consuming him and fueling his strikes. He was now acting on behalf of whatever gods considered this a travesty and the Senju teens lost their lives without mercy. By the next morning, the Uchiha Clan had pushed each of the Senju from their borders save for those that had fallen in battle. Of these, four of them hung suspended from a house in the center of the Uchiha Compound, their entrails spilling from their bodies and their killers silently looking up at them with hatred. The four siblings and their younger twin sisters had hung the bodies of their teenage enemies from the gates of their home to serve as a warning to any others who might attempt the same that night. Azuma had personally gutted the boy that had killed Osamu. With the morning light the siblings had found their parents and Grandfather. Azuma was unable to tell the tale of what had happened and was thankful that his elder brother was able to carry this burden. Their family grieved the loss of Osamu as did the rest of the Compound, including several members of the Uchiha Banner Clans. Though children fought and died in these conflicts every day, infants were still so innocent. The sight of these children on the battlefield would forever remind Azuma of the loss of his brother. He would forever be paralyzed by such tragedies, unable to fully accept the loss of such innocent life. It would haunt him until the end of his days, though at this current time it was most prevalent.

Less than a year later in 1548, the four Uchiha Siblings that had fought off Osamu's killers were promoted to Genin within their clan and conscripted into the war effort. Azuma felt that the power of the Sharingan would help him to prevent such a tragedy again, though this was still a naive thought. Though he and his siblings had previously had delusions of grandiose when it came to war, now there were none. Images of bloodshed, strife, and grief would forever plague Azuma's mind. His parents were quick to note that something in Azuma had changed and though Takeshi did his best to comfort the boy, it was clear that he had undergone a change. The siblings had honed their skills and proved themselves in battle. Azuma, his elder brothers, and sister had each awoken the Sharingan and would continue to prove themselves on the battlefield for many years to come. Each had talents of their own, but Azuma noted that their elder brother quickly surpassed the lot of them. Thus their Grandfather, Ryuji offered to give the Akira more formal instruction. It was much to Azuma's surprise that Akira had declined unless the rest of his siblings were allowed the same. Thus did Azuma was allowed to train under their Grandfather, the Uchiha Shuchō. He would still spend as much time learning from his father as possible, and it quickly became apparent that Azuma had a knack for Taijutsu and close-quarters combat. Azuma's years as a Genin were full of war, bloodshed, and turmoil. Under the tutelage of their Grandfather the Uchiha Siblings continued to hone their skills in the Shinobi arts, perfect the use of their Sharingan, and expand their knowledge of Genjutsu and Katon-based Ninjutsu. Various missions and tasks were set before them and they often took these tasks on as a group. Their squadron consisted entirely of the four siblings for the longest of times. Neither of them would admit it to the other, but not one of them wanted to let the others out of their sights ever again lest more tragedy befall their family. Azuma least of all wanted to see another of his siblings fall in battle. He feared that he could not handle such an event and vowed to do his utmost to prevent this. Thus, Azuma and his siblings, including their twin sisters when they came of age, would spend their early years as Shinobi together on the battlefield. This marked the first instance of their opponents dubbing these siblings the Uchiha Kaen Akuma (Uchiha Flame Devils). It would take many more instances and appearances on the battlefield before these titles would become commonplace, but these aliases would forever stick with the siblings. In later years, Azuma would be renowned as the Sandaime Kaen Akuma (Third Flame Devil) and often smiled at the title when he heard it on the field of battle.


Azuma continued on as a Genin within the Uchiha Clan, but he had been changed. Where there was once a quiet, lighthearted boy there was now an angry, pessimistic youth filled with constant rage. Azuma acted up at home and around his family members and seemed to never want to do anything other than train and perfect his skills. He became obsessed with training and furthering himself to the point that he often over-exerted himself, collapsing throughout the day. The boy could hardly think of anything save for the loss of his younger brother and how that might translate into the loss of more of his siblings. Such thoughts caused his mind to play out the untimely death of his eldest brother, his twin sisters, and his younger sister. It was certainly too much for the boy to bare, yet he would share his thoughts with no one and merely lash out instead. His family worried for him, but Azuma would push onward. His Genin years were full of constant battle. He took part in several large missions with his siblings, never wanting to let them out of his sights. He began to excel in the use of Taijutsu and his skills in various martial arts were increasing day by day. His use of Katon Ninjutsu continued to grow and it was during this time that he mastered the Uchiha Rite of Passage Ninjutsu, the Great Fireball Technique. All of these things served to motivate Azuma to continue growing in skill, advancing himself further until he could be sure that he could protect his siblings. Thoughts of their death plagued his mind for several years and would ultimately upset the boy time and time again. With the onset of Autumn in 1552 the Uchiha Clan prepared to launch a campaign against the Senju in the hopes of dealing a fatal blow to their long-time adversaries. Aiming to claim the majority of the Land of Forests and simultaneously silence the Senju leadership, the Uchiha hoped to scattering the noble clan to the four winds. Past attempts on the Forest Daimyo and the Senju Shuchō's life had given the Uchiha tacticians a better understanding of the Senju Compound as well as the Land of Forests' Capitol. Though failure had preceded them, the Uchiha Banner sought victory with a large force. True to their bloodline, Azuma and his siblings were eager to participate in the conflict. Their eldest brother had requested that their squadron be placed on the front lines with their grandfather, the current Uchiha Shuchō. Azuma could not agree more, as he hoped this would help quench their thirst for vengeance against the Senju and serve to place his siblings in the safest part of the upcoming conflict. Their Grandfather Ryuji granted the request, noting that their past efforts had earned them such a place next to their grandfather.

