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[Shuchō]Sanjuro, Fei

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Player Name: gundamoutlaw
Character Number: 2
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Clan: Sanjuro

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(Shizuru Fujino/Viola :: Mai HiME/Otome)

Kaze no Shuchō
Sanjuro, Fei


Name: Fei Sanjuro
Title/Alias: Kaze no Shuchō, Hime no Suna Nenshō (Maiden of the Burning Sand)
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Appearing elegant and composed in both manner and dress, Fei is considered one of the more attractive young woman of her generation in the Land of Wind. Years of shinobi training has gifted her with a certain level of poise and almost cat-like grace which is unmatched by many in her chosen field, further serving to add to her natural allure and charm. She is of slightly less then average height, and is slim of build despite her high level of physical fitness, which only serves to further enhance her feminine figure in the eyes of her peers. She takes great care to maintain her fair skinned complexion despite the harsh nature of her desert home, fully realizing that her appearance is a valuable asset as a kunoichi, and even as a Shuchō to some extent. This isn’t to say that she is vain about her looks, quite the opposite in fact, merely that she understands the inherent value of these traits and how to apply them to aid in the pursuit of her goals.

Since ascending to the rank of Shuchō, she has started to dress much more formally, tending to wear light weight yukata and on some occasions even a furisode. Beneath that however is the standard combat attire she wore during her time as a field operative, consisting of a backless, black sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, and a pair of form-fitting black pants with brown light shoes, allowing for stealth and easy movement. She also occasionally accessorizes this with a light scarf for keeping the sand out of her face and a set of long, beige wrist and leg warmers, each secured in place by dark colored leather bands. For the sake of convenience, her overwear has been specially tailored for quick removal, allowing her to tear it away in a single fluid motion and thus access her much more practical battlewear should the need arise for her to act personally.

Height: 5’7” (170.18cm)
Weight: 110 lbs. (49.9kg)
Build: Thin and athletic, yet still distinctly feminine due to her ideally proportioned curves.
Hair Color & Style: Long sandy-blond hair, reaching down to about the small of the back and generally worn loose
Eye Color: Red

Fei’s personality is somewhat two-faced and complex due to the violent nature of her earliest memories and the bonds she formed later in life. The side most people actually get to see comes across as slightly perverted, sarcastic, and overly friendly. An individual who seems to be able to almost instantly dispel the tension in a room thanks to her friendly smile and good natured kansai accent, appearing to be constantly beaming with youthful charm and trying to get others to laugh with her while possibly sharing a cup of tea. However behind this mask is a cunning and shrewd fighter who is under a nearly constant state of vigilance, and is prone to sizing up anyone she comes across as a potential opponent. Due to her outwardly friendly nature not many people realize just how dangerous she can be, even within the confines of her own home. Years of service have instilled within her a well-developed killer instinct and she can actually be quite deadly when she chooses to be, but few actually get to see this side of her and walk away to talk about it.

Fei is the sort of person who cares deeply for those whom she considers friends and loved ones, willing to go to great lengths to help them out whenever possible. Her definition of who falls into this category is far broader then one would expect for a ninja, seemingly encompassing an innumerable allotment of people and social types, and with an intense focus on the people of the Land of Wind. Her usually friendly personality causes her to like most people off the bat, almost immediately lumping them into her 'friends' category after only a few short minutes of conversation. This trait is what eventually drove her towards a life of social service by taking on the role of Shuchō, hoping to devote her talents towards aiding those whom life has left hanging in the lurch for some reason. She has no issue with sharing her problems and experiences with other people, especially if she believes that they will learn something from hearing them. This 'open book' type personality of her's means that she is not afraid to speak her mind if she feels that what she has to say needs to be heard, no matter who she may be talking to at the time. This in combination with her headstrong nature has led to some rather amusing situations between her and the council of elders, both during her time as a lesser kunoichi and now that she has taken on the mantel of clan leader, as people have witnessed her 'correcting' the other council members on more then one occasion.

