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-------------------------- : : :PLAYER INFORMATION: : : --------------------------

Player Name: Methedor
Character Number: 01
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Clan:  Inazuma Clan

-------------------------- : : :BINGO BOOK ENTRY: : : --------------------------

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Raikage

Inazuma Clan Shuchō
Inazuma, Izumo


Name: Inazuma, Izumo
- Inazuma Clan Shuchō
- Savior of Kamitsun
Age: 33
Gender: Male

He has tanned skin with several small scars from the nearly fatal unnatural beetle encounter at Sunde on his left torso and side. He wares a vest of browns and dark colors with an obscuring collar. The vest includes a  Kaminari no Kuni clasp slightly below the large collar. Under the vest is an armored leather shirt. His grey pants are wrapped at the ankle and lower leg. He were stone colored open toed sandals. Trailing from his back from an obi at the waist is a light colored cloth that covers various tools that aren't in his vest.  On his wrists are hardened, dense, metal bracers.  The strings on his belt contain wire.

A second adventuring outfit retains the bracers and the leather shirt. Aside form those retentions he wears a kimono like outfit made of various browns designed to blend in a forest environment, it can be flipped to lighter color scheme meant to blend into the cliffs of the Land of Lightning. The kimono itself is an protective loose material with a hood and weapons strewn throughout the interior in place of his vest . He still wears pants under the kimono. The pants have a number of pouches strapped on containing more equipment. He'll sometimes wear Raimei's orchid ninjato in either outfit. He is more likely to wear his second outfit when leaving or on the outskirts of the land in an attempt to look less noticeable. The Inu symbol is on a band tied to his upper arm.  

Within the tower he wears his first outfit with the vest open or remove the vest and wear the open kimono.

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 163
Build: Lightly Muscular
Hair Color & Style: Off-white, Short, slightly unkempt.
Eye Color: Dark Blue

His personality has undergone change as he aged. In his youth he thought the Kaminari no Kuni shinobi were innately better this misconception lead him to underestimate other ninja. The Senju and Uchiha experience changed that and the continuing skirmish-war cemented it only experience and talent determined whom was better. He has a personal dislike of Hi no Kuni from the mass battles and the death of his companion. This can lead him to assume a shinobi from the Land of Fire is hostel despite the situation or have him pause to collect himself or be unnecessarily short when in conversation. He dislikes the Mizu no Kuni on a professional level more than a personal one. He is protective of Genin and first year Chuunin as a result of his mentoring. In a combat situation his first goal would be to ensure the safety of them, then fully engage the opponent.

Izumo values loyalty, his own mistakes and experiences have shown him that trust in his fellow shinobi can accomplish many things. As a result if a failure seems to be caused by a lack of team dynamics he puts the team or group of any rank through tests. Within small groups he is talkative, but larger groups he tends to get a feel of the room before mingling or if there are people he knows well he'll gravitate towards them. The exception being if he is making an official announcement.

When upset he takes a breath and becomes less expressive. When pushed to anger Izumo engages in something physical to release the tension. Though if he is in the blue tower he'll upkeep or practice with Raimei's sword. In combat his anger can momentarily override his tactical senses if the right buttons are pushed resulting in lapses of defense that a skilled fighter could take advantage of. He hopes to eventually overcome this weakness.

His standard demeanor is somewhat energetic usually wearing a partly concealed smirk. He partly does this to give a upbeat front to his people and immediate subjects. Away from his official duties he likes sushi and strong tea.


Known Relatives:
- Inazuma, Genju :: Grandfather :: Former Inuzuma Clan Shuchō :: Deceased
- Inazuma, Tendo :: Father :: Jounin Commander :: Deceased
- Inazuma, Hina :: Mother :: Jounin :: Deceased
- Inazuma, Kirano :: Brother :: Jounin :: 24 (Note: Available for PC use)

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 5kzu

Izumo was born in 1532 within the Land of Lightning during a time of upheaval. Over the next seven years his parents bounced in and out of the house as their duties permitted. As a result he thought to involve himself with their work. While it was amusing when Izumo would try to replicate jutsu or official looking documents futilely. However it was put to a stop when he fouled up some official scrolls causing a delay for his parents as it contained rendezvous coordinates for a multiple team meet up. Though this delay did prevent them from being ambushed and instead arrived to save the groups during it.