The bloody campaign lasted two weeks in it's entirety as the Uchiha lay siege to the Land of Forests, pushing ever further beyond the border. Splitting the forces allowed one battalion to aim for the head of the Daimyo, while the other rushed the Senju Compound. The Uchiha Shuchō, his son, and his grandchildren were all present in this part of the attack and the number of Senju Banner Shinobi who's lives they claimed increased each day. Yet as much as the Senju suffered losses, the Uchiha were dealt the same. The conflict was a continuous game of shogi; each side kept the other in check for only so long before the other broke it, but neither side was able to force checkmate. The surrounding countries and lands would later come to recall this battle as the most brutal between the Uchiha and Senju to date, despite neither side gaining significant ground until the end. As the Winter air began to creep into their bones in the final weeks, the Uchiha felt hard-pressed to finish the campaign and return home lest they be caught in these foreign lands with no proper camps and suffer attrition. Yet they had gained too much ground to simply turn tail and retreat. Thus, Ryuji took a large risk and rushed the Senju compound under the cover of darkness one evening, sealing his fate and forever changing those of his successors. Though it had seemed as if the surprise tactic had given the Uchiha the upper hand for a while, this delusion was quickly battered aside when the Senju began to slaughter the Uchiha left and right, pushing them back slowly but surely. Coming face to face with the Senju Shuchō, Ryuji became locked in a magnificent battle that eventually removed itself from the main forces. Azuma's eldest brother Akira and his Father Takeshi would eventually go to the aid of the Uchiha Shuchō, leaving Azuma and his other siblings to hold their ground on the main front. Azuma had nearly spent himself to the point of exhaustion during the length of this campaign but he pressed on, his rage and hate toward the Senju fueling his motivation. With every attack, he recalled the brutality with which Osamu was murdered and sought to reflect that ten-fold upon any and all Senju that came across his path. Despite being so young, the boy had suffered much by this time as had his other siblings. Yet, Azuma took all of these things the worst and it was thus that the battle before him allowed the boy to unleash all of the pent up madness that had been his affliction. His bloodlust was insatiable and though he crossed paths with many Senju foes during this battle, it was one in particular that stood out.

A boy similar in age to Azuma, the young shinobi of the Senju had crossed blades with the Uchiha sibling; both were intent upon claiming the other's life. Where the other foes had been of little comparison to Azuma and his siblings, this individual was able to contend rather easily. Skilled in the use of Ninjutsu and Mokuton techniques, the boy nearly overwhelmed the young Uchiha siblings. It was only with the visual prowess of the Sharingan that Azuma was able to avoid death and force the opponent to focus solely on him. What had started as an aimless assault by both young Shinobi, turned to a wicked duel that not even some of the adult Shinobi in the area dared interrupt. Both combatants were brutal and vicious, but in the end Azuma was able to overcome his opponent and claim the life of another Senju. Yet something had been left beyond by the young opponent and it would serve to change Azuma in the coming years; the boy had offered the young Uchiha his hand in acknowledgement of Azuma's skill just before his death. It had bewildered Azuma at the time and so he shrugged it off, as the battle around them came to a halt with both sides calling for a retreat. Takeshi and Akira had returned carrying the lifeless body of the Uchiha Shuchō and it was time to return to the Land of Fire. Upon their return to the compound, the entirety of the Uchiha Banner forces amassed in remembrance of Uchiha, Ryuji and paid their respects. Despite the long and bitter conflict, despite being tattered and worn, all of the Shinobi mourned the loss of their leader. Azuma was distraught and grieved the loss of his Grandfather. Yet he could not shake the thought of the Senju boy who had acknowledged Azuma's advantage and strength just before his death. Perhaps the curiousness and confusion of this matter mixed with the loss of his Grandfather pushed Azuma over the edge or perhaps he was merely tired of feeling angry and hateful all of the time. Regardless of the reason, Azuma shed his bitter persona and tears fell from his eyes that night. It was the first time the boy had cried since the loss of his infant-brother, Osamu. Two more years would pass before Azuma was promoted to Chuunin. He had cemented such a rank based on his efforts during the Uchiha campaign against the Senju as well as his varies contributions on missions. With a renewed personality, Azuma felt more like his old self and his family quickly noted the turn around. His promotion helped to lift his spirits in the coming years, but Azuma would never forget the sadness of the Senju opponent nor of his Grandfather.