Her open and friendly nature allows her to forgive a lot of things, but once she feels someone has crossed the line then all bets are off. Should someone earn her ire, which is usually hard to do, it takes them a long time to worm their way back into her good graces. There are very few things one can do to end up in this situation, but the common hot buttons to provoke this reaction from her are elitists, deeply cold hearts, and the blatantly stupid reckless endangerment of others. Once her buttons have been pushed Fei will express her hostility as openly as any other emotion, usually within point-blank range of whoever was foolish enough to set her off in the first place. Given her usually energetic friendliness, her sudden shift is truly a sight to behold and has been known to seriously stun those who witness it. This trait was one of the primary contributing factors that earned her her nickname as “Maiden of the Burning Sand.” Her explosive temper reminding those who saw it of a raging firestorm, and when combined with her elemental talents, proving just as deadly.

She has the unfortunate gift of possessing a very keen mind in combination with a sharp sense of humor. These traits in addition to her playful nature form combination which isn't necessarily a good thing for those around her given her quirky personality. She enjoys using these abilities to play small practical jokes on those close to her. While said jokes usually tend to be harmless, such as setting an alarm clock two hours early on someone's day off just to watch their frantic reaction, she has been known to overdo it on occasion without realizing it. She is usually quick to make amends however when this sort of thing happens, as she is not doing them out of spite, but as a harmless prank between close peers.


Known Relatives:
- Sanjuro, Minoru :: Father :: Age - 57 :: Kaze no Shuchō (Retired)
- Sanjuro, Minako :: Mother :: Age - 47 :: Jonin (Retired)

Clan: Sanjuro

Born into a time of rising tension between the various countries, Fei was forced to grow up in a world of growing rivalries and ever increasing arms caching. Being the daughter of two prominent shinobi within the Sanjuro Clan, the Jonin Commander and the then head of the black ops corps., she knew better then most just how bad the situation in the world was getting as the Lands of Earth and Lightning attempted to make mad grabs for power. Night after night she would eavesdrop on her parents as they discussed the current state of things and what was being done about it. These late night conversations were what first inspired her to want to become a ninja, creating within her a deep longing to help her mommy and daddy protect their home from the “bad people” and return the “special animals” to their rightful owners. To that end she began attempting to train herself in the shinobi arts, mimicking the moves she saw at the theater and in books in the hopes that she would be able to quickly pick up the abilities necessary to join her parents on the front lines. At first her parents thought this was adorable and amusing, just the normal sort of thing a little girl does in an attempt to imitate her parents, same as if she were playing house. But that all changed when she accidentally broke her arm one day while trying to run up one of the walls of their home. It was at that point that they realized that their little girl wasn’t merely trying to imitate them, but was seriously trying to teach herself how to be a kunoichi. A feat that could prove very dangerous indeed if not done under controlled conditions and with the proper supervision.

To that end, and after many nights of lengthy discussion, her mother: Minako, resigned her post as the black ops commander and took on a teaching position at the clan's training facility. Enrolling her own daughter at the same time in order to ensure that her precious child was not only taught by the best, but also taught under the safest conditions she could provide given the circumstances. This thrilled her daughter to no end, even in spite of being forced to have her own mother as her teacher and enduring the embarrassment therein, she was learning how to be a real ninja and that was all that mattered. It was during this time that their enemies decided to make their move on the Land of Wind, leading to a bloody five day long battle  and resulting in the opening salvos of a decade long grudge match. Unlike many of the other students in her class, Fei was fully aware of what this meant and what the possible ramifications were, all thanks to those late night eavesdropping sessions of hers. While they continued on with business as usual, completely oblivious to the increases in security going on around them, she began working even harder towards her goal. Double-timing it on all of her studies and even going so far as to secretly approach her aunt and uncle for tutoring. As a result she quickly pulled ahead of the rest of her class, eventually reaching the point where they were forced to skip her ahead a grade. And then going beyond even that, pushing them to the point where they were left with no other options but to give her additional lessons via independent study or graduate her early.


Realizing the position she was putting her instructors in, Fei was thoroughly pleased with herself, and began working even harder, almost to the point of overwhelming herself both mentally and physically, in an effort to force their hand. This led her mother to approach the rest of the instructors in order to petition for her daughter’s early release from the program. She had been aware of what she had been up to for some time, but had failed to realize just how far the young woman was willing to go in pursuit of her goals. Merely chalking it up to youthful enthusiasm and missing the connection to her earlier exploits. This underestimation of Fei’s determination and blind ambition had forced Minako to reconsider the stance of noninterference she’d taken, fear of what the girl could inadvertently do to herself if she kept up this pace now that she was properly trained motivating her to speak on the young woman’s behalf. As a result Fei was graduated from the program several years early, attaining the rank of Genin at the age of eleven. An awkward time for anyone, especially a budding young woman, and even more so for one who was about to be violently thrust in to the adult world of the shinobi.