The future Clan Shuchō joined a shinobi training facility at the age of seven. During the time at the facility the Inazuma had a difficult time, at least during his first year. He was unfocused from an abundance of energy. This was used as a source of teasing and bullying by a number of the students, particularly Kurama, Surano whom used her caln's affinity for Genjutsu to lead him into awkward or troublesome situations. About mid way through the year his Jounin teacher Yama, Gauro decided to step in seeing that the impromptu 'Taijutsu' lessons were expending enough of his energy so that he could focus, but the form was missing some fine-tuning.  

With Yama stepping in to augment his standard training with increased Taijutsu Izumo's fights eventually switched sides from occasionally winning to usually. He seemed to be using the Raiton to gain the upper hand. By the start of year two this gap was made up for from his peers becoming more diligent in their training. The increased tension from the larger events concerning other political clans his classes training became even more hands on than usual with things like dulled blades being used. Izumo found out from Kaishen, Isai that the adult shinobi were concerned about the possibility of needing to pull students depending on how some command level situations went.

During his fourth year he had trouble with the more advanced D-rank Ninjutsu which is why when he heard of a scroll in the east part of the Kumogakure cliffs  that would elevate it's reader to a SSS-Rank master in Ninjutsu he jumped at the opportunity.  During his stealthy climb towards the mountains  he encountered Kaishen, Isai another student seeking the scroll. A fight ensued on the cliff side, though clumsy the battle moved to a ledge. Isai was using superior D-Rank Ninjutsu to offset Izumo's Taijutsu and after a fifteen minute fight with both students about to give in they made a pact to find the SSS-rank scroll together so they could both benefit. With the two working together they made it a bit more smoothly through rival students. They eventually made it to a cave network with a dead looking Chuunin clutching a scroll that told of a secret scroll in caves. Izumo and Isai made their way through  caves until they found Surano. Another fight ensued with the battle moving throughout the caves. Eventually the three stopped fighting when they saw a silver scroll and dashed for it. They opened it only to find... that this was a test and all of the students were secretly informed about this “SSS-Rank” scroll and told to not divulge the information.The remainder of the year had Kaishen, Isai helping Izumo with his Ninjutsu in time for graduation. During graduation he found out that the prior year his parents had another child and that he was a brother to Inazuma, Kirano.


At the age of eleven he was promoted to Genin along with the rest of his class. As an example of his D-rank skills he transformed into his rival Kurama, but before anything really embarrassing could happen  Yama-sensei was splitting the class into teams for an assignment. Izumo was sure that he would be stuck with someone like Surano if not Surano herself. As it turned out he was pleasantly surprised, his partners for this assignment was his friend Kaishen, Isa and a girl they hadn't noticed before Asahara, Raimei.

Following the class assignment the group turned into a small group of friends. The first year as a Genin involved difficult training. The young Inazuma suspected other villages used softer methods like snatching feathers from obi while running through a forest. Ruka, a jounin kenjutsu specialist took it upon himself to create a combat scenerio for a small group of Genin, including Izumo. This involved the use of dulled weapons and two froups of Genin. They were attempt to take tassels off Ruka's wrist while traversing the jagged cliff terrain of the Kaminari no Kuni the first Genin from ether team to get the tassel was to gain a prize. This resulted in moderate injuries most of the time leaving the Genin wondering how they survived the training. Unknown to the Genin the Jounin was a skilled user of Doton and made ledges appear when it was clear a fatal mistake was made. Ruka would keep this training up throughout the Genin's tenure to keep their reflexes up.

In between and sometimes during the training and recovery time both Isa and Izumo chased after Raimei, trying to impress her and in general gain her attention. The Kunnoichi usually found their antics amusing, especially when it caused Isa and Izumo to clash.  Over the next year Izumo and Isa's rivalry over Raimei dissipated along with their mutual crush for her as they began to see her as a skilled companion instead of just a cute girl.

