Katon Collaboration Techniques

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Katon Collaboration Techniques

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Katon Collaboration Ninjutsu


Goemon :: Bath of Boiling Oil

Name: Goemon :: Bath of Boiling Oil
Rank: A
Type: Collaboration Ninjutsu
Required Users: 2+ :: Maximum of 6
Range: Close - Long
Element: Katon
A collaboration technique that utilizes the Katon nature. A fire user will expel a large volume of oil from their mouth, while the second fire user expels a large stream of fire from their mouth, at the oil. This creates a searing jet of flame that is aimed at the enemy. Both user's must time their techniques perfectly and must focus their aiming so as not to cause themselves or allies damage. The range and power of the jutsu can multiply with more Shinobi performing the jutsu.



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