Her first assignment found her in a less then ideal position, her relative youth and appearance making her uniquely qualified for a mission into the Land of Earth to acquire information on enemy movements from an arms’ dealer there who was known for his... uncouth tastes in women. The mission was a basic infiltration job, get close to the target, let him have a little too much to drink, and then put him in the sort of situation where he was prone to let things slip. Given the intimate nature of the techniques usually employed by a kunoichi on this sort of mission, it was not normally the sort of task assigned to one so young or low in rank. But unfortunately for Fei, there wasn’t anyone else outside of the academy ranks who fit the bill given the target’s preferences. Even the most skilled practitioner of the Transformation technique had their limits after all. Which meant that her first mission was not only going to be a test of her abilities, but also a rude wake up call and a loss of her innocence if she wasn’t very creative. It was during this operation however that she was able to discover her natural talent for genjutsu, as she was able to apply the theories she had picked up during her hours of intense study to create an improvised illusion for her target, and thus extract the information without having to acquiesce to his deplorable physical demands.

This on the fly application of genjutsu given her file’s indication of limited to no training in that field, a fact that was somewhat in error but one she wasn’t about to correct, immediately caught the attention of her superiors upon her return. As a result, she spent the next three years of the war bouncing from specialist to specialist, aiding them in their various endeavors, both on and off the battlefield, as they tried to figure out what other talents she might be hiding. It was during this time that she began working on honing her chakra control to the point of almost near perfection, a trait that would allow her to expend additional energy reserves on other more useful passive skills such as sensing the life energy of those around her. It was also at this point in time that she discovered her affinity for controlling the power of sand and fire, skills that would earn her the nickname “Maiden of the Burning Sand” by war’s end due to her conduct at the battle of Mount Hiei.


Following the conclusion of the hostilities and the signing of a temporary cease fire, the now fourteen year old Fei was promoted to the rank of Chunin as a reward for her conduct and bravery during the war. This led to some resentment from some of her recently graduated peers, believing that she had been able to advance so quickly not on her talent but instead by either cashing in on her parent’s status in the court of nobles, or by doing unspeakable acts with someone else of influence in these sorts of things. These baseless accusations didn’t last very long among the more experienced shinobi, especially the ones who had been given the honor of working with Fei in the past, but amongst the cadet and Genin population it caught like wildfire. There was little she could do to refute the allegations however, as how does one prove to a skeptic that such improprieties never occurred? As a result her relationship with the majority of her former classmates suffered dramatically, leaving her with just a small cadre of friends and slightly hardened on the inside as a result. This schism became even greater upon her inheriting the leadership of the Second Battalion from one of her former commanders, the hitherto unprecedented act only further serving to cement the opinions of her detractors in the Sanjuro and the other clans. Because of this she began spending less and less time in compound proper where she’d be forced to encounter those who had been tainted by the rumors buzzing about her, opting to take the path of least resistance in this case as speaking out didn’t seem to work. This idea of course went against everything she believed in and was seemingly out of character for one so strong willed, but the years of battling against ignorance had begun to wear on her and she needed a break from it all.

As a result she found herself wandering the slums on the outskirts of the surrounding villages, and it was during these wanderings that she began hearing rumors about a young man enacting his own form of vigilante justice for those on the frontier. Curiosity getting the better of her, she began searching for the young man in question, finding him after a few days of searching in the middle of one of his famous interventions. Amused by the affair, she approached the boy in order to learn more about him, and after spending a few days together began pressing to enroll him in the ninja training program. She wasn’t sure why she found herself so interested in the youth, though the obvious answer seemed to be that she saw something of herself in the young amnesiac and wanted to help him out the best way she knew how. As the years past she came to think of him as a sort of younger brother, sometimes even calling him such as a joke just to see the look on his face. He had touched a part of her that she had long since thought buried, her past experiences and the recent rumor mongering having hardened her to the point that she’d thought she’d never recover. It was because of this that she was able to return to duty and face her accusers, fighting back in the only way she really could. Asking them to provide evidence in an open hearing or back off, saying, “Put up or shut up!” Obviously unable to provide any sort of proof that would be admissible in court, her would-be prosecutors were forced to back down and accept the egg on their face gracefully.