The next two years saw an increase and change in the training regiment. Of note: Survival training with only the observation of their ever present Jounin, Ruka. Live sparring vs each other and others with Genin and Chuunin medical-nin  on the side. Ruka and his friend Sekai whom took an interest in this curiosity of teaching Genin suggested shifting the Genin's training more towards that of Ruka's Kusari, something that was swift and unpredictable. This required Izumo to focus more on his ninjutsu, along with Isa and Raimei on Kenjutsu. Mid way into the second year, 1546, Izumo, his friends were sent to disrupt a village, Sunde, by directly poisoning their water supply with a sleeping toxin. This was to be a practical test of skill insisted upon by Ruka, who has become a mentor of sorts. However the somewhat dangerous task jumped ranks as a secret was uncovered in this low ranking foreign village of Sunde.

During the Sunde test the team of freinds under henge guises of villagers found that there were more ninja than expected. The Genin deciding to investigate found that there was a Jounin in the village, but before they could decide on a course of action the village of Sunde exploded in light and chakra. A large creature none of the Genin recognized emerged, it looked like an enormous beetle summon. All of the team's henge no jutsu vanished. Ruka ordered a retreat, but even the outskirts of the rampaging beast's destruction was strong beyond all recognition. During the retreat everyone was wounded. Raimei's weapon was destroyed with her own blade gashing her arm to uselessness. Fragments of earth practically shattered Isa's left leg. Shards of metal unavoidable even through body flicker pierced Izumo's chest and side. Teh group's mentor was hit by rampant chakra and both of his legs were turned to vapor. It was only by the four of them banding together that they could retreat outside of the danger zone before lapsing into darkness from their respective wounds. They woke up within a field medical center in Hebi Gourge. Izumo, Isa and Raimei were patched up to limited mobility and could only generate enough chakra to use E-rank techniques. Though even with A-Rank medical-nin Ruka was in critical condition. The plan was to graft on new legs, but the procedure would take time.

Over the next two years Izumo tried to take up the mantel of leadership when his friend's decided to join him in assignments. This was clearly an attempt to replace Ruka until his return. This caused Izumo to increase his training to the point where he had to be forcibly regulated. He was also focusing even more on mobility taijustu in an effort to prevent an injury like that of Sunde, perhaps he could save his friends next time an event like this happened. Sekai aware of his companions interest in Izumo and his group of friends decided to replaced Ruka with Genwa, Rin during Ruka's recovery. Rin was a Jounin friend of Sekai's, though not as well known to Ruka. In the begging Izumo was resistant to her authority claiming that he could lead groups on missions when the need arose. Eventually he gave in with the idea that he was in reserve.

Genwa, Rin stayed until the first third of the second year when Ruka returned. During Rin's service she focused more on strength and forethought in contrast to Ruka's reflex and wily ingenuity. This included events against other groups of Genin and more often then not they would be up against Izumo's rivals, the Genin: Fuwa, Kengi; Misaki, Ruri and Kurama, Surano with extra oversight provided by a Jounin Kuno, Tsuruko.

When Ruka returned with a marked difference in legs and Rin swamped, the training turned to Chuunin trial prep. The test to get into the exam was fierce. Each Genin was given a uniquely designed bead that they could hide on themselves. The goal was to have at least four different kind of beads by the time the top of the mountain range was reached within a three day limit. Any tactic was allowed to complete the exam. Starting from random positions at the bottom of the mountain range the Genin began the Chuunin trial. Izumo and his standard group of friends Isa and Raimei joined forces thinking that most others would be in free for alls or in loose alliances. With this tactic they lost and gained, by the time the battered companions reached the top after two and half days they didn't have their original bead, but did have four each.

The trial itself had undisclosed passing requirements. Each match was a single versus event with the landscape left untouched from round to round. On the fifth day of exams it became Izumo's round, for him a fight. He was against Surano, something he wasn't pleased about. The ground had been up turned and rendered unstable with Doton tunnels. What trees remained were at odd angles, few were  left untouched. The fight began well with Izumo using body flicker to get in close, landing a few blows. Surano returned hits via blasts of fire and for a time the fight was equal. However the same advantage that disrupted Izumo in his training days was still in Surano's skill set and improved upon, her   Kurama bloodline powered Genjutsu. Izumo was able to break the Genjutsu after being hit several times, but it went back and forth between establishing and breaking Genjutsu that he wasn't sure what was and wasn't real anymore. By the end of the fight he found himself bloodied, unable to move with a broken looking Surano almost on top of him. For a moment he thought he had won and his opponent was unconscious partly on top of something else. That perception was broken when he barely felt a kunai edge on his throat being held by the slightly better off Surano.


