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Post by Admin on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:52 pm

In order to prevent confusion and misunderstandings over two players inadvertently choosing the same image for their characters, this area is where you can reference who has made an official claim for a particular character "face" choice. This claim is valid for as long as the player in question remains active on the site, and may only be changed with staff permission. If you wish to reserve a particular character image, then please let the staff know so that they can update the listings accordingly.

Face claims tied to a WIP character will only last 30 days before being unlocked for general use once again. This is so that a player may not remove an image from play by half-heartedly working on a character application, just so that they can ensure no one else is ever able to use it in play. Please keep this in mind as you work on your applications, and remember that just because you can't use the image you want now, doesn't mean it won't be available sometime in the future.


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