This incident won her back the respect of many of her former classmates and the students that they had wrongfully influenced, her calm and level headed approach helping to cement in their minds that she might actually have at least partially earned her status as a commander. They were especially impressed with her lack of reprisal against her accusers, leaving them to wallow in their shame instead of further adding insult to injury by trying to use her influence to punish them. It also served to further her reputation as a fair and understanding leader, as it was the exact same sort of approach with which she led her troops, and she was already well known for her open door policy.


A few months after this incident Fei, now age twenty, was allowed to begin her Jounin proving trials. Returning to her roots with another high-end information retrieval mission. This time however the target was far more dangerous, as it was one of the more prominent shinobi in the Land of Earth. The clan's intelligence division had heard rumors of troop movements on the border of they shared with their rival to the North, but they had been unable to confirm these whisperings via the conventional methods and were thus left with little choice but to turn to one of their kunoichi for help. As with her last attempt at this sort of mission, she was again able to fall back on her genjutsu in order to get the information without sullying herself, and what she learned shocked her. The Earth shinobi were indeed intending to make a move on her homeland, in fact they were already making their way across the border even as she was learning of the attack. Upon learning this she rushed home to warn the Sanjuro and their allies, but unfortunately she was to late to prevent the tragedy that followed.

This move by the Ishida was seemingly unprovoked and as such caught the Sanjuro shinobi completely unprepared, resulting in complete and utter chaos as the ninja forces desperately scrambled to defend their home. In her absence her unit fought desperately to defend the the area, fighting on long after the order to retreat had been given, but in the end their efforts were not enough and countless lives were lost to the enemies' insatiable hunger and lust for combat. Fei managed to make it back just as her people were being driven back to the Shuchō's home, forced to take shelter within the central fortification as they fought a last ditch effort to drive out the invaders. It was at this point that she learned the horrible truth, that their leader was unable to handle the pressure and was fearful of the outcome should the Wind ninja fall, cracking under the strain and committing seppuku at his desk before any of his generals could stop him. This sudden and shocking admission of defeat tore the fragile alliance apart at the very core, creating a massive power vacuum during a time when such things could only serve to compound the danger of the situation. Caught in the middle of the chaos as the clan leaders turned on their allies and their subordinates, Fei found herself cutting down men and women she had considered friends and family for almost her entire life, fighting for her life as all that she had worked so hard to protect imploded from within. The entire compound was now being forced to wage a war on two fronts, aiding the Ishida ninja in their attempt to destroy their rivals in one stroke. Retaking command of her battalion, Fei brought her forces in on the side of her father as he tried to gain control of the situation.

During this she encountered a man by the name of Ishida, Seiji. A well known member of the Ishida Clan who was currently spearheading an assault on the central fortifications. Forced to engage him in one-on-one combat, Fei found herself confronted by a man who's skills as a ninja rivaled her own. But whereas he seemed to rely mostly on intimidation and brute force, she was able to focus more on the long game and draw things out via her use of subtlety and genjutsu. This allowed her to buy enough time for reinforcements to arrive, and for her opponent to be lost among the sea of bodies so that she could disengage to aid her father.

The rest of the night was a long and bloody struggle, but eventually her father was able to pull together a loose coalition of clan elders, and the allied forces were able to stop fighting each other long enough to push back the Earth shinobi to the lands from whence they’d come and begin the process of rebuilding. It was at this time that Minoru took on the mantel of Shuchō, despite his apparent ill health, establishing the tradition stating that the accomplishment of a mission predominates the lives of the ninja trying to accomplish it. All records of his predecessor were destroyed in keeping with this ideal, the previous Shuchō’s moment of weakness during their time of crisis forever dishonoring him in the eyes of his people and resulting in his conscious repression in their memory.

It was during this time of reconstruction that Fei began to seriously study the medical arts, both as a means of helping out with the restoration, and also in an attempt to help find a treatment for her father’s illness. He had always been one afflicted with ill health, burdened with times of complete incapacitation due to his sickness, and scaring her and his doctors on numerous occasions. In actuality he probably wasn’t in any condition to be taking on such an important role, but he was stuck with it as he was the only one that a majority of the clan leaders would accept. Because of this Fei wanted to do anything she could to help him handle the strain without further complicating his condition. As a result she began studying under the Chief Medical-nin, building on the limited foundation she’d gained as a child to quickly absorb his knowledge so that she might begin working on her own medical research. It would still take her several years to get to the point where she was able to do this however, but even in spite of that her tutors were impressed with her rapid progress.