Despite the exam match outcome, at the age of fifteen Inazuma, Izumo passed the mysterious requisites and was allowed to become a Chuunin. Izumo, Asahara, Raimei and Kaishen, Isa continued to stay together when their contracts would permit. Additionally Izumo finally took time to visit his now six year old brother.

Throughout the year the majority of his contracted missions were that of escort and other variations of guarding. He began to feel that something was strange, not in an outright dangerous way, but it seemed like there was an increase in ambient tension and his vast accumulation of Rank C and B missions being a guard was, to him slightly unusual. He gathered with his standard group of friends to confirm it wasn't just him. Isa and Raimei concurred that something was looming in the background of current events. Attempts to find Ruka were cut short as he was out on a long term mission of some kind. They started formulating a plan to find more information, but contracts split them up for a couple more months. When they reconvened, the group agreed to travel to the bordering villages to see if an outside perspective would provide answers to this shadow that they were sensing.

Shortly thereafter the friends made extensive use of the Henge no Jutsu to infiltrate the neighboring banner clans of  Seju and Uchiha. Unfortunately the Chuunin could not progress very much past the Senju's harbor. They were in fact discovered by a patrol of ingenious Genin. Izumo, Raimei and Isa swiftly dispatched one of the Genin and were forced to leave two disabled. The only information gained was from Raimei whom found that a secret ship was being dispatched to the coast. Izumo and his small band of shinobi were unable to locate the ship.

The journey into the Uchiha's territory was a bit more fruitful. After nearly being discovered several times by Jounin, Isa was able to steal scrolls indicating that some sort of sealing was being researched. Before the group could have a tactical meeting to plan out how to find more scrolls Inazuma Jounin found them and  sternly reminded them of their duty to carryout contracts for the clan leader. This split the group once more.

Between contracts and attempts to take jobs that would lead him into other territories Izumo took the time to reconnect with his family and during his seventeenth year help the eight year old Kirano with his shinobi studies. It was part way through this year that he realized he was occasionally being followed by ninja from an indiscernible village. With the help of the reconvened team of friends they were able to tail the shinobi long enough to discover that he was a Uchiha ninja! After several nights of discussion it was decided to split the group. Isa and Izumo would continue to cross boarders for more scrolls while Raimei would stay behind in the compound to uncover the reason for their shadow.

Izumo and Isa made their way deeper into Uchiha by going through the relatively low travel territories. After several months the two found more scrolls and from them deduced that the a group of deranged Uchia were coming up with a way to seal Chakra and render opposing shinobi permanently useless. On their way  towards friendly territory they were confronted by several wind using ninja. A fight broke out between Chuunin and as the fight traveled Genin tactlessly participated. With the assistance of Yotsuki Jounin they were able to make it into friendly territory. The Yotsuki-nin requested that Izumo and Isa hand over what they found, Izumo refused claiming to have the right to give the information. A rather short fight broke out between the Chuunin and Jounin in which Izumo was swiftly subdued by Suiton.

When they returned Isa and Izumo were permitted a short meeting with Raimei. Raimei explained that the shadowing shinobi was sent to confirm suspicions about them. As it turned out the deduction made from the sealing reports were inaccurate and their meddling was in fact destabilizing some larger plan. Later the three were called into the Shucho's office. It was there that they reconnected with Ruka and found out the true impact of their actions. Ruka and the Shucho, Inazuma, Genju explained that clan was already aware that sealing experiments were going on and that they were trying to collect information via the contacts that various shinobi had been tasked to guard over the years. Additionally misinformation was planted, some of which was stolen in part or whole by the team's activities. Further more the disruptions had made some previously certain factors for future operations variable. As the clan leader was about to deliver disciplinary action to the group Izumo asserted himself and demanded to take responsibility as commander of 'his men'.  After an emotion filled plea Genju dismissed Izumo's allies and delivered his ruling. Inazuma, Izumo was stayed his Jounin promotion when it would normally arrive, was not to participate in military action save for emergency defense and was not be permitted in the home compound for a period of a full year. In addition to the former he was restricted to Rank C or lower contracts and said contracts were not to cross outside the boarders.

