Fūton Collaboration Techniques

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Fūton Collaboration Techniques

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Fūton Collaboration Ninjutsu


Bakuhatsu Fūjin :: Exploding Wind Divine

Name: Bakuhatsu Fūjin :: Exploding Wind Divine
Rank: A
Type: Collaboration Ninjutsu
Required Users: 2+ :: Maximum of 10
Range: Close - Long
Element: Fūton
A collaboration justu that utilizes the Fūton nature. Two or more user force a large amount of their Wind chakra through their hands at once. This simultaneous move create a large gale which collides with the targets at great speeds. It has enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. The technique is capable of deflecting projectiles and other attacks but will merely feed a fire jutsu. The power and speed of the technique will multiply if more Shinobi perform the jutsu.


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