(GENIN) Ryu,Aburame

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(GENIN) Ryu,Aburame

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:39 pm

-------------------------- : : :PLAYER INFORMATION: : : --------------------------

Player Name: Zon Farshadow
Character Number: 1
English Proficiency: Native
Faction/Village: Konohagakure no Sato :: Village Hidden in the Leaves

-------------------------- : : :BINGO BOOK ENTRY: : : --------------------------

Aburame, Ryu


Name: Aburame, Ryu
Title/Alias: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Ryu wears a short sleeved blue shirt with a high collar covering his mouth, and a pair of tan shorts that are knee even. He tends to keep his jacket zipped up at all times so his mouth his always covered and keeps the temperature warm for his kikaichū. He also wears a cross necklace that he never takes off, a ring on his right index finger, and shades. He has short spiked hair which he has dyed silver, a pair of sandals, and wears his kunai holder on his right back belt loop for easier access. He also has a shuriken holder on his right thigh area.

Ryu walks with his chin held high, and is not afraid of anything. He always keep's his eyes open to watch his surroundings. even in supposed “safe zones” as you never know what could happen. He also keeps his teeth as white as they can get, because he is really into dental hygiene. He also has a tattoo of his clan's symbol on the backside of his right shoulder. In addition he has the word Life on the back of his lower left leg and on his right forearm, and Death on the back of his right lower leg and on his left forearm. Ryu's tattoo's have a purpose. The reason he bares the symbols for Life and Death is when he attacks he wants the symbol on his limb to determine their fate, giving them a 50/50 chance on life and death.

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 163 lbs.
Build: Muscular
Hair Color & Style: short, spiked,and dyed silver
Eye Color: teal

Ryu is the type that doesn’t really care what happens. He is always willing to help but would not feel bad if he blows you off. When it comes to fighting he is a bit overconfident. He does what ever he pleases with or with out a consequence. Ryu is a bit of a risk taker, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty he holds no regret or no bond. He tends to have his own strong belief in whats right and wrong, and will doggedly stick to his principles. Ryu loves combat and his very good at it, as well as combat he also every now and then will go to the Cliff side of the leaf village and either train or rarely read a book.

Ryu likes to walk and enjoy the sites, and he hates it when people disturb him especially when he isn't in the mood for it. He likes to train when he can and read a book in the middle of nowhere or in a peaceful surrounding. He really likes ramen and pork but isn't very fond of chicken, he likes to wander mainly alone but he doesn't mind if one of his colleagues tag along. He really likes to sleep in and hates it when he has to get up early.


Known Relatives:
Aburame, Sauske :: Father :: Deceased :: Taijutsu Master
Aburame, Len :: Mother :: 35 :: Retired Shinobi/Cook



Ryu was born in one of the smaller sections of the Hidden Leaf village, known as the Aburame District. His mother was a retired jounin, now turned cook, who works a lot but in her off time enjoys showing her son the basics of ninjutsu. His father was a well known taijutsu master with a hard earned reputation as one of the few deadly ones. When his father wasn’t on missions or busy with other duties for the clan, he would often take time out to spend with his son training him in the ways of taijutsu. Falling in love with taijutsu, even before he went to the academy, Ryu began training in trying to combine taijutsu with his insect techniques. Trying to see which abilities go with which unarmed techniques the best and so forth. Being as unskilled as he was at the time though, he still needed a lot of additional training to enhance his abilities to the point where this would become practical.

Once he was enrolled in the ninja academy, he seemed to be constantly smiling. He was convinced that he was going to be the best Aburame jounin one day, and his appointment to the academy put his one step closer to that goal. To pursue that goal he tried his hardest during his various classes, it didn't matter whether or not it was just paperwork or hands on training. About two weeks into the school year he met two people who would become his closest friends: Henata Yamanaka and Leif Inuzuka. The three of them would always help each other out in any way possible, whether they were allowed to by the rules or not.

About halfway through his academy years though, Ryu’s father left for a mission and... never returned. After being missing in action for more then two months they declared Aburame Sauskae deceased. As could be expected Ryu didn’t take it too well, for awhile not really even understanding what had happened. Someone who had been considered one of the best Taijutsu masters of his time had apparently lost in a battle or something, and no one even really knew what had happened. After the death of his father had finally sunk in, he seemed to change somewhat. Seeming to break slightly and becoming more care free then normal. Even his closest friends noticed it, but they kind of went with it without saying anything, as they knew why he was acting different since most people who lose their father breakdown in some way.