Before she got a chance to really apply what she’d learned however, her home once again found itself in need of her help. This time however it was to stop a group of rogue ninjas from stealing their research on how to seal mythical beasts within a living host. She was able to confront the thieves just outside the compound walls, catching them red-handed with the texts as they attempted to make their escape. Under normal conditions the odds might have favored the rogues, but seeing as they were in the middle of the desert, the edge was heavily in Fei’s favor due to affinity for Sand based techniques. As a result she was able to reduce the size of the bandit’s force by about 75%, allowing only six of the twenty-five they had started with to escape as her injuries finally overwhelmed her and she passed out from blood loss. When she came to several days later she found herself in the intensive care ward of the Sanjuro Clan's medical center, her surrogate little brother and friend sitting at her bed side with a semi-depressed aura about him. As the two of them talked he recounted the story of how he’d recovered the stolen scrolls from his former teacher and what he had done to settle the affair in theory once and for all. He didn’t exactly sound proud of what he had done, actually seeming to feel guilty about the injuries she had received during his absence and how he had ended up resolving the crisis. She didn’t hold him responsible though, knowing full well that he had been going through a sort of personal crisis following the attack on their homeland, and telling him as much when he let her get a word in edge-wise.


Following her recovery Fei returned to active duty as the head of the Second Battalion, a seat she occupied for only a few weeks before Minoru was forced to step down from the office of Shuchō due to his condition taking a turn for the worst. Distrustful of the other elders in the wake of the short lived civil war they’d caused during the secret transition of power a few years ago, he turned to the only person he felt he could trust in this situation: his daughter. Feeling she had little choice due to her devotion to her Clan and its allies, Fei took on the title from her father, becoming the Shuchō, and one of the youngest clan leaders to date. Ascending to the role of clan leader at only twenty-three years old. The transition of power was reasonably smooth despite the begrudging attitude of the other clan leaders, the rules of succession in this case being crystal clear and thus leaving them with no room to attempt a veto. Not that they were likely to have gotten very far if they had, the Wind shinobi and the surrounding villagers loved the new choice for their leader and as a result would likely have rioted had the elders shown any sign of dissension. Thus they were left with little choice but to grit their teeth and bear the slap in the face they’d just received from their former subordinate.

Since taking on her new role, Fei has only furthered the fair and just reputation she had earned as a commander. Doing her utmost to improve the conditions in the Land of Wind by any means necessary, bending over backwards on occasion in order to make beneficial arrangements with the other shinobi clans and their patrons. She has one advantage over the other Shuchōs in this, as she is the only shinobi leader who can still call upon her predecessor for advice should she find herself stuck. This added resource has proved invaluable in her negotiations with the other clans, as her father’s years of experience gives him a unique insight into the global political equation. She has to be careful when utilizing this experience however, as she doesn’t want to be seen as just a puppet of the former Shuchō, nor as someone who will prove incapable of leading should the unthinkable happen and his illness take its eventual turn towards being terminal.


Affiliation: Sanjuro :: Kaze no Kuni
Rank: S-Rank :: Shuchō
Combat Style: Developed for the purpose of ninja-to-ninja combat, Fei uses one of the most dueling-centric combat forms in the Land of Wind. Relying on precision and efficiency, this style allows an initiate to defend herself against an opponent with minimal effort, while placing a heavy focus on avoiding disarmament. This style is described as elegant and focused, and was based around the ideas of balance and footwork to outmaneuver opponents. Fluidity and economy of motion are relied on, rather than strength, with bladework and unarmed maneuvers heavily utilizing jabs and light cuts rather than hack and slash movements. However, this form is not without its weaknesses, being ineffective against multiple opponents and failing to address the issue of ranged defense like missile deflection. By utilizing her talents with genjutsu and elemental manipulation however, Fei has been able to minimize these flaws somewhat by incorporating some of the defensive techniques into her movements. These commonly include illusionary feints, creating sand barriers, and utilizing a combination of the Earth Spear and Armor of Sand techniques.

