Doton Collaboration Techniques

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Doton Collaboration Techniques

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Doton Collaboration Ninjutsu


Banri Doryūheki :: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri

Name: Banri Doryūheki :: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri
Rank: A
Type: Collaboration Ninjutsu
Required Users: 2+ :: Maximum of 10
Range: Close - Long
Element: Doton
A collaboration jutsu that utilizes the Doton nature. This is a collaboration technique whereby several earth release users simultaneously perform hand seals and then expel a stream of mud from their mouths, which solidifies into multiple columns of earth. These grow upwards from the ground and together, form a hardened defensive wall. The defensive power and height of the jutsu multiplies with more Shinobi performing the jutsu.


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