During 1550, his year of family exile Izumo was distraught that he was not permitted to assist in serious clan activies and furious with himself that his disruption had actually tipped off the the enemy, via their allies, enough to increase defenses and cause a stalemate at the battle.  Also during the year he took time to center himself and train so that when he was able to participate he could atone for his previous mistakes. To that end he trained in use of his Chakra for better control of himself and Suiton techniques due to how effective it was against him.

His year of exile finally ended and Izumo participated in active military operations. Of note he was involved in the battle of the Silver Snow. The various engagements and sometimes constant movement made orders precise and news slow. Mid way through 1551 Izumo discovered that Hina, his mother was killed in the recent successful attack on the Inazuma clan due to wounds she sustain in a stalemated battle. Time passed as the warring clans pushed their enemies back into the Land of Fire. Victory seemed assured until Uchiha shinobi appeared and with excellent strategy and tactics  fought the alliance of sub-clans back. With the line attempting to be drawn at the Fire Temple Izumo was forced to take command and was able to hold the the position for a few days, but was ultimately pushed out and to a regroup with.


During what could have been considered a light period of the war Izumo was promoted to Jounin by the Shucho due to his action at the Fire Temple in the previous year of 1552. Inazuma, Izumo was surprised by the delayed promotion until he remembered the conditions he was placed under years ago.

As a Jounin he decided to follow in his mentor's footsteps and took on a group of Genin. This group was composed of the sisters Kurma Yumi and Ayami and his now Genin brother Kirano. In keeping to a similar method of teaching that his mentor, Ruka, used he taught the group of Genin to be spontaneous in combat. However he didn't use the favored weapon of Ruka to accomplish this. He would then use his knowledge of jutsu to surprise his students at random times, holding the power back as not to kill them. Izumo pushed them to work together and for them to judge their ability against the situation. The latter was an attempt to prevent them from making a decision similar to his own big Chuunin mistake.

After six months the mentored Genin had accomplished several E-rank and some D-rank missions. Izumo was about to put them through a test when he got word of an unexpected attack with in the village of Kamitsun near the Hebi Gourge. As the group was training near by, the Jounin Izumo kept his band of Genin with him on the mission. When he and his younglings arrived at Kamitsun they found that the last allied Jounin had fallen and the enemy forces only had Chuunin and a small training area's worth of Genin to deal with. Izumo quickly told his Genin to find any Chunnin that were trapped or unconscious and direct or drag them to the clan training grounds. Izumo himself engaged the enemy trying to by time. He began taking out their Chuunin. They appeared to fall or get slammed into trees by air. In actuality he was hitting them as a ran pass with body flicker which was noticed by the offending Jounin after a small group of their Chuunin fail to catch up. Soon he found himself surrounded by like skilled opponents and the remaining Chuunin targets moving forward to the ninja grounds.

Izumo valiantly fought using all of his strength, speed and jutsu, but that slowed as the small hits accumulated and aggravated his wounds. It was then that Kurama, Surano arrived aiding Izumo. The two of them caused the remaining Jounin to scatter. When the two closed in on the Kamitsun training facility it was a battle field with an unfortunately one sided Chuunin fight taking place. Surano ordered Izumo to move the Genin out while she stayed and aided in the Chuunin battle. Izumo initially insisted that he help in the fight, but was quickly reminded about his current injured state.

He obeyed and made it into the crumbling building. Several hallways collapsed slowing him down. He made it into the Genin occupied commons in time for a scream, one of the Kamitsun was on the ground with a tagged kunai in her chest. The Sunagakure shinobi on the other side of the room. Izumo dashed over to extract and aggressively return the kunai. However he wasn't quite fast enough as soon as he release the weapon for it's flight the tags timer expired and it exploded flinging him backwards through the wall and destroying his vest and most of his equipment. When he forced himself back into the room, the Genin were still in shock. He rushed the Genin out of the room and picked up the little girl, not knowing her state beyond the superficial. The Chuunin charged apparently having some Raiton training, Kagawa protectively positioned the girl and countered with a fireball. The explosion forced the two shinobi away from each other. With a limp he joined the Genin and lead them out of the collapsing building aided by one of the Kurama sisters using Genjutsu to ease his pain.