This style’s primary purpose was to serve as a counter to kenjutsu specialists, relying on precision swordplay to counter kenjutsu’s sweeping movements, with a heavy focus on preventing disarmament, the primary goal of most swordsmen so that they might better create an opening. The early levels of this form were actually devised to provide a defense against an opponent's blade, allowing an initiate in the style to defend himself with minimal effort, but needing to be paired with a more offensive style to score a winning blow. The higher levels of the form proved considerably more effective. encouraging precision and efficiency over power, using jabs, parries and light cuts rather than slashes, blocks and chops. The blade manipulation required for this form was very refined, requiring intense focus, and was described as elegant, powerful and precise, relying on feints to confuse and trap opponents. All of this was to allow the user to attack and defend with minimal effort, while opponents simply tired themselves out. As mentioned above, it also places considerable emphasis on footwork, using it to maintain a proper distance from the opponent during defense and when moving in for an attack. The footwork of practitioners commonly follows a single line, front and back, shifting the feet to keep in perfect balance as the practitioner attacks and retreats. It is a style based on balance, on back-and-forth charges, thrusts, and sudden retreats. Emphasizing fluid movement and anticipation of a weapon being swung at its target, and so requires very smooth motion of both the blade and the body. Timing and accuracy are relied-upon to defeat one's opponent, rather than strength. With a skilled practitioner, the results were deadly. As befit Fei's personality, practitioners of this form often demonstrated calm temperaments, behaving elegantly and precise, though also showing confidence to the point of arrogance, especially in regards to their chances for victory. In fact, they often seemed so relaxed when fighting that they appeared to be dancing.

However, for all its effectiveness, this style is not without its weaknesses, as mentioned above. As it was designed to combat enemy duelists rather than enemy ranged specialists, it provides poor missile-deflection training and skills. While this was ultimately the reason for the style's decline and eventually obsolescence, it can be overcome through skill and practice... or in Fei’s case, innovation. Also, this form is most potent when used against a single opponent, and therefore was reduced in strength when fighting groups of adversaries. However, skilled practitioners can still fare very well against multiple foes; The greatest flaw of this system of combat is its lack of kinetic energy; the focus on precision and blade control hampered the ability to generate momentum in both its offensive and defensive maneuvers, leaving the attacks easily shunted aside and its parries easily battered aside. This lack of physical force left practitioners vulnerable to duelists utilizing more contemporary forms, which emphasized power and brute strength.

Fei is considered one of the finest practitioners her day, mastering the form at its highest levels. Her bladework is elegant and precise, providing an almost effortless and instinctual defense alongside a pin-point accurate and unpredictable offense. She uses feints to entrap her opponents, and footwork to outmaneuver. She has based herself on balance and mobility, working her way around opponents and deflecting their attacks rather than trying to meet them head-to-head. She personally emphasizes emotional levelheadedness and tactical know-how over a rage-fuelled frenzy, and has faulted many duelists for this. Her skill with this style has marked her out as one of the greatest blademasters produced by Sunagakure, and the form's rarity in recent years has provided her with an edge against most duelists, who simply were not prepared for the finesse and precise movements of a form bred for dueling.


    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Genjutsu
    Tertiary: Eijutsu

Special Abilities:
Chakra Based:
S-Rank :: Advanced Chakra Control
S-Rank :: Inton (Yin) Release Proficiency
A-Rank :: Added Specialization (Eijutsu)
A-Rank :: Chief Medic-Nin
A-Rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Katon) [Clan Ability]
A-Rank :: Elemental Proficiency (Inton)
A-Rank :: Katon Proficiency
A-Rank :: Advanced Nature (KG) Proficiency (Saton)
A-Rank :: Advanced Nature (KT) Proficiency (Haton)
S-Rank :: Kekkei Tōta (Haton)

Physical Based:
A-Rank :: Godly Endurance
A-Rank :: Quick Hand Seals

Chakra Nature:


Advanced Chakra Nature


Chakra Reserve:

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1 x Summoning Seal Earring (Chakra Blade Naginata)
12 x Throwing Star Shuriken
16 x Throwing Needle Shuriken
8 x Exploding Tags
4 x Smoke Bombs
4 x Kunai Dagger
1 x Medical Corps. Pouch