(1559 - Promoted to Jounin - 19 years old)
(1560 - Father dies and passes eyes to Akira, death awakens the Mangekyo Sharingan - 20 years old)


Affiliation: Uchiha Clan :: Hi no Kuni
Rank: S-Rank :: Elite-Jounin
Combat Style:
Azuma is a blunt, close-quarters fighter. His tactics involve breaking his opponents guard with Ninjutsu or Genjutsu so that he may get in close and finish the opponent with Taijutsu or Bukijutsu. For Azuma, Ninjutsu are the opening tactics of his assault or are often reserved for large groups of opponents. Often times he utilizes his Ninjutsu to surprise the enemy and attempt to turn the tide of battle in his favor. Genjutsu are most often deployed in dire emergencies or used for battlefield control and traps. Azuma is not one to employ Genjutsu very often during close-quarters combat as he prides himself on his taijutsu prowess. Azuma's taijutsu are often strong blows or techniques that utilize elemental properties in order to help take down the opponent. He is often able to string several techniques together, creating incredible combos that seek to overwhelm the opponent. He employs grabs and hods in order to subdue a target, but has no problem utilizing his fists and legs for jabs and swift kicks.

A master of the Katon and Raiton chakra natures, Azuma employs these in various ways. His Katon techniques are often used to force opponents into a smaller area so that he might set them up for a close-quarters fight. Thus, his fire techniques are more often employed in supplementary ways as opposed to offensive. His Raiton chakra is most often used offensively, be it through Taijutsu or Ninjutsu application. Azuma lacks solid defensive Ninjutsu, which is an easily exploited disadvantage. Azuma is currently working on countering this in various ways. Thus, his Enton chakra nature comes in handy. Though not meant as a means of defensive, the manner with which he wields the black flames of Amaterasu are devastating enough to cause opponents to think twice before assaulting Azuma. This Uchiha Shinobi prides himself not only on his Taijutsu, but his Bukijutsu as well. He is often seen wielding a long Nodachi in battle and has skill with the weapon that would otherwise be useless in close-combat has earned him much renown. Overall, Azuma is a close-ranged fighter and though this may cause some to view him as an easy opponent to thwart, such assumptions have led to the loss of many lives.


    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Taijutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based

    A-Rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Raiton)
    C-Rank :: Extra Chakra Capacity
    D-Rank :: Inton (Yin) Proficiency

Physical Based

    C-Rank :: Advanced Strength
    C-Rank :: Advanced Endurance

Chakra Nature:

    [Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Katon
    [Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 8x8h Inton
    [Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Orgq Raiton

Advanced Chakra Nature:

    [Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 6q4 Enton

Chakra Reserve:
S-Rank Chakra

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- Nodachi [1]

- Tactical Pouch (Worn on Right hip)

  • Kunai [5]
  • Shuriken [10]
  • Smoke Bomb [5]
  • Exploding Tags [5]

- Small Storage Scroll (Green)

  • Shuriken [50]
  • Fūma Shuriken [5]
  • Exploding Tags [30]

- Lightning Blade Creation Tattoo (Inner Wrists)

  • Shuriken [30]
  • Kunai [50]
  • Fūma Shuriken [2]
  • Flash Bomb [10]


[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 6q4 Kenrensha :: Blazing Fist
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 6q4 Kagutsuchi :: Flame Control

[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 6q4 Amaterasu :: Heavenly Illumination
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Taiyōfū no Masshō :: Solar Wind Obliteration
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Kaen no Akuma Totsugeki :: Assault of the Flame Devil
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Yūbi-Hi no Yoroi :: Ethereal Fire Release Armor
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Gōka Messhitsu :: Great Fire Destruction
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Orgq Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Lightning Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 8x8h Tsukuyomi :: Moon Reader
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 8x8h Kokuangyo no Jutsu :: Bringer of Darkness Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teuUra Renge :: Reverse Lotus

[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Bakufū Ranbu :: Blast Wave Wild Dance
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Orgq Rairyūdan no Jutsu :: Lightning Dragon Bullet Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Orgq Raigeki no Yoroi :: Lightning Strike Armor
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Shadow Clone Technique  
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Kuchiyose Raikō Kenka :: Summoning Lightning Blade Creation
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Mōko :: Fierce Tiger
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Mangekyō Sharingan-Tatsu :: Mangekyō Sharingan-Activate

[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Gōkakyū no Jutsu :: Great Fireball Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Orgq Jibashi :: Electromagnetic Murder
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Ōkashō :: Cherry Blossom Impact
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Ketatamashii Sai Kikku :: Piercing Rhino Kick
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Sharingan-Tatsu :: Sharingan-Activate
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Genjutsu-Sharingan-[X] Jutsu :: Illusion-Sharingan-[X] Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Sharingan-Niseru-[X] Jutsu :: Sharingan-Copy-[X] Technique

[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma H410 Moesashi no Jutsu :: Ember Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Shunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Nyuukon Ikioidzuku no Eiki :: Inner Life Strength
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 8kri Sōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 0teu Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 8x8h Kai :: Release Technique



[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma 9a5j[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Ovws
[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Gy7z[Elite-Jounin] Uchiha, Azuma Pu0b

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