By the time he and the allied Genin escaped Kamitsun it was overran and the young shinobi girl had passed on. With the area turned into hostel territory  it took Izumo months to reach unoccupied territory. During the journey the group was ambushed several times forcing him to improvise defensive techniques. Aside from the initial girl there were no fatalities, however there were various injuries including ,for him, a broken arm. Soon word spread about the training facility rescue and some people began to refer to him as the Savior of Kamitsun.

After his return Izumo in addition to consoling and  training his Genin, he began taking more of an interest in the larger picture and took strategy division training. He didn't have much of an opportunity to use his skills practically as he finished his training as an assistant shortly after his 23rd birthday.

Years passed and political tensions shifted to and fro. Izumo now a Battalion commander had seen his mentored Genin off after a get together to celebrate the passing of their first Chuunin year. He had taken up routine training in various kenjutsu arts from Raimei and enjoyed the occasional free-battle sparring with the inclusion of Isa. During one such match, in 1558, they received a summons from their old friend Ruka. They were given an S-rank mission from their former mentor. It was discovered that the Forest Daimyo was going to attack a part of the Land of Fire. The assignment was to take out the Wind Daimyo so the head clan would be indebted.

The three Jounin went into the Land of Fire searching for Daimyo. By the time they found him and the Samurai force he brought with him they were about to clash with ninja from Senju sub-clans. In an attempt to complete the mission the Jounin team joined in the battle, trying to reach their target. The outcome was a partial success and costly on all sides. The Daimyo was injured by Isa and despite the group's skill, Raimei fell. Izumo carrying Raimei retreated with Isa away from the battle field that was slowly being won by the Senju allies. Raimei's wounds were too great and she died during the retreat. After they returned to Inuzuma territory the fallen member was given a funeral worthy of her rank. After the ceremony he took Raimei's dark orchid colored ninjato and provided for it's upkeep as a way to honor her. The Ultimate result of the S-assignment didn't amount to much other than a slightly better outlook that would be used to inspire others.

By 1561 the nearly thirty year old Izumo was proud to attend the promotion of his younger brother to Jounin status. He himself was doing well having been through a few off and on relationships, the most current one being with his rival  Surano. He was scheduled to take part in the second phase of an allied raid where he would be able to fight along side his father, Tendo. The attack had the unforeseen effect of triggering a larger battle within their target of disputed territory during their first phase. The conflict disrupted established plans to where Izumo couldn't participate. From reports, the retreat forced them to close to the Land of Fire boarders where they ambushed by unknown shinobi. The ambush resulted in Tendo's death and further investigation reviled that the ambushers were from somewhere in Hozuki territory. Current relations forced the reason why they crossed boarders to remain a mystery.

1562 was a time of great change for Izumo and Land of Lightning as a whole. The current Shucho fell in a duel which started a mourning with in land that would be fall any great clan that suffered such a loss. For Izumo that meant his family line, up to his generation was gone. He felt like a line had been cut and he was nearly alone. He took comfort in his fellow shinobi. A few days  after the death Izumo got word via an official scroll that he was appointed the Shucho by last order of the former leader. Not feeling up to the task he wanted to refuse, but realized that it would take to long to provide a replacement if he did. After his appointment as leader he began redoubling his training as he tried to feel worthy of the position and using his strategic skills to fortify the boarders.

On a personal level he found the job of Inazuma Shucho difficult. At times he needed to go against his feelings for the betterment of his clan and those he governed, like when dealing with the clans whom took his mother and best friend from him or when dealing with the Hozuki who's closed mysterious dealings disturbed him. He did however enjoy overseeing shinobi challenges. As the years passed he was able to come to terms with some of his feelings and tension.  

Affiliation: Inazuma Clan :: Kaminari no Kuni
Rank: S-rank :: Inazuma Clan Shuchō
Combat Style:
When Izumo has the upper hand in a fight he'll try to keep the combat close and use speed with close area jutsu to take down the opponent. When facing a group he'll try to use his ranged jutsu to distract he foes so he can get in close for hits and one attacks until the number gets manageable enough for him to commit to close quarters. If he needs an opponent alive he'll try to break an arm to make jutsu more difficult. In strategy level engagements he tries to take out ranged shinobi first to put forces at a disadvantage. In opening fights he tries to tire his opponent out by using a single Kage Bunshin then as above go in for close area attacks.  This has the additional benefit of gaining combat information from his opponent with risk to himself.