Fukyū na Hari Sakura :: Eternal Glass Cherry Blossoms


Kaze no Yaiba :: Blade of Wind
Sutorīmu :: Stream
Ryūsa Bakuryū :: Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall
Sabaku Taisō :: Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral
Kūsa Bōheki :: Sky Sand Protective Wall
Gian :: False Darkness
Shōsen Jutsu :: Mystical Palm Technique
Kokuangyo no Jutsu :: Bringer of Darkness Technique
Nehan Shōja no Jutsu :: Temple of Nirvana Technique
Hari Sakura :: Glass Cherry Blossoms
Ayatsuri :: Manipulation
Haton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :: Glass Element Shadow Clone Technique


Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka :: Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation
Hien :: Flying Swallow
Seirei Doki :: Synchronized Soul
Atsugai :: Pressure Damage
Doryūkatsu :: Earth Flow Divide
Domu :: Earth Spear
Karyū Endan :: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Dai Endan :: Big Flame Bullet
Gokusa Maisō :: Prison Sand Burial
Sabaku Rō :: Sand Binding Prison
Suna Arare :: Sand Hail
Suna no Kanchi :: Sand Sensing
Sabaku Sōsō :: Sand Waterfall Funeral
Mai Otome no Ōi :: Dancing Maiden’s Shroud
Nijū Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu :: Double False Surroundings Technique
Jigyaku no Jutsu :: Time Reversal Technique
Kagami :: Glass Mirror
Saikan Chūshutsu no Jutsu :: Delicate Illness Extraction Technique


Kuchiyose no Jutsu :: Summoning Technique
Reppūshō :: Gale Wind Palm
Moguragakure no Jutsu :: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu :: Underground Projection Fish Technique
Ryūka no Jutsu :: Dragon Fire Technique
Endan :: Flame Bullet
Hōsenka no Jutsu :: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Suna no Yoroi :: Armour of Sand
Suna no Jūdan :: Sand Bullet
Suna Bunshin no Jutsu :: Sand Clone Technique
Suna Shuriken :: Sand Shuriken
Raishuriken :: Lightning Shuriken
Kori Shinchū no Jutsu :: Sly Mind Affect Technique
Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu :: False Surroundings Technique
Hana Ninpō: Kyōka Sai :: Flower Ninja Art: Maximum Cutting
Shibari :: Binding
Konoha-Ryū Yanagi :: Tree Leaf-Style Willow
Hari Shuriken :: Glass Shuriken
Suishō-kyū :: Crystal Ball
Haton-Gisō :: Glass Camouflage
Kihonteki Keishou :: Basic Minor Injury


Suna-Shunshin :: Sand Body Flicker
Kaiten Shuriken :: Rotating Shuriken
Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu :: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Moesashi no Jutsu :: Ember Technique
Sabaku Fuyū :: Desert Suspension
Sabaku Kyū :: Sand Binding Coffin
Suna Shigure :: Sand Drizzle
Narakumi no Jutsu :: Hell Viewing Technique
Kasumi :: Mist
Raigen Raikōchū :: Flash of Lightning Pillar


Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique
Kai :: Release Technique



Rank: A
Chakra Nature: Katon


Sutorīmu :: Stream


Gōryūka no Jutsu :: Great Dragon Fire Technique


Ryūka no Jutsu :: Dragon Fire Technique
Hōsenka no Jutsu :: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique


Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique


Rank: B
Chakra Nature: Doton


Yomi Numa :: Swamp of the Underworld


Doryū Taiga :: Earth Flow River
Doryūkatsu :: Earth Flow Divide


Doroku Gaeshi :: Earth Shore Return
Moguragakure no Jutsu :: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu :: Underground Projection Fish Technique


Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique



Rank: C
Chakra Nature: Fūton
Description: Mandra is the youngest and most personable of Manda's sons. Like his brother he is brown in color with darker patches all over his body. Unlike the rest of his family however, he is not a massive creature capable of leveling entire towns, instead being only little bigger then an adult human male. His tomoe mark is located on the back of his hood and is only a single crest. He has a reasonably friendly and outgoing personality, willing to work with pretty much anyone so long as they don't prove incompetent.


Atsugai :: Pressure Damage  


Daitoppa :: Great Breakthrough


Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique


Qin Li Sheng :: Elite Jounin :: Arsenal :: Theme
Fei Sanjuro :: Kaze no Shuchō :: Arsenal (WIP) :: Theme

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