Suiton Collaboration Techniques

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Suiton Collaboration Techniques

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:10 pm

Suiton Collaboration Ninjutsu


Sōdai Bakusui Shouha :: Magnificent Bursting Water Collision Waves

Name: Sōdai Bakusui Shouha :: Magnificent Bursting Water Collision Waves
Rank: A
Type: Collaboration Ninjutsu
Required Users: 2+ :: Maximum of 8
Range: Close - Long
Element: Suiton
A collaboration technique that utilizes the Suiton nature. Two or more water nature users expel a large volume of water from their mouths that rushes toward the opponent(s). The water takes the form of a large wave, sweeping the enemy off their feet and battering the targets against whatever the advancing surge collides with. The users are able to ride the large wave and attack the opponent(s) trapped within. The power and volume of this jutsu is multiplied with more Shinobi performing the technique.


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