    Primary: Taijutsu
    Secondary: Ninjutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based

    S-rank :: Incredible Chakra Capacity
    S-rank :: Kettou Kekkei (Ranton)
    S-rank :: Inton (Yin) Proficiency
    A-rank :: Raiton Proficiency
    A-rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Katon)
    A-Rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Suiton)
    A-rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency (Ranton)
    A-rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency (Jinraiton)

Physical Based

    A-rank :: Godly Strength
    A-rank :: Godly Speed
    A-rank :: Godly Evasion

Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Orgq Raiton

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3 Suiton

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410 Katon

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 8x8h Yin

Advanced Chakra Nature:

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0k3f Ranton

    [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Zahf Jinraiton

Chakra Reserve:
SS-Rank Chakra

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45xShuriken – covered by his trailing cloth are three sets of leather strips holding 15 shuriken each
6x Kunai- contained in his vest pockets
10x Exploding tags- pockets on his pants
Raimei's Orchid Blade- on his hip or on a rack in his Office
3xWire- within the red strips hanging on his belt
Bingo Book

    30x flash bombs
    30x Smoke Bombs
    Heavy Staff


Name: Kage Ran no Jutsu :: Shadow Tempest
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self
Element: [Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0k3fRanton
Description: This takes the Raiton Kage Bushin to an even more advanced level. The shadow clone is made of a flowing current of controlled lightning. As such the clone is semi-solid and forceful hits will pass through with harmful results. Making contact with this clone will cause the lightning composing it to conduct through what interpenetrates it, making it hazardous to melee combatants either bare handed or typical bukijutsu using. Non-metalic objects like wood are less susceptible to the current usually resulting in only burned wood, a slightly weakened object. It can travel through conductive object including metal doors giving him the appearance of walking through it or disappearing into something, this counts as a "hit" for it's stability The clone can only take five hits. The exception being water which will disperse the clone in one hit (making it electrified water) if it is a B-Rank or higher, two if C-Rank,the clone's form is stable against D-Rank water justsu up to it's normal hits. Shinobi specializing in water jutsu may have a varied result. If destroyed by normal means the Ranton Clone will destructively disperses' as a torrent of energy that unleashes beams of Ranton chakra in all directions within an area of 3 meters. This technique take a significant amount of Chakra. Izumo uses this as apart of his opening tactic against high-threat opponents.

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0k3fReizā Sākasu :: Encouraging Crushing Chain Tormenting Principle
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3 Suiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo ZahfOto Bōtō no Jutsu :: Sonic Boom Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqRaiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Lightning Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqGian :: False Darkness
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizu Kamikiri :: Rising Water Slicer
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Katon Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Fire Element Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuShuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuUra Renge :: Reverse Lotus

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0k3fRankiryū :: Demon Dragon Storm
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Zahf Hekireki Bunshin Bakuhatsu :: Thunder Clone Explosion
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqKuropansa :: Black Panther
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqIkazuchi no Jutsu :: Lightning Bolt Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqRaigeki no Yoroi :: Lightning Strike Armor
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Suigadan :: Water Fang Projectile
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizu no Tatsumaki :: Tornado of Water
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Goshokuzame :: Five Sharks Eating
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Gōryūka no Jutsu :: Great Dragon Fire Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Haisekishō :: Ash Pile Burning
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuKage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Shadow Clone Jutsu

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0k3fRaiunkōha :: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqJibashi :: Electromagnetic Murder
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqRaishuriken :: Lightning Shuriken
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqRaikyuu :: Lightning Ball
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu :: Water Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizuame Nabara :: Syrup Capture Field
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizurappa :: Violent Water Wave
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Ryūka no Jutsu :: Dragon Fire Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo ZahfHekireki Bunshin no Jutsu :: Thunder Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Hōsenka no Jutsu :: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuŌkashō :: Cherry Blossom Impact
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuTsūtenkyaku :: Heavenly Foot of Pain

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo OrgqHibana :: Spark
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo Aad3Mizubitashi :: Drench
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo H410Moesashi no Jutsu :: Ember Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuShunshin no Jutsu :: Body Flicker Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 8kriSōshō Fuuinjutsu :: Generic Sealing Technique

[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuKawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuKakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuBunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuNawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 0teuHenge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
[Shuchō]Inazuma, Izumo 8x8h Kai :: Release Technique


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