After about a year Ryu, Leif, and Hanata graduated from the ninja academy and became genin level ninja. The day then came when the different teams were to be chosen. When they started handing out the team assignments they felt that they were doomed, feeling nervous and anxious as they didn't want to be broken up. In the end it came down to Ryu, Hanata, Leif and three others when the most annoying thing happened and Ryu was put on a different team then his friends. The team of three became a team of one. Though he and the others weren’t happy about it, they still had each other’s friendship so it wasn’t a lose/lose situation.

A year has passed since Ryu completed the Ninja academy. After the academy days Ryu and Hanata began the training and missions handed to genin via their advisory. They had anything from “take the letter to the old wise one,” to “pick weeds from my lawn,” etc. They mainly trained with their sensei to get prepared for the chuunin exams. Even if it was a little ways away, but as sensei always said 'you can never be the best in till you train like the best'.

He and Hanata both put a lot of effort into their training and into their missions, as well as anything else they set their mind to. Every day Ryu and Hanata head out to the top of the cliff side in the Hidden Leaf village in order to train, whether it was with their sensei or not. They trained from physical training to mental training to them it didn’t matter. They wanted to be able to move on and do harder missions, and be able to do more for their village while overcoming their failure during the last chuunin exam. Having both failed the last chuunin exam they aren’t willing to fail a second time.

Ryu still regrets what he did last exam. He was fighting another team with his colleagues and got too into it. As he was fighting the other ninja he lost focus and got hit from behind. At that moment all the other ninja he was fighting began attacking him after he had lost his balance, and he got really messed up as a result. So messed up he had to stop the exams and get checked out by one of the medics. Because of his distraction he had a few broken ribs, a broken leg, and a torn muscle in one of his arms. There wasn’t any way he could continue in his exam so he had to forfeit out of the test. He isn’t gonna let that happen next exam which is why he trains a lot, focusing on keeping his cool.

After awhile of Ryu doing a small amount of missions here and there. There was one mission that he was quite fond of it was a capture mission a chuunin was caught spying on the leaf village and Ryu and his team was sent out to get him and bring him back alive. As soon as the briefing was done they embarked on retrieving this chuunin. A couple of hours had passed constantly on the move searching for the target. Night was starting to fall before they finally caught up with him.

As soon as they seen him Ryu being who he is speed up to catch him off guard. He got to him entering a combat situation by kicking him in the side of the head. The chuunin flew into the tree leaving a slight dent in it. The other two that was with him landed by the tree and started to head towards the guy when all of a sudden three kunai came out of nowhere at the three of them Ryu barley dodging and looking for who threw the kunai noticed that the person he just kicked is over in the tree doing hand signs he quickly gestured towards his fellow genin to get out of the way. One was able to move the other got hit by a fairly large fireball. After the smoke had cleared they noticed that their fellow genin wasn’t moving.

So Ryu ordered the other ninja to get her back to a medic. Even though he disagreed he still did it because he knows Ryu can at least hold him off in till he can get back up to the location. Ryu started to charge the enemy as he was charging the chuunin began throwing minor fireballs at Ryu. He then started throwing kunai that looked like they had string attached to them he swiftly dodged and proceeded towards this ninja who had just sent one of his team members packing. Ryu finnaly got to him and start throwing a flurry of blows the ninja dodging left and right countered one of his blows with a back flip kick throwing Ryu off his balance.

He then started punch rushing Ryu as he was doing that Ryu quickly grabbed one of his arms putting him into a upside down hold jumping from the tree that they were on as they were falling Ryu swiftly turned and put it to were when they land his opponents head would smash the ground hoping to knock him out but when he hit the ground there was a loud crash and a decent crater in the ground. Ryu after a few seconds let him go making sure he was out. As soon as Ryu let him go he turned to the left cause he thought he had heard something and as soon as he seen it was to late a vicious kick to the head sent Ryu flying as he was flying threw the air another kick came down on him hitting him in the gut making him smack into the ground making a even louder crash and even bigger crater in the ground.

Ryu was out cold but before he was out he overheard them talking about how he let a genin take him out so easily. When Ryu awoke he was in a bed back in his village. He looked to his right towards the window seeing his sensei. His sensei looked over and notice3d he was awake and said glad you’re still with us when we found you it looked like you had the crap kicked out of you what happened. Ryu explained what happened about how one or two others came out of nowhere and knocked him out. What about the chuunin Ryu asked as he was laying in the hospital bed. He got away thanks to his fellow ninja. Ryu before he could say anything passed out do to the fact he still had injuries and was still very tired.

That and being able to learn harder jutsus Ryu and Hanata both when training physically fought each other to them it made things more interesting but at the same time harder if they ever had to fight each other. Ryu’s sensei appeared during one of the training exercise that Ryu and Hanata were having and began observing. When they had finished there sensei approached them and told them were they could do better. After 6 weeks of countless training the time for the chuunin exams was near. Only a week or two away. Ryu got sad at the fact he's almost 17 and still isn't a chuunin thats why he can't fail this time.


Affiliation:Konohagakure no Sato :: Hi no Kuni
Rank: C-Rank
Combat Style:
Ryu prefers close combat over range. He uses ninjutsu to get close but when close he switches to taijutsu. Ryu’s main tactic is combining taijutsu with his wind jutsu which could cause a deadly effect. When Ryu needs to keep someone alive for interrogation he just breaks both the arms so no jutsu’s can be made on there behalf. When in danger Ryu will fall back and use his wind/bugs to cause chaos for his opponents.

    Primary: Taijutsu
    Secondary: Ninjutsu
Special Abilities:
Genin: Strength Series (Advanced Strength)

Chakra Nature:

Chakra Reserve:
Genin = D Rank

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Re: (GENIN) Ryu,Aburame

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:41 pm


10x shuriken
10x kunai
3x senben
2x wire
1x smoke bomb
3x exploding tags
3xMilitary Rations Pills


Mushi Jamingu no Jutsu :: Wicked Insect Folk Tools Technique

Kikaichū no Jutsu :: Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique
Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu :: Insect Clone Technique
Mushiyose :: Insect Gathering,
Shinkūha::Vacuum Wave(futon)
Daitoppa :: Great Breakthrough(futon)
Reppūshō :: Gale Wind Palm(futon)
Tama-Kurukuru Makaze :: Spiralling Wind Ball(futon)

Nagaredasu :: Stream (Futon)
Kaiten Shuriken :: Rotating Shuriken

Kawarimi no Jutsu :: Body Replacement Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu :: Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu :: Clone Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu :: Rope Escape Technique
Henge no Jutsu :: Transformation Technique


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Re: (GENIN) Ryu,Aburame

Post by gundamoutlaw on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:49 pm

For starters, next time use the EDIT button to drop in new material as opposed to making a separate post. I didn't mind doing it for ya this time, but remember that for future reference.

Ryu wears a short sleeved blue shirt with a high collar covering his mouth. A pair of tan shorts that are knee even. He wears a cross necklace that he never takes off. A ring on his right index finger and a pair of shades. He has short spiked hair dyed silver, a pair of sandals, his kunai holder is on his right back belt loop for easier access to him. He also has a shuriken holder on his right thigh area.

Let's start with appearance, shall we? This section is meant to talk about not just his clothes, but also the way he looks and how he carries himself. With that in mind, you should probably go into more detail on how he actually looks physically, what his usual stance is like, how he moves, etc. Also might wanna work on your transitional phrasing, the sentences don't really flow well into each other as smoothly as they could.

Ryu is the type that doesn’t really care. He is always willing to help but would not feel bad if he blows you off. When it comes to fighting he is a bit overconfident. He does what ever he pleases with or with out a consequence.

Next is personality. This is a bare bones concept at best, and you could probably expand on each of these points individually to flesh things out quite nicely. I'm linking you to some of the personality guides I've been known to use on occasion. They ask you various questions which you can respond to as the character in order to get a better idea of what to write, or just outline the various personality types so you can find the ones you think best suit the character and use them as a guide to outline how he thinks and reacts to things.


Special Abilities:
Genin: Strength Series

Chakra Nature:
Refer to the Chakra Nature List. The Starting Limits are as follows:

- Mushi Jamingu no Jutsu :: Wicked Insect Folk Tools Technique
- Kikaichū no Jutsu :: Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique
- Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu :: Insect Clone Technique
- Mushiyose :: Insect Gathering
- Shinkūha :: Vacuum Wave (Futon)
- Daitoppa :: Great Breakthrough (futon)
- Reppūshō :: Gale Wind Palm (Futon)
- Tama-Kurukuru Makaze :: Spiralling Wind Ball (Futon)
- Nagaredasu :: Stream (Futon)

This area isn't where ya list your jutsu, its where you list the element you chose to start with. Your jutsu and equipment go into a follow-up post after the one for your bio. You can see where it tells you this just above your ARSENAL section. Given the techs you have listed I'm guessing you've chosen Wind (Futon) as your 1st element.

Address those issues first and then I can move on to your history. Which isn't to say that you can't add onto it in the mean time, just that I've given ya enough pointers to start. Feel free to look at other bios on here for inspiration and tips as well, just try not to rip lines directly. Just use them to get an idea of the sorts of things we look for in the various sections. Either way though, I know for you that this is a great start, and I look forward to seeing what ya come up with as you progress.


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Re: (GENIN) Ryu,